How Much is Aaron Donald Worth? See Here!

From his collegiate days, Aaron Donald always displayed remarkable talent in football. The 2020 “NFL Defensive Player of the Year” has dominated the scene since his start at pro play in 2010. Now signed with the Los Angeles Rams, many are wondering — how much is Aaron Donald worth today?

The American football player has persevered and is now worth millions. And thanks to his impressive work during his collegiate days, it wasn’t long until he scored a deal with the NFL. As of 2023, Donald boasts a massive $60 million net worth.

This post showcases how Aaron Donald achieved such fortune and fame.

An Overview

Born on May 23, 1991, Aaron Donald grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father encouraged him to work out and stay fit at an early age, working out with the young Aaron at their homemade gym every day.

It wasn’t until high school that Donald began pursuing football seriously. He played under coach Ron Graham’s guidance, making a name for himself. And here, Donald got crowned as a three-star footballer at his school.

He honed his skills at University, qualifying him for the NFL drafts in 2014.

Early Life

Aaron Charles Donald, aka “Aaron Donald,” was born and raised in Pittsburgh on the 23rd of May in 1991. Donald described his youth as carefree and lazy, doing nothing most of the time. That’s why his father decided to work out with him when he was 12.

At that age, Donald said he and his father woke up at 4:30 in the morning and exercised for two hours. They worked out in their homemade gym, allowing Donald to adapt to an active lifestyle.

Donald began his education at a local high school in Pittsburgh, where he started playing football under coach Ron Graham. He became an instant hit with the team, earning a three-star rating as a footballer. After graduating high school, Donald pursued football again at University.


Aaron Donald’s footballing career began early. When he attended the University of Pittsburgh, Aaron joined its football team. Here, Donald played as a reserve defensive, finishing 11 tackles. Although impressive, it wasn’t until his sophomore year that Donald showcased his talent.

Donald secured a position in the team’s starting lineup at that time. And from there, Donald made 47 successful tackles and 11 sacks.

As he went into his Junior and Senior years in University, he showed better performances. Due to his perseverance, Donald got crowned the “ACC Defensive Player” of that specific year. Aside from that, he also received several unanimous All-American honors.

St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams enlisted Aaron Donald during the 2014 NFL Draft. And in the same year, Donald made his debut, albeit with a loss. 

But Donald redeemed his fast with a win in the next match. He concluded his rookie season with 47 successful tackles and nine sacks. Despite the losses, Donald still earned the title of NFL’s “Defensive Rookie Award of the Year.”

Donald started the 2015 season with a win a year later, earning him his first NFC award. And weeks later, Donald won the award again thanks to his remarkable performance. Here, he scored a first-team All-Pro selection.

Los Angeles Rams

2016 – 2017 Season

In 2016 the St. Louis Rams moved to LA, where Donald had a sloppy start. He got ejected during the 4th quarter of the season. He made illegal contact with a referee for one of the games. And it was so bad that Donald got fined over $21k.

Getting over his unsportsmanlike behavior, Donald returned a few weeks later. During his comeback, Donald carried the Rams to defeat the Arizona Cardinals. They won the game, allowing Donald to redeem himself and score his third NFC award. 

Donald got into more trouble, getting another fine worth $18k for illegal behavior. He displayed unsportsmanlike actions during a game with the Lions. From here, Donald went on and off each round, ending the 2016 season with 47 tackles and eight sacks.

Despite his rough start in 2016, Donald regained his footing a year later. He had a successful season, adding more to his awards.

2018 Season

But it wasn’t until 2018 that Donald achieved great success. This season, he received several solo awards, getting as many as 17 tackles and eight sacks. Later, Donald set a record-high sack record for one season with 20 and a half sacks.

Although Donald managed to help the Rams proceed to the Super Bowl LIII, they lost.

2019 Season

Aaron Donald had a decent performance in the 2019 season, ending with 48 tackles and 12 and a half sacks. And again, the NFL star received several solo awards. But this time, Donald got selected for the Pro Bowl.

2021 Season

In 2021, Donald’s performance was a mix of bad and good. Again, the NFL player got fined $10k for choking a player from the enemy team. But despite this, Donald had an impeccable season, ending with 84 tackles and 12 and a half sacks. And it was also this year that Donald helped his team proceed to the Super Bowl LVI, which they later won. 

Personal Life

Aaron Donald welcomed two kids with his ex-partner, Jaelyn Blakey. They recently broke up. But it wasn’t long until Donald met another woman, Erica Sherman. And unlike Blakey, Donald tied the knot with Sherman ASAP after a few months of dating in 2020.

Erica and Aaron welcomed a son, Aaric, recently. Erica is a former marketing employee for the Rams.

Unlike other prominent NFL players, Aaron Donald has little to no controversies. Although recently, some of his followers accused him of being a “sellout.” Hence, many speculate that he will retire after finishing his $135 million+ deal with The Rams. Again, these are just speculations.

How Much is Aaron Donald Worth? (Aaron Donald Net Worth 2023)

Aaron Donald’s net worth stands at $60 million in 2023.

His primary income source is his footballing career. Donald secured a $10 million contract during his rookie years. So, he was already making millions at the start of his career. But it wasn’t until 2018 that the NFL star got his most significant contract.

The Los Angeles Rams offered Donald a massive $135 million contract in 2018. They guaranteed him $84 million straight off the bat. Recently, the team decided to add $40 million to the original agreement.

But Donald also profits from other ventures, like brand endorsing. He’s infamous for representing several prominent names like Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Currently, the NFL star endorses over 20 brands, earning him an easy $500k every year.

Aside from that, Donald has profited from his luxury purchases like real estate over time. His most recent venture is his $4 million mansion getting put up for sale in the market for over $6 million. Once sold, this will add more to the NFL’s net worth.

Finally, Aaron Donald is famous for being a car collector, buying and selling expensive or exotic cars.

How Does Aaron Donald Make Money?

Football Career

Aaron Donald makes most of his money from his footballing career. The NFL star began his journey in high school, where he quickly grew into an amateur footballer. And in 2010, Donald attended a university. Here, he began playing defensively, securing a spot in the school’s football team starting lineup a year later. 

He made 47 tackles during his sophomore year alone. And during his senior year, Donald got crowned the most successful football player in NCAA. Donald scored a deal during his rookie years because he had the potential to go pro.

Donald signed a $10 million contract for four years as a rookie with a $5 million bonus and a 5th-year option. And at his point, Donald once again won the title for the best “NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.” From here, Donald got named to the NFL All-Rookie Team. 

Years later, Donald signed a lengthy 6-year contract with the LA Rams worth over $135 million. It guaranteed $87 million, crowning him as the highest-paid defensive player in 2018. But it wasn’t long until that NFL record got surpassed by Khalil Mack, scoring a $141 million contract.

Recently, the LA Rams re-negotiated Donald’s deal, adding $40 million to his contract. And this made Donald the first-ever non-QB with an average yearly salary of over $30 million.

Brand Endorsements

You’ll likely see Aaron Donald working on an endorsement or two when he’s not in the field. After all, being part of the most prominent names in the NFL has its perks. Hence, Donald endorses many leading brands in the industry, such as Nike and EA Sports. You can also see the NFL star promote fast food chains like Pizza Hut and Applebee’s.

With all these brand endorsements, Donald can earn over half a million dollars every year.

Car Collection

Aaron Donald is famous for being a massive car lover, owning some of the most expensive and exotic models. He has bought several high-end rides, like a BMW and a Mercedes. Donald has bought and sold cars often throughout his career, earning him a hefty profit.

Real Estate

Aaron Donald has bought and sold many properties in his career. But the most notable purchase from the NFL star is a $4 million mansion in Calabasas. Recently, Donald put the property on the market for over $6 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is Aaron Donald worth in 2023?

A: As of 2023, Aaron Donald maintains a massive $60 million net worth. It’s all thanks to his lucrative deals with prominent football associations. And also, Donald earned the titles of the “AP All-Pro First Team” and “NFL Defensive Player of the Year” in 2019. All these recognitions boosted the football player’s worth.

Q: How much money has Aaron Donald earned so far?

A: Considering his prolific career, Aaron Donald has likely earned over $100 million so far. The NFL superstar recently signed a 3-year contract with the LA Rams worth $95 million. And that includes a $25 million bonus depending on his performance. Aside from that, Donald has an annual salary of over $31 million.

Q: How much money does Aaron Donald get from brand endorsements?

A: With many brands reaching out to Aaron Donald, he can quickly makes half a million every year. The NFL player has endorsement deals with some of the most prominent names. And these include Nike, EA Sports, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Tostitos, etc.

Q: Will Aaron Donald retire this year?

A: Considering Aaron Donald still has an active contract with the LA Rams, he won’t be retiring soon. After all, Donald can still play a third if possible.

Q: How is Aaron Donald soo muscular yet lean?

A: Arron Donald has continually gotten named as one of the NFL’s fittest and most influential players. And it’s all thanks to his carb and fat-heavy diet. He combines the heavy load of these two food nutrients and works out every day.

Final Words

How much is Aaron Donald worth? From his successful collegiate days to becoming one of the NFL’s most influential players, Donald has risen in fame and wealth. So, seeing him hold a massive $60 million net worth today is not surprising.

You can find Donald endorsing several brands when he’s not in the field. The NFL superstar can earn up to half a million yearly in these endorsements. And he has represented several prominent names, from Nike to Pizza Hut.

Thanks to his natural talent for football and early start, there’s no denying Donald’s successful career. Although many of his supporters have deemed him a “sellout,” most of them stayed and watched Donald’s growth. Hence, he keeps growing his fortunes to this day!

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