Devin McCourty Net Worth, Personal Life, And Professional Career

Not many people would say Devin McCourty is the best safety in football, but there probably aren’t many football fans that don’t know who he is. And in this article, we will reveal his story including the most asked questions in the town: what is his net worth? So sit back, and keep reading to know more about his life.

Snippet Of His Personal Life

Devin McCourty was born on August 13, 1987. McCourty was nurtured in Nyack, New York, by his parents, named Phyllis and Calvin McCourty. His father passed away in 1990, at the age of 34, of a heart attack caused by asthma complications. He has a twin brother, Jason, and he was born 27 minutes before his twin. Devin also has an elder brother, Larry White. 

The family relocated into a travel trailer in Nanuet, New York, during his junior high. And in 2010, his mother resigned from her job as a Rockland Psychiatric Hospital nurse in Orangeburg, New York. Devin and his twin Jason are one of only 13 pairs of twins in NFL history, and they are one of only five participating sets of twins in 2016. The twins were the first pair to play in a Super Bowl together, assisting the Patriots in their victory in Super Bowl LIII.

McCourty’s Professional Career

On August 2009, NFL expert Gil Brandt has ranked McCourty as the fourth-highest cornerback talent in the 2010 NFL Draft. McCourty underwent the NFL Scouting Combine and participated in all of the combined activities. McCourty also attended Rutgers’ annual pro day on March 2010 but elected to stand on his combined results and simply participate in positional drills. 

He was predicted to be either a first or second-round choice by NFL draft analysts and scouts at the end of the pre-draft process. Sports Illustrated and ESPN rated him with third-best cornerback potential in the draft. Then, ranked him 4th highest cornerback, and Bleacher Report ranked him fifth best cornerback in the draft.

What Is McCourty’s Net Worth? Salary And Contracts Revealed

With a salary of $3.9 million, Devin McCourty has a reported net worth of $8 million!

The New England Patriots agreed to sign McCourty to a five-year contract worth $10 million on July 28, 2010. This contract has a guaranteed $7.28 million initial payment and a $1.50 million signing bonus. Then,  McCourty agreed to a two-year contract worth $23 million with the Patriots again on March 17, 2020. He signed another one-year contract worth $9 million with the, of course, Patriots on June 13, 2023.

Legacy In The Field

In the midst of the Boston Marathon attack, McCourty pledged to donate $100 for every match he made during most of the 2013 season and another $200 for each interception. Longtime Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola made a similar vow ($100 for every reception, $200 per lost pass).

Then in January 2018, McCourty and the Dropkick Murphys collaborated on a raffle to benefit McCourty’s Embrace the Kids Foundation and Dropkick Murphys’ The Claddagh Fund. The big prize was a trip to and seats to Super Bowl LII, in which McCourty’s Patriots competed.

Fun Facts About Devin McCourty

>>How to tell the difference between the twins?

The varied placements of the twins’ birthmarks are the greatest way to identify them apart. The Tennessean reported that Jason carries one on his collar and yet another on his wrist, while his brother Devin wears one on his ear. Devin also has a scar on his nose from chicken pox, while his twin has a lesion on his forehead.

>>McCourty and his wife

Devin married his wife, Michelle Powell, in April 2016 in New Jersey. The pair also disclosed that they recently purchased a new property in New Jersey.

>>Sickle Cell Campaign

The McCourty twins manage a sickle cell illness awareness campaign. Their father, according to the organization’s website, possessed the sickle cell trait. And they’re grateful they didn’t have it. However, the campaign’s goal is to inform the public, encourage blood donations, and raise awareness and funds for the sickle cell disease battle.

Final Words

Devin McCourty will continue to wreak havoc in opposing backfields for at least a few more years, with free safety being the only spot where his game may eventually be marginalized by age. He’s the epitome of what coaches want in safeties -a player who can play 1 or 2 roles, depending on down and distance. Bottom line? He’s very valuable in his current role. And that maybe got him the figures of his net worth!

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