How Much Is Meghan Trainor Worth? The One-Hit Wonder

A grammy awardee, American producer, performer, singer, and songwriter, Meghan Trainor has come a long way since her debut in the music industry in 2014. With just one big hit song under her name and a bunch of other hits that followed, she had become an instant success (known as a one-hit wonder) with the public and earned herself a net worth of $14 million as of November 2022. 

With a talent for writing catchy songs and producing hits, Meghan Trainor has established herself as the one to watch in the music industry. Her debut single, All About Tht Bass, earned her a spot at number 1 on multiple Billboard charts and won two Grammy awards.

Due to her success, it’s no question that Meghan Trainor has amassed quite a net worth over the years. And with only one big hit song to her name, it seems that she still has much more to offer us in terms of music and entertainment. Let’s learn more about this talented musician and see how she makes all that money!


how much is meghan trainor worth
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Name Meghan Elizabeth Trainor
Celebrity Name Meghan Trainor
Birthplace Massachusetts
Birthday Dec. 22, 1993
Age 28
Weight ( kg ) 68
Height ( cm ) 164
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Husband Daryl Sabara
Net worth ( Nov. 2022 ) $14 million

Early Life 

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor was born in Massachusetts, on December 22, 1993. Her father, Gary Trainor, was a music teacher and her mother, Kelli Trainor, was an avid singer. As a child, Meghan loved listening to her mother singing around the house. When she was six years old, she began taking piano lessons from her father.

She quickly developed a passion for music; by the time she was eight years old, she was writing her own songs. At twelve, Trainor started playing live with an Island Fusion cover band. The band included her younger brother Justin, along with her father and aunt. She spent 3 years playing trumpet for a jazz ensemble. Tailor’s parents were already urging their daughter to go to music festivals at this point, and she started taking guitar lessons at the age of 15.

Meghan continued to develop her musical skills throughout her teenage years. Although there are no records of her following education, she graduated from Nauset Regional High School. After graduation, she moved to Massachusetts and started working with different musicians.

Music Career 

Meghan Trainor’s music career began in earnest when she was just 16 years old. That’s when she wrote and recorded her first song, “Take Care of Our Soldiers.” The song was released on April 6, 2010, with all proceeds going to Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops and the United Services Organizations (USO). Trainor enrolled in the Berklee College of Music’s Summer Performance Program that same year. Though, she impressed the faculty so much that she was offered a full scholarship to the school. But Trainor decided not to take them up on their offer. Instead, she signed a contract with Nashville-based music publishing company Big Yellow Dog.

Big Yellow Dog Music

She caught the attention of Big Yellow Dog founder Al Anderson after he heard her play at a music conference. He was so impressed with the songwriting abilities that he recommended her to the company. Trainor’s career has been on the rise ever since. Her debut album, “Title,” was released in January 2015 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Most of her songs have been named among the best. She later introduced 3 more albums and several more tracks. Additionally, she has made guest appearances on several television programs, including The Voice UK, Top Chef Family Style, and many others. In addition, she has won various awards.

Meghan Trainor has certainly come a long way to become one of the most successful musicians in the world today. Her songs have been on trend on TikTok, Spotify, and Youtube, including her latest song ‘, Made You Look,” which became a TikTok trend; we can only expect even more great things from her in the years to come!

Best 5 Songs of Meghan Trainor 

1. “All About Tht Bass” – This upbeat and catchy song is a true crowd-pleaser, with its empowering lyrics and fun, danceable beat. It has become one of the most popular songs of Meghan Trainor, topping charts worldwide and earning her several awards.

2. “Lips Are Movin” – With its sassy lyrics and infectious beat, this song is the perfect mix of pop and R&B. Its music video is also a hit, featuring fun choreography that has become popular all over the internet.

3. “No Good for You” – With its powerful vocals and soulful, gospel-inspired sound, this song stands out in Meghan Trainor’s discography. Its lyrics have resonated with audiences around the world, cementing it as one of her most beloved tracks.

4. “Dear Future Husband” – This upbeat anthem blends fun pop melodies with sharp, biting lyrics. It’s one of Meghan Trainor’s most successful songs to date, with its sassy and relatable message resonating with listeners worldwide.

5. “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” – This romantic ballad is one of Meghan Trainor’s most heartfelt tracks, using her powerful vocals to convey beautiful lyrics. Its duet with John Legend also adds a special touch to this heartfelt love song.


ASCAP Awards ( 2015 All About that Bass )
Top Hot 100 Song ( 2015 All About that Bass )
Top Digital Song ( 2015 All About that Bass )
Breakthrough Artist of the Year ( 2015 )
Most Performed Songs ( 2016 Lips Are Movin )
Most Performed Songs ( 2016 Like I’m Gonna Lose You )
Chart-Topper 2016
Best New Artist 2016
Grammy Awards 2016
Japan Gold Disc Award 2016

Personal Life 

Meghan Trainor is married to actor Daryl Sabara, best known for his role in the Spy Kids franchise. The couple met in 2014 and got engaged in 2017, and they have one child together, a son named Riley. Trainor is very private regarding her personal life, but she has said she is happy with her husband and son. She has also said that she wants to have more children in the future.


Meghan Trainor’s 2014 song “All About Tht Bass” was an instant hit, skyrocketing to the top of the charts. However, the song also sparked controversy, with some accusing Trainor of fat-shaming and promoting unrealistic body standards. In response, Trainor said she was simply trying to promote body confidence and celebrate diversity. While “All About Tht Bass” may have been controversial, there’s no denying that it was a catchy tune that got people talking about important issues.

Meghan Trainor Net Worth, and Assets

Meghan Trainor’s meteoric rise to fame over the past few years has earned her legions of fans around the world. She had an incredibly successful music career, raking millions of dollars in record and concert ticket sales. Her estimated net worth of $ 14 million also speaks to her incredible success as an artist. On top of this, she has also appeared in a number of commercials and collaborated with several major brands on product lines.

Car Collections

Aside from her successful career in the music industry, Meghan Trainor is also known for her love of cars. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter currently has a fleet of luxury and sports cars. Her collection includes a Jaguar F-type, a Range Rover, a Porsche Panamera, and many more. While she enjoys driving all her cars, the Porsche Panamera is her favorite.

She has said it’s the perfect car for cruising around Los Angeles, and she loves its sleek design.

Real Estate 

Trainor and her new husband, Daryl Sabara, have netted millions of dollars from selling two homes and purchasing a new one. 

It all started in 2016 when Trainor paid $5 million for a home in Toluca Lake, California. Recently, the couple sold this home for $5.5 million. This may not seem like much of a profit, but it’s still a significant return on investment, considering they only owned the property for five years. 

Trainor also made a smart purchase in 2016 when she picked up a Valley Village home for $1.7 million. Last year, she sold this property for $4 million, making a $2.3 million profit in the process. 

Finally, in December 2020, Trainor and Sabara splurged on a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Encino, California. This luxurious property features a state-of-the-art recording studio originally belonging to a hip-hop producer/artist. The couple paid $6.6 million for the home, but it’s safe to say it was worth every penny.

Net Worth Prediction 

Looking to the future, it is likely that Meghan Trainor’s net worth will continue to grow. Her albums have been steadily selling more copies each year, and she shows no signs of slowing down her touring schedule. In addition, she has started branching into other areas of the entertainment industry, such as voice acting and judging reality television competitions. Based on these factors, it is safe to estimate that Meghan Trainor’s net worth will reach $25 million by 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Meghan Trainor go to college?

Though she found success early in her career, some wonder if Trainor ever went to college. The answer is yes and no. Trainor went to college but decided to drop out after only one semester. In 2012, Meghan was by Berklee College with a scholarship but decided to pursue a songwriting career with Big Yellow Dog. 

Does Meghan Trainor have a website?

Yes, Meghan Trainor does have a website. Click here!

The website includes a blog, photos, tour dates, and music videos. Users can also sign up for her mailing list to receive information about upcoming events and new releases. In addition, the website offers merchandise for sale, including t-shirts, hats, and notebooks. Proceeds from the sale of merchandise go to support Trainor’s charities.

How much Meghan Trainor makes per month?

According to multiple sources, Trainor makes approximately $ 1.21 per 1000 views on YouTube. She makes around $ 44.7K per month from her YouTube channel alone. In addition to her earnings from YouTube, Trainor earns money from her music sales, merchandise sales, and touring.

How much does Meghan Trainor make per concert?

 In 2016, Trainor embarked on a North American tour in support of the album, grossing $6.1 million in total. Her two shows at Radio City Music Hall alone earned over half a million dollars. Trainor can command a high fee for her concerts thanks to her popularity. She is estimated to earn between $50,000 and $100,000 per show. As her career continues to flourish, her concert earnings will likely continue to rise.

Who is Meghan Trainor’s best friend?

Meghan Trainor’s best friend is JoJo Siwa, an American dancer, singer, and actress. Siwa is best known for appearing on the reality television show Dance Moms. She has also released several successful singles, including “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store.” Trainor and Siwa have been friends since childhood and often perform together. They are also godparents to each other’s children.

Final Words

Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, it’s hard to deny that Meghan Trainor is truly an industry powerhouse. With a successful music career and growing success in other areas of the entertainment industry, Trainor is poised for continued financial success. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

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