What Is Tyga Net Worth? The Journey Of “Little Tiger Woods”

Tyga is not just another celebrity. He began his career at a young age, experimenting with every avenue of expression possible, and he is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of our time. While Tyga was not an overnight success, he has proven that hard work and perseverance is the key to long-term success in music and a rise in net worth. So how did he become one of the most favorite media targets? Let’s check it out!

Snippet Of His Childhood

Micheal Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, commonly known as Tyga, is a well-established American rapper. Tyga, who was born to Vietnamese-Jamaican parents, was inspired by his economically deprived origins and street life. His cousin exposed him to hip-hop music, which had a significant influence on his life and pushed him to pursue music as a career.

Journey Of His Success

Travie McCoy, Tyga’s cousin and a member of Gym Class Heroes, was the one who exposed him to the genre, which is how Tyga became interested in rap music.  Moreover, after being heavily influenced by prominent rappers such as Cam’ron and Eminem, Tyga began competing in local freestyle competitions with his buddies, who used to publish their songs online, specifically on chat rooms and that is how he became well-known.

🟩 First record label

Tyga began releasing samples and remixes, which drew a significant amount of attention. When Tyga dropped “Young on Probation” in 2007, he grabbed again the eye of Travie McCoy and landed a contract with DCD2 Records (Decaydance Records before).

Later that year, during the VMAs, Tyga encountered Lil Wayne, who was singing the remix of Fall Out Boys’ “This Ain’t Scene, It’s An Arms Race,” and to his surprise, Tyga signed a recording contract with Wayne’s Entertainment!

🟩 Billboard Hot 100

Tyga’s second solo album, “Fan Of A Fan,” was released back in 2012 under Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment and earned him the opportunity to record with DJ Rockstar and Chris Brown. The release of Tyga’s first hit, “Far away,” was one of the finest achievements in his life. This song drew a significant amount of interest from his supporters. The track was released in May of 2011 and peaked at number 86 on the Billboard Hot 100!

After this Billboard achievement, Tyga continued releasing hits and in 2013, he dropped his album Hotel California. Hotel California is a notable album, and while it was not a major smash hit, not only is the melody and lyrics engaging, but it also featured various renowned superstars of all time. Even Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Chris Brown participate in his record!

In fact, Tyga’s “Wait A Minute,” which starred Justin Bieber, was also distributed in 2013. The song was surely tremendous, appearing on iTunes as well.

Revealing His Net Worth

Tyga has a reported net worth of $5 million. These figures came from his track royalties and collaborations. With his net worth, we can say that Tyga is one of the most successful rappers in the hip-hop industry.

Tyga’s List Of Controversies

Tyga drew attention when he began dating Kylie Jenner, aged 17 when he was in his twenties. Drake mocked him in a line of the song “6 PM in New York” about the incident, saying, “You need to act your age and not your girl’s age.” After all of this was revealed, he became known more often for his connection with Kylie compared to his songs.

He was charged with indecent assault in 2012 by two ladies who starred in his clip ‘Make It Nasty.’ In 2013, he was accused yet again by a merchant for not making payments for a gold necklace. And another issue that pulled his name to shame was when judicial judgment compelled him to cover the rent for a property he had leased located in Calabasas. Tyga was also named for tax evasion.

Popular Events With Tyga

🟩 Origin of “Tyga”

As mentioned, Tyga’s real name is Michael. So where does Tyga come from? His stage name came from his mom because she always calls him “Little Tiger Woods.”

🟩 Common cravings

Tyga admitted to being addicted to CHICKEN WINGS! This famous rapper also loves to indulge in chocolate mint ice cream and freshly baked cake. Not only this, he was obviously into gold, exotic animals, and sneakers. 

🟩 The fire between him and the Swiss Club Owner

Tyga was slated to perform in a Swiss club in June, but he came in late and only played 10 to 15 minutes of what was supposed to be an hour-long show. This is an incredibly disrespectful move for a global personality. Tyga’s irresponsible, thoughtless behavior infuriated the club’s owner, who confronted the singer after the event.

Tyga was momentarily in the center of the brawl but escaped, abandoning the legwork to his personal bodyguards before fleeing out with Kylie.

🟩 Nonsense lyrics

Tyga’s lyrics are among his most humiliating qualities. They’re losing their depth and clarity. Tyga was thought to be doing this solely for the royalties, despite the fact that his works are full of nonsensical.

🟩 The Gold Album that didn’t become gold

The most crucial thing for a songwriter is to sell music. Tyga has had breakthrough albums and tracks in the past, but it appears that his time is running out. His CD, The Gold Album, only sold 2,200 sales in its debut week after release. This is extremely humiliating for a platinum-selling talent affiliated with a major record label with extensive distribution. Tyga has tried his finest to be the talk of the town on social media sites after his album’s failure.  He was once a rising talent, but he now appears to be a total and utter failure according to some music lovers.

Final Words

Tyga has had a fantastic hip-hop journey. As a controversial but high-profile member of the hip-hop community, Tyga has had his fair share of highs and lows. But regardless of your feelings about him, you couldn’t deny the impact he’s had on the genre. He may not have achieved the popularity of some other members of the old school, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve respect or recognition for his contributions to hip-hop.

This is Tyga’s hip-hop voyage, which he has been on since the start of his musical career. Though he got major attention from critics, he still keeps his legs on track toward the hip-op industry.

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