Salim Nelk Net Worth: See How the YouTube Prankster Got His Riches!

Salim Sirur, aka “Salim the Dream,” is a rising YouTube star who blew up after joining the popular YouTube prank group Nelk in 2020. Since then, Salim has earned millions of followers across different social media platforms. And with his growth, you’re likely wondering — what is Salim Nelk net worth?

With his collaborations and share in merch sales from Nelk, Salim can easily earn over $100k. Aside from that, he runs his channel “Salim the Dream,” with over 400k subs, racking in a decent amount. With all these combined, Salim’s net worth stands at $800k.

This post discusses how the young YouTuber achieved such fame and success.

An Overview

Born on November 21, 2001, Salim Sirur was born and raised in California, where he always had a passion for entertaining others. Not much is known about Sirur’s early life, but he launched his personal YouTube channel in 2014 under the name “Salim the Dream.”

But he never released much content on his YouTube channel, uploading now and then and going ultimately under the radar between 2014 and 2019. Sirur made his comeback in 2020, joining the famous Youtube prank group, Nelk in February of the same year.

That’s where Sirur experienced true success, boosting his YouTube channel to 400k and racking up over 21 million views. And his newfound fame also grew his Instagram profile to 2 million followers.

He became a regular member of Nelk, helping Sirur grow his fame and fortune, amassing him an impressive $800k net worth at such a young age.

Early Life

Salim Sirur was born in San Jose, California, on November 21, 2001. Although born and raised in the United States, Salim’s parents are Somalian. There’s nothing much known about his family, as he prefers keeping them off the spotlight.

The same goes for Salim, as little information about his school life is not known. But it was well-known that the young Sirur always had a passion for entertaining others, launching his YouTube channel “Salim the Dream” in 2014, when he was just 13.

Six years later, the young Sirur made a complete comeback on YouTube after his long hiatus. He appeared on Nelk in February 2020, and the rest is history.


Salim launched his YouTube channel “Salim the Dream” in early 2014 but never posted a lot on it. He got his big breakthrough when he joined the YouTube prank group, Nelk in February 2020.

Right after he joined, Salim caught the attention of a lot of people through his funny pranks. One of the most successful Salim made with Nelk is “Terrifying a Cringy TikToker,” amassing millions of views. And this left an unforgettable mark on the viewers and the members of Nelk, founders Kyle Forgeard, and Jesse Sebastiani.

From there, Salim became an official member of Nelk, skyrocketing his YouTube channel to 400k subscribers despite not posting any new content.

Salim is still working with Nelk to create content and has recently uploaded more videos on his channel, “Salim the Dream.”

Personal Life

Salim doesn’t seem to express interest in dating as he’s focusing on his career. It can be challenging to say as he’s secretive regarding his relationships. However, Salim once shared a picture of himself kissing a girl on his Instagram profile. Even so, the young influencer never verified anything, nor had he been related to the same girl.

What is Salim Nelk Net Worth?

As of 2023, Salim Surir from the YouTube prank group, Nelk, has a net worth of $800k.

He mainly makes money from his appearances on Nelk and his YouTube channel. Considering Salim has over 21 millions view, he likely already made over $40k to $100k on his channel alone. And according to Social Blade, Salim can earn up to $3k per year even if Salim doesn’t upload new content.

But Salim earns the most with his work with Nelk, a YouTube prank group with over 7 million subs. The members have repeatedly stated that they earn up to $70 million on subs and merch sales alone. And since he’s part of the group, it’s safe to say Salim gets his share from that profit.

YouTube aside, Salim gets some earnings from his other social media accounts, mainly his Instagram. After all, the young influencer has over 2 million followers on the platform. And with an account his size, he can earn thousands per post through brand deals or endorsements.

How Does Salim Nelk Make Money?


Salim earns most of his money via YouTube, including his collaborations with Nelk and his channel. Although he doesn’t upload much on his YouTube channel, he already has 21 million views. And since YouTube pays a minimum of $2 per 1,000 views, Salim has already made over $40k on his channel alone.

But if he added more ads to the video or had a sponsor for said content, Salim would earn more. So, it’s safe to assume that Salim has already quickly made over $100k for his channel alone.

But what made Salim reach a massive $800k net worth is his work with Nelk. The famous YouTube prank channel has over 7 million subs and over 1.2 billion views. Considering the estimates earlier, Nelk should’ve already racked up a few million dollars. And Salim’s share of his work on the channel adds more to his net worth. 

Aside from ad revenue, Nelk also makes much money through merchandise sales and paid subs. And being a part of the Nelk group, Salim likely gets his share from these too.

Other Social Media Accounts

Salim the Dream is active across most social media platforms, especially Instagram. That’s why the rising YouTube star garnered over 2 million followers on the platform fast. And with an Instagram account his size, he can easily score brand deals worth thousands per post.

Aside from that, Salim also runs a TikTok account with over 100k followers and 58k on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Salim the Dream part of the YouTube group Nelk?

A: Salim joined the YouTube group Nelk in February 2020, slowly rising to fame since then. He is an active group member and has gained millions of followers across his profiles. Aside from that, Salim has a personal channel with over 400k subs.

Q: Is Salim the wealthiest member of the YouTube prank group, Nelk?

A: As of 2023, the wealthiest member of Nelk is Stephen Deleonardis, “SteveWillDoIt,” having a net worth of $2.5 million. The succeeding most affluent members are Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani, both at $1 million. Although Salim isn’t as rich as the other members, he holds a solid $800k net worth.

Q: Does Salim own Nelk?

A: Salim the Dream isn’t the owner of Nelk but is the latest member of the YouTube prank group. Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani are the founders of Nelk. But they aren’t the sole owners, considering they share the channel with Stephen and Salim. They run the YouTube channel and make content together.

Q: How does Salim Nelk get paid?

A: Salim gets his share from Nelk’s subscription services and merch sales. And considering the YouTube group pulls over $70 million every year, it’s safe to say Salim won’t need to worry about not getting paid anytime soon.

Final Words

With Nelk’s widespread success on YouTube, it’s not surprising to see Salim Nelk net worth rise. Salim earns tens of thousands on his collabs with Nelk alone. And he also makes money through his channel “Salim the Dream” and other social media profiles. No wonder Salim holds an impressive $800k net worth at a young age.

Although new to the YouTube scene, Salim has grown as a content creator, and the public loves it. He has a powerful presence, bringing Nelk, the already successful YouTube prank channel, to another level! And he only continues to grow his fame and fortune.

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