What Is Pat Robertson’s Net Worth: The Televangelist’s Bankroll!

Media magnate and televangelist Pat Robertson lives in the United States. Pat Robertson is a former Southern Baptist minister and Republican presidential candidate. A staple on the popular TV show “The 700 Club,” he often shares his message. 

What Robertson says God has told him concerning America’s future. He’s the host of “The 700 Club” and the author of a book that was a huge commercial success. Pat Robertson’s fortune is projected to be worth $100,000,000 by June 2023.

Early Life 

Marion Gordon Robertson came into the world on March 22, 1930, in the state of Virginia. His dad was a Democratic Senator from the aisles near the corner. His mom was a singer and a stay-at-home mom. Meanwhile, his older sibling, Willis Robertson Jr., gave him the moniker “Pat.” 

He went to McDonogh School in rural Maryland at the age of 11. Between 1940 and 1946, he went to school in Tennessee at a place called The McCallie School.

His Personal Life

Adelia “Dede” Elmer is Pat Robertson’s wife. She was a fashion model and the winner of the Miss Ohio State pageant when the two of them met. As an added bonus, she was taking nursing classes. They married in 1954 and have raised four children together since then. They have 14 grandchildren and 7 great-grandkids to show for it.

🔅 Wife of Pat Robertson

So-called Pat Robertson’s wife, Dede Eimer, was born on December 3, 1927, in Columbus, Ohio (Ohio). Dede attended Ohio State University, where she obtained a degree in social work. She was a stunning beauty, and modeling was her true calling. Her amazing beauty won her the title of Miss Ohio State. They tied the knot back in 1954.

Facts About His Life

A devout Christian, he found his way back to Christian radio. He wanted to be a successful lawyer, but in the end, he gave up on that dream in favor of Christianity. Pat Robertson went on to study religion and eventually became a minister in the Southern Baptist Church. In later years, he established many different groups, including the Christian Broadcasting Network. He is a very successful businessman, but he is notorious for issuing prophecies that often turn out to be wrong.

🔅 Other Interesting Facts about Pat Robertson’s

The principles of economic and moral conservatism were integral parts of Robertson’s political agenda.

The Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) most prominent and longest-running program is called “The 700 Club.” Robertson had originally planned to do a telethon on the program and had first set a fundraising goal of $700.

During his tenure as host of “The 700 Club,” he made a number of divisive comments, including believing the terrible earthquake in Haiti was the result of a “pact to the devil” and suggesting that God was penalizing Americans with Hurricane Katrina.

🔅 Pat Robertson’s Milestones

January 11, 1960: Starts the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

1961: Receives Southern Baptist ministry ordination

October 1, 1961: CBN began broadcasting to the public for the very first time.

1966: ‘The 700 Club’ premiered on television

1977: CBN University was established in Virginia Beach. Soon after, it changed its name to Regent University.

1987: Quits his position as minister with the Southern Baptist Convention to pursue a presidential bid.

May 16, 1988: Announces his withdrawal from the 1988 presidential race.

1989: Begin Christian Coalition of America

1992: In May, they offered up a whopping $6,000,000 to acquire UPI, the United Press. Robertson reneges on the approved bid in June, alleging financial difficulties as the reason.

September 13, 2001: Makes an announcement that the United States has been assaulted “since God Almighty is pulling His safeguards from us.”

August 22, 2005: “We have the means to take him (Chavez) out and I believe it is now that we utilize that ability,” Robertson said on live, suggesting that the United States decapitate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

January 5, 2006: Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, is said to have suffered a stroke as retribution for “splitting God’s territory.”

November 30, 2007: Gordon, his son, takes over control of CBN after his father hands over the reins.

2008: For Al Gore’s nonprofit group, Alliance for Climate Protection, he made an appearance in an advertisement alongside Al Sharpton.

August 19, 2009: Had atrial fibrillation treated surgically, and the results were good.

November 2009: After the tragic events at Fort Hood, Robertson made statements on the air describing Islam as a “violent political system” rather than a religion.

September 13, 2011: Robertson told viewers of “The 700 Club” that separating a wife or husband with Alzheimer’s is permissible because the disease is a “sort death.”

March 7, 2012: Robertson, in a conversation with The New York Times, argues that cannabis should be treated similarly to alcohol and so legalized.

August 27, 2013: According to Robertson’s statements on “The 700 Club,” some San Francisco homosexual males have attempted to harm others with HIV by using a “ring, you link arms, and the ring’s has a small bit wherein you cut your finger” to spread the virus.

July 12, 2017: Conducted an interview with President Donald Trump on “The 700 Club”

October 10, 2017: Makes the connection between the contempt exhibited to Trump as well as the National Anthem and the Las Vegas tragedy.

February 2, 2018: CBN says Robertson had a stroke. 10 days later, Robertston is back on “The 700 Club” after recovering from his injuries.

June 2, 2020: “You simply shouldn’t do that, Mr. President,” Robertson says in a statement denouncing Trump’s response to widespread rallies against police brutality and the loss of George Floyd.

December 21, 2020: Claims that Trump is residing in an “alternate universe” and that he needs to “keep moving on” from his loss in the 2020 presidential race.

April 15, 2021: Attacks law enforcement for failing to stop the “onslaught” of violence directed at Black Americans.

October 1, 2021: Resigns from her position as host of “The 700 Club,” a popular Christian talk show. Robertson has launched Regent University, a Christian university in Virginia, and expects to devote most of his time to teaching there rather than making monthly appearances on CBN shows.

First Broadcasts and the Founding of CBN

Robertson bought a house in 1960. The UHF radio station in Portsmouth, which allowed him to launch the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). In 1977, when Robertson bought a regional cable TV channel with a small audience, the network took on its current name. 

Robertson went to places of worship and private homes to promote his channel and get people to buy cable boxes. Robertson was able to keep expanding the network because of the money he made from speaking engagements. Since its inception, his network has grown significantly. CBN is now broadcast in 71 dialects and is viewable in 180 countries. 

Robertson eventually started the CBN Cable Network, which airs under the name CBN Family Channel.  Family Channel because the channel was so popular. Since CBN is a non-profit organization, Robertson ran into trouble when the Family Channel became extremely successful.

Founding a University

It used to be called the Virginia Beach Campus. In 1989, Robertson moved it to where it is now and changed its name to Regent University. When he moved to Washington, D.C., he established the American Institute for Law & Justice. A prominent legal practice with ties to Regent University.

Robertson’s Presidential Bid

If 3 million people volunteer to work on his election by the end of the year, his message will resonate with voters. He successfully gathered a large sum of money for his campaign. Robertson handed over CBN to one of his sons because he had to give up his ministerial credentials so he could run for president. 

Robertson had a strong beginning to his campaign, but he was up against the incumbent Vice President. Many people didn’t give George H.W. Bush had many chances. Even before the primaries in many states began. Robertson knew his campaign was doomed. 

So, he stopped his own campaign and told his supporters to vote for Bush. In the end, Bush won the election. Robertson decided to return to Christian broadcasting after his failed presidential bid.

Robertson’s Publications

Robertson is a prolific writer who has put out a wide variety of work. “Shout It from the Housetops,” which was his first book and came out in 1972 and again in 1995, is an autobiography. Since then, Robertson has written 17 more books, and the vast majority of them have a religious theme. The New World Order, published by Robertson in 1991, was an instant hit and topped the bestseller lists everywhere. The most recent book he authored was “Right on the Money: Monetary Guidance for Tough Times,” published in 2009.

Different Commercial Pursuits

Among Pat Robertson’s many business interests is the television industry. He works with the National Nutrition Center. He came up and sold a smoothie and it’s something he fashioned to aid in weight loss. Because of what he said about gay people, he and the Bank of Scotland ended their partnership to do banking in the United States. 

In addition to his work in the United States, Robertson has also been involved in business on the African continent. Both diamond and gold mining contracts in Zaire and Liberia are in his possession. During the 1990s, he also pursued thoroughbred horse racing as a lucrative commercial venture. His gelding, Tappat, emerged as a consistent winner. Robertson has been the target of criticism because of his many questionable financial dealings.

How Much Pat Robertson Is Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pat Robertson is worth an estimated $100 million. However, some believe he has amassed far more wealth. Some of his most profitable businesses are TV and radio broadcasting, which he has used to build up a large fortune. As a writer, he has also reaped financial benefits from book sales.

The Secret to Pat Robertson’s $100 Million Fortune

Pat Robertson is a tycoon in the media industry, a political pundit, a televangelist, and a former prime minister of the Southern Baptist Church. An individual who ran for the Republican nomination for president once.. Because of his thriving ministries, media empire, and political career, he is now a very wealthy guy. Reports of Pat Robertson’s fortune range from around $10 million to over $100 million. Because of him, Pat Robertson was able to become wealthy.

How Does Pat Robertson Spend His Money? 

Pat Robertson has put in a lot of time and effort to achieve his current level of success. A mystery is how he prefers to spend the millions he’s amassed over the course of his career.

🔆 Pat Robertson’s Cars 

Robertson has a deep love for fast automobiles, just like many other famous people. Sometimes the vehicle in question is a Corvette.

🔆 What does Pat Robertson’s house currently go for?

About a year ago, Robertson bought a $1.17 million house in the middle of nowhere, causing locals to talk.

Favorite Quotes from Pat Robertson 

You have been repeatedly belittled by the highest court in the land. Your school’s Bibles have been confiscated. Children are no longer allowed to pray in schools. to the best of their abilities, and some groups have gone to court to ban discussions of religion from public places in the United States.

pat robertson

As Judge Scalia put it, they’ve picked a side in the culture war; and if we believe in democracy, the democratic institutions ought to allow us to vote in officials who share our views and pass these policies into law.

pat robertson

The truth is that non-believers in Jesus don’t have much support in the wider culture. Not to mention they don’t have much love for the one who is bringing others to Christ. There will be resistance if you go around condemning people’s misdeeds and preaching righteousness. Indeed, it was Jesus Himself who carried it out. It was done by the Apostles. Persecution is, like, a systemic problem.


Interestingly, termites don’t build things, and Christians, almost without exception, have been our nation’s great builders because of their desire to do something. Because of his devotion to both humanity and God, he works to construct. Today’s newcomers to (our) institutions are mostly termites.


3 Great Lessons from Pat Robertson 

With this newfound knowledge of Pat Robertson’s wealth and success story, it’s time to consider the life lessons we may all take away.

You Must Have Faith in Yourself

Treat yourself with kindness, trust in your own greatness, and love yourself unconditionally.

In All Sincerity

The importance of being honest and trustworthy in both personal and professional interactions cannot be overstated. Not everyone you talk to can be relied on to tell you the truth.

Failure of the Solution

At certain times in history, a widely held belief came to stand for something much bigger.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How rich is Pat Robertson, exactly?

Pat Robertson has a reported $100,000,000 in wealth.

Q: How old is Pat Robertson?

On March 22, 1930, Pat Robertson entered this world. His current age is 92.

Q: Can you tell me how tall Pat Robertson is?

Pat Robertson is 1.73 meters tall, which is 5 feet 8 inches.

Q: Is Pat Robertson Still Alive?

There is still time to catch Pat Robertson on his weekly segment of “The 700 Club.”

Final Words

The American television entrepreneur and one-time clergyman for the Southern Baptist Convention, Pat Robertson, is a well-known figure in his homeland. He has been working for almost 50 years and has started a number of businesses and nonprofits that make money and do good things. Because of his faith and belief in himself and in what he’s doing, it shows that he’s very eager to build up his wealth. And he never fails in doing so. With that, Pat Robertson has a total net worth of $100 million.