Net Worth Of Shaun White: “The Flying Tomato”

Did you know that Shaun White is on a career-high and is dominating the world of snowboarding, both as a contest and street performer? He is one of the most decorated snowboarders in the world, which makes him a really big deal. And because of this, his net worth is one of the most asked about his identity. So don’t worry! We’ve got you!

Read this article to know more about Shaun White’s net worth.

Snippet Of His Early Life

Shaun White
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Shaun White suffered a cardiac disorder that necessitated two procedures when he was a baby. Despite his medical issues, he eventually entered skating, skiing, surfing, and participating in association football (soccer). He began to try snowboard at the age of six and earned his first championship the following year. White was a sensation on the amateur track, winning five national titles before turning professional at 13.

Entering Winter Olympics

Shaun White had to make a heroic turnaround to win gold at the 2006 Winter Olympics. With a 37.7 first-run score, White was practically out of the competition. He scored 45.3 on his second run prior to actually hitting 46.8 in the playoffs to win. His encounter at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver could not have been more unexpected. A 48.6 first run was enough to win the match without the need for a second run, which he transformed into a victory lap.

The “Flying Tomato”

White’s dense spike of red hair, which gave him the moniker “the Flying Tomato,” and his outgoing demeanor made him a fan favorite in Turin.  But he was also in danger of losing the half-pipe finals following a tumble in his first qualifying run. Shaun’s second run, on the other hand, was faultless, earning him the competition’s highest scoring. White opened the finals with three full spin air on the front side and 900 backsides of the pipe. He won the gold medal, but on the penultimate run of the day, he pulled off his biggest technique, a stunning 1,080° backside air.

Revealing Shaun White’s Net Worth And Real Estate

With a salary of almost $10 million per year, Shaun White has a reported net worth of $65 million! This net worth is not only limited to snowboarding. This includes his career in skates, TV appearances, and more!

Shaun is a sort of underground real estate tycoon, owning a number of premium properties all over the globe. Shaun paid $8.94 million for a three-bedroom ranch house located in Malibu in 2014, then resold it for $11.8 million in 2020. Then, he listed his other Malibu house for $12.75 million in the same period. Shaun marketed his 4,500-square-foot Hollywood Hills property for $6.7 million in 2017 and advertised his New York City mansion for $2.79 million and was relisted for $2.95 million in 2019.

List Of Recognitions

Shaun White earned Olympic medals in men’s halfpipe snowboarding in the 2006 Torino Games, the Vancouver Games in 2010, and the Pyeongchang Games in 2018. He has won additional gold and aggregate medals in the X Games compared to any other athletes in history. 

Shaun won at the X Games for superpipe in 2003, 2006, and from 2008 to 2013, as well as slopestyle from 2003 to 2006. He earned gold medals in vert at the X Games in 2007 and 2011, and also silver medals in 2005 and 2010. Also, Shaun got the bronze medal in 2008 in the same competition. During the 2018 Winter Olympics, White established the highest-ever score in the men’s halfpipe with a total score of 97.75.


Shaun White won his third Olympic gold in the 2018 Winter Olympics, but his joy was shortly overshadowed by charges of assault and sexual harassment by a leading member of his rock group.

Lena Zawaideh filed the first lawsuit in May 2016 as the former drummer of the band Bad Things, in which White was the guitarist. She stated in his file that White failed to pay her for work performed between 2013 and 2014. During this time, White finished a dismal fourth in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. In August 2016, she updated her lawsuit, charging the Olympian for sexual harassment and abuse towards her.

Among the charges was that White allegedly sent Lena some “sexually explicit and graphic photographs,” which White confirmed through a representative. She further claimed that he pushed her to wear provocative attire, cut her hair, and apply red lipstick. However, the case was resolved in May of 2017.

Interesting Facts About Shaun White

🟩 Story behind his name

Shaun White’s parents actually named him after renowned surfer Shaun Tomson, hoping he would follow in his namesake’s footsteps. He first attempted surfing, but following a wipeout, he switched to snowboarding.

🟩 Red Bull sponsorship

He practiced with his personal halfpipe over the winter of 2009. For a projected $500,000, Red Bull developed White a customized superpipe in a back bowl located on Silverton Mountain in Colorado. White could perfect his Double McTwist 1260 safely away from prying eyes in the big 22-foot pipe, which included a foam pit.

🟩 Trademark tricks

The famous “sky-hook” has been one of White’s trademark maneuvers for the last decade. He adjusts toward his backside, producing the figure of a comma, then rotates 540 degrees with a stalefish grasp on the board. He ran it in his Olympic runs on his path to gold.

🟩 Shaun White Enterprises

Shaun White Enterprises, a corporation founded by his mother to obtain medical insurance for him, now unites all of his corporate and humanitarian endeavors. He collaborates with the Boys & Girls Club, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Target House.

🟩 He’s into fashion

His entrepreneurship and innovation endeavors began at a young age. At the age of 14, he created a clothing line for boys at Target. Then he worked on branded products like Oakley and Burton. He continues to create garments for his men’s label, WHT Space.

🟩 He slept in a van during practice

When White decided to start snowboarding, he took family trips to the San Bernadino Mountains with his parents and brothers, and they all slept out in a van that would save expenses. He experienced childhood riding Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, and today he owns a small share in each of them.

Final Words

Shaun White, growing up in California, got a snowboard and that changed his life forever. The snowboarding took him to many competitions and made him win lots of gold. He is a true inspiration in terms of success in his career. Even after sustaining bruises from his controversies, he would still get up and work hard for the next Olympics.

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