Rick Ross Rapper Net Worth – Early Life, Career, and MORE!

Famous for his iconic track “Hustlin,” Rick Ross has become one of the wealthiest rappers worldwide. Debuting at no. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart in 2006, Ross has become a mainstay in hip-hop. But since he’s been active for almost two decades, many are wondering what is Rick Ross rapper net worth today.

As of 2023, Rick Ross holds a massive $45 million net worth. Aside from music, Ross has several business investments, helping him grow his wealth to where it is today.

This post highlights how Rick Ross achieved such wealth and success.

An Overview

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Born on January 28, 1971, Rick Ross is an American rapper, record label CEO, businessman, producer, and songwriter. After graduating college and working as a correctional officer, he quit the job soon after getting it to pursue a music career.

Ross began making music in 2006, releasing his single “Hustlin,” attracting the attention of several big record label producers. He eventually settled with Jay-Z’s Def Jam Records, releasing his debut album “Port in Miami.”

Two years into his career, Ross decided to launch his record label “Maybach Music Group.” And since then, he’s been releasing his tracks under his agency. He has signed several prominent artists since the label’s launch in 2009, including Meek Mill and DJ Khaled.

When Ross’s not working on music, he likes to explore different business ventures.

Early Life

Rick Ross, legally known as William Leonard Roberts II, was born in Mississippi but grew up in Florida. Roberts mostly spent his youth in the state and loved sports. Roberts was so good that he scored a scholarship in college. After Roberts graduated from college, he began working as a correctional officer.

But it wasn’t long before Roberts lost interest in the prison job. And he shortly pursued his music career after quitting.


After graduating, Rick Ross worked as a prison officer for over a year. But it wasn’t long before Ross quit the job. From here, he decided to pursue a rap career, debuting under the name “Teflon Da Don.” However, he eventually changed his stage name to “Rick Ross” and stuck with it. He said he got inspired by “Freeway” Ricky Ross, another artist and former drug kingpin.

He launched his single “Hustlin” during his debut in 2006, which has become his biggest hit till today. It was so popular that Rick Ross got several offers, ranging from Irv Gotti to Diddy. But Ross eventually chose to sign a multi-million dollar deal with Jay-Z, signing under his record label, “Dej Jam Records.”

In 2009, Ross decided to leave Def Jam Records and launch his record label. He established the Maybach Music Group the same year, releasing several albums under it. Now, he works with established artists such as Meek Mill and DJ Khaled.

Personal Life

Rick Ross has four children. All kids have different mothers, but Ross isn’t married now. Although he was briefly engaged to his girlfriend in 2015, Lira Mercer, they never went on.

Rick Ross is a devout Christian known for his love for God. In one interview with Corey Condrey, Ross said that he told himself that no matter what he goes through, he’ll never question God. Aside from that, the rapper has repeatedly stated that he prays each time he performs on stage.

But despite his deep faith in religion, Rick Ross seems to have controversies behind his name. In 2017, the rapper got criticized for saying in an interview that he never signed female artists as he thought he’d end up sexually assaulting them and that they’d ruin his business. 

Ross released an apology shortly after.

Legal Issues

Controversies aside, Rick Ross is also notorious for his illegal activities. The rapper has had trouble with the law several times due to the usual guns and drug possessions. But besides that, Ross has received lawsuits from individuals in the music industry. In 2008, YouTuber and artist Vladimir Lyubovny “DJ Vlad,” sued him for physical assault and battery. 

He claimed that Ross set up an ambush for him during the Ozone Awards in 2008 for DJ Vlad, asking questions about Ross’s past as a correctional officer. But this was never validated.

Two years later, another artist, Ricky Ross, sued Rick Ross for using his name. But the court ruled in favor of Rick Ross, letting him keep his stage name.

What is Rick Ross Rapper Net Worth?

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As of 2023, Rick Ross holds an astounding $45 million net worth.

Since his debut in the early 2000s, Ross has been earning several million annually. Ross is undoubtedly successful, from a modest $2 million earnings in 2007 to $11 million in 2017. Although his yearly salary dwindled in 2022, it still expanded to the seven-figure mark.

Ross mainly earns money through his music, whether his tracks or from artists signed under his label “Maybach Music Group.” You can find Ross on the business side when he’s not working on music, making investments left and right.

He has several businesses aside from his label, including several franchises between Wing Stop and Checker and Rally’s restaurants. His most recent business move is a $1 million investment in an upcoming Telehealth company, Jetdoc.

How Does Rick Ross Make Money?

Music and Record Label Contracts

Rick Ross’s first public track got certified gold and caught the attention of Jay-Z in 2006. And he would eventually offer Ross a lucrative contract under his record label, Def Jam Recordings, the same year. It was here that Ross had the chance to launch his debut album “Port of Miami.”

Despite being a newbie in the rap scene, Ross’s “Port of Miami” peaked at the top on the U.S Billboard 200 chart. His debut studio album sold more than 180k units during the first week. And with this release alone, Ross became among the hottest in the industry. 

This considerable breakthrough allowed Ross to work with other successful artists like T-Pain. And after this, Ross released several albums and singles with mixed reviews. But even if everything didn’t break records, Ross got solidified as one of the most famous stars in the rap scene.

After experiencing immense success, Ross left Def Jam Recordings to launch his record label. He established the Maybach Music Group in 2009, signing artists such as DJ Khaled and Meek Mill.

Real Estate

Rick Ross is famous for being a businessman. And throughout his career, he has bought several properties.

One of his most opulent purchases was a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Florida. He bought the estate for $5.2 million in 2012 and later put it on the real estate market for over $9 million. But it wasn’t until 2016 that someone bought the mansion for a lower cost of $6 million. Although small, Ross still profited from this $5 million buy.

But Ross’s most controversial and famous real estate purchase would be in 2014. The rapper spent over $5.8 million on a 54,000-square-foot estate and mansion in Georgia, previously owned by legendary boxer Evander Holyfield. Many believe it to be the most massive property in Georgia, and this is where Ross currently resides. 

Recently, Ross invested $1 million to add 87 acres of land near the infamous Georgia mansion. And this brings his whole acreage to 322, adding more to his wealth.


Rick Ross is famous for owning many cars, with the rapper admitting he owns over 100 vehicles. 

Although Ross has flamboyant taste in cars, he doesn’t only buy the most expensive cars. He also treasures vintage vehicles, racking his car collection to the multi-millions. Either way, some of the cars Rick Ross owns are the following:

  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan & Phantom
  • Ferrari GTB and Speciale

Maybach Music Group

Rick Ross launched his record label, Maybach Music Group, at the peak of his career. Although successful in 2009, it wasn’t until two years later he experienced immense success. In 2011, Ross signed two rappers to his record label, releasing their hit debut compilation albums. There, Ross helped the artists Meek Mill and Wale experience success. 

Other artists signed under his label are Gunplay, Rockie Fresh, and himself, Rick Ross.


Ricks Ross is the proud owner of more than 30 Wing Stop locations. And not only did this prove to be a lucrative move, but his name alone added significant value to the food chain. As a result, the restaurant has become a fan favorite among famous rappers and the general masses. 

Although on a smaller scale, Ross also owns some Checkers and Rally’s restos throughout Miami. All these fast food chains alone can earn Ross millions every year.


Aside from his music label and restaurant ventures, Ross has made other business investments. One of his most notable purchases is his investment of $1 million in an upcoming Telehealth company, Jetdoc. Aside from that, Rick Ross has also invested in cryptocurrency, GSHIBA.

Also, Rick Ross has co-authored a few books like “The Perfect Day To Boss Up” with Neil Martinez-Belkin. And earnings from these publications can quickly amount to hundreds of thousands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did Rick Ross become so wealthy?

A: Besides music, Rick Ross also makes investments now and then. One of his most notable investments is his 30+ Wing Stop franchises. And Ross also launched his very own music record label company, MMG. Finally, Ross owns the most extensive estate in Georgia, adding more to his fortune.

Q: What is the Rick Ross rapper net worth today?

A: As of 2023, Rick Ross boasts a massive net worth of $45 million. He’s become one of the wealthiest rappers worldwide in just a few years. The rapper’s career in the music business is fresh, making his worth more impressive.

Q: What businesses does rapper Rick Ross own today?

A: Rick Ross’s main business is his music record label, the Maybach Music Group. Ross launched the company in 2009 and has been acting as the CEO. And this is where he released his tracks and studio albums. Moreover, he has over 30+ Wing Stop franchises and has invested in a Telehealth company. 

Q: Why is Rick Ross, the rapper, so famous?

A: Aside from his hit tracks and iconic look, Rick Ross became famous for his financial decisions. Although he splurges on expensive things, Ross has made many investments. The rapper is well aware his music career won’t be successful forever. Hence, he has made several investments since the start.

Q: How many cars does rapper Rick Ross have?

A: Rick Ross once stated he has more than 100 cars and just hadn’t gotten his license. But later on, his mother and his sister pressured him to do it, so he went on and got it. Since then, Ross has been buying and selling cars.

Final Words

What is Rick Ross rapper net worth? As of 2023, Rick Ross holds a $45 million net worth.

With his early success in music, it’s unsurprising to see the rapper reach such wealth today. When Ross isn’t working on his tracks, he manages his record label, Maybach Music Group. The rapper launched it in 2009 during the peak of his career. And now artists like DJ Khaled, French Montana, and Meek Mill are under his label.

When Ross’s not working on music, he dabbles in business investments. So far, the rapper franchised over 30 Wing Stop locations and invested in an upcoming Telehealth company. With all these combined, it’s easy to see why Ross became one of the wealthiest rappers today.

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