The Beckhams Net Worth: The Story Behind Their Fame

Have you ever heard of the Beckhams? They’re a British family that is very famous in the UK. Their celebrity status has not only led them to be known by the world, but it has made them a household name. Knowing their family’s wealth and popularity, people around the world wanted to learn more about this celebrity couple. Many people don’t know that David and Victoria Beckham are quite an established brand in themselves. They have integrated their brand so much in Britain and worldwide, that they have become a product of their selves making the Beckhams net worth rise.

A lot of people know who the Beckhams are thanks to David’s football talent and Victoria’s fashion. But how did David and Victoria become famous, to begin with? 


The Beckhams are indeed a famous family. They have five members, including David, Victoria, and their four children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Seven. They’re known for being rich and famous because they earn millions of dollars from selling their houses and things like that. People also think they’re famous because some people believe they are “cool” or “cute”, but we all know that isn’t true! So what do they do for a living? Let’s check it out!

🟩 David Beckham

David rose to prominence as a global midfielder for Manchester United before becoming a model, ambassador, businessman, cover star, or even a husband or dad. He began practicing with the team as a teen, but it wasn’t until he was 21 that he made his big break, scoring a mind-blowing goal from behind midfield against Wimbledon.

David’s success was meticulously planned and maintained.  He extended his talents to three more immensely popular European clubs (AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain, before his retirement in 2013). He even relocated his family to Beverly Hills for almost five years because of playing for the team Los Angeles Galaxy.

🟩 Victoria Beckham

She is an English singer and fashion designer who became well-known as a part of the pop group Spice Girls in the mid-1990s and later established successful clothes and jewelry business.

At age 20, she was one of five young ladies chosen to form the pop group Spice Girls. Adams was dubbed “Posh Spice” by the media, and the term was commonly used to refer to her after that.

She also started dating David Beckham in 1997 and has a nickname “Posh and Becks.” The lovebirds, then, welcomed a baby boy in March 1999 and named him Brooklyn. Four months later, the couple had their wedding ceremony at a fortress outside Dublin.

In 2001, she published her debut solo album, Learning to Fly.  While the album did not chart at the top, it still became a best-seller in the UK. She BeckhSheam also starred in a series of documentaries, including Being Victoria Beckham (2002),  and The Real Beckhams (2003). This series focused on different elements of her professional and personal life.

Victoria made her clothing debut in 2004, with the launch of her VB Rocks denim brand. Three years later, she launched the dVb denim, sunglasses, and jeans collections, as well as the Intimately Beckham fragrance brand.

🟩 Brooklyn Beckham

You probably know that Brooklyn Beckham is the son of David and Victoria Beckham. You may also be aware that he’s something of a celebrity himself.

He has his line of clothing, he’s a musician and photographer, and he was even on the cover of Vogue UK at age 10 (he has two siblings who were on covers as well). He’s also done work for Burberry, H&M, and Topman.

And during his time in the U.K., he played on England’s youth soccer team.

🟩 Romeo Beckham

Romeo, like his father, is a pro athlete, now playing forward position for Inter Miami CF II, a team from Florida, USA. He was also once a child supermodel. Romeo spends most of his free time on social media, promoting brands and posting lifestyle content.

An added fact to his career, Romeo signed fashion deals with Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, and Puma, and established himself as a competent influencer and fashion model. As a matter of fact, he began modeling at the age of ten, with the help of his mother.

He also enjoys sharing training videos, photos of himself and his brothers, and advertising photo ops.

🟩 Cruz Beckham

Cruz is David and Victoria’s youngest son. He rose to prominence after performing a breakdance at the Spice Girls reunion concert in 2007. After a clip of him performing went popular on social media, the rest of the globe took note of his skill. Aside from these, he amassed millions of followers on his social media accounts.

Cruz also made his magazine launch with i-D Magazine in February 2022. This is where he acquired female followers all across the world! Cruz also enjoys skateboarding and performing motorcycle stunts.

🟩 Harper Seven Beckham


Harper has had the press in her shadow since she was born, not just because of her family’s fame, but also because of her sweetness and stylish clothing. And we recognize the source for her outstanding outfit collection, which is none other than her mom’s fashion sense.

Harper is also said to wear a custom-made collection from prominent designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, and Ralph Lauren. She has been sighted numerous times with her mom while shopping for clothes, spawning a new industry trend at Victoria’s Target known as the “Mom-and-Me” collection.


With all the fame they acquired from the press and fans, David and Victoria have a reported combined net worth of $450 million! While their children have the following net worths:

  • Brooklyn: $10 million
  • Romeo: $10 million
  • Cruz: $13 million
  • Harper: $2 million

The Beckhams have spent a large portion of their income on real estate, and they also own residences in Dubai and Miami. Together with their luxury yacht, they have an estimated £73 million worth of property. Whether they’re having a romantic retreat in their Cotswolds hideaway or entertaining the entire family in their Miami mansion, the couple has one of the most spectacular celebrity estate investments.


While it’s true that the Beckhams’ fame has allowed David and Victoria to become philanthropists and advocates for global change, what is less known is that they want to use their celebrity status to change the world.

David Beckham is a major supporter and founder of the Malaria No More UK Leadership Council. He’s also an active promoter of the organization Help for Heroes, which is a charity that assists wounded servicemen coming from Afghanistan and Iraq.

He also runs his nonprofit organization, the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust, which distributes wheelchairs and crutches to youth in need, and his dedication to assisting children has earned him the title of UNICEF Ambassador.  David also assisted the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) to generate funds worth $185,500. This was done by auctioning World Cup party tickets for two.  And in March 2008,  David paid a visit to Shanghai’s Xinhua Hospital to see kids battling leukemia.

Victoria is also actively assisting cancer patients by designing a charm for Cancer Research UK’s charity campaign, and also raising donations for Malaria No More UK with her specially created mosquito ring.


🟩 Million dollar deal

David was chastised for his million-dollar contract with Qatar World Cup, and so many thought his move to LA Galaxy was a publicity gimmick designed to promote Brand Beckham in the United States. The media thought this was a cynical move.

🟩 Victoria used David to sell her album

When Victoria debuted her first solo track in August 2000, it sparked one of the most significant chart wars in UK music trends. With the increased rivalry in the music charts, Victoria was thought to do anything, even take her famous hubby across the UK for her promotion days to perform collaborative autograph sessions at record stores. Unfortunately, she fell short, selling only 20,000 copies of her album.

🟩 Pushing the kids in front of the camera

Some media experts blasted Victoria for exposing her children in front of the media. When Victoria introduced her lipstick line, this was widely distributed on social media. Not only did she get her kids and daughter to promote her product, but she also got Romeo’s girlfriend and Brooklyn’s fiance to do so.

🟩 Overpriced hoodie

Cruz made headlines in January after selling his old hoodie. “The 15-year-old teenager demanded a ludicrous US$150,000 for his “one-of-a-kind” hoodie from Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration, despite the fact that portion of the string was missing.

The old outfit is thought to have been a special gift from Kim Jones while he was the artistic director and fashion designer of Louis Vuitton. Cruz began bidding on the hoodie using the account Sneakerbratz on Instagram for $45,000, with an option of “buy it now” for $150,000.

Fun Facts About The Beckhams

David and Victoria have captured our interest ever since they married. Whether it’s a result of their extravagant lifestyle, their beautiful children, or they can’t keep their fingers off each other, the Beckhams have captivated our minds for years.  However, there are many things that most of us are unaware of. Let’s explore their fun facts!

🟩 Victoria was embarrassed while growing up

Young Victoria felt ashamed of her wealthy upbringing. When his father bought his dream car, a Rolls-Royce, she was always given a ride to school, which made her feel embarrassed. She also has to carry her belongings in her Gucci bag!

🟩 David wearing Victoria’s thongs

David enjoys wearing Victoria’s underwear. And, according to insiders (David’s teammates), this is how he expresses his feelings for Victoria! What a unique way of appreciation!

🟩 Over 30 tattoos

Aside from wearing Victoria’s pair of undies, David also expresses his affection for his family by having tattoos. And for the record, he even has 40 tattoos!

Some of his tattoos depict Christian symbolism, while others are for his children, and yet other tattoos feature his favorite phrases. While he has matching tattoos with his wife, David also has homage tattoos to his experience on the soccer pitch.

🟩 Unexpected pregnancy

Victoria was diagnosed with an eating disorder with polycystic ovaries when she was 20. And because of her battles, she didn’t expect to be a mother of four! 

🟩 Charity beginnings

The couple is known to be actively supporting various charities and they even established their organization. But aside from this fact, the couple actually met at a charity event! And after some self-introductions, they discovered that their feelings are mutual.


With the popularity of celebrity couples such as the Beckhams, the world seems to be more interested in soulmates than ever before. Today, the Beckham family has established a global brand by expanding deals with large corporations to capitalize on their fame. This careful planning and determination have enabled them to make careers for themselves in sports and entertainment. Each Beckham is involved in these ventures in the hopes of reaching the same level of fortune and success as their parents.

The Beckhams succeed because they maintain a solid understanding of their roles and responsibilities within their family dynamic. And their unity enables them to pursue opportunities while remaining grounded individuals.

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