What’s Michael Strahan’s Net Worth? 2023 Reveal

Michael Strahan is a former NFL player for the New York Giants. But he hasn’t lost his pizzazz after retirement as he now is a booming TV personality. After dominating the NFL, Strahan now takes over the TV world, working as an analyst for FOX and co-hosting ABC’s “Good Morning America.” With all these projects, many are thinking — what’s Michael Strahan’s net worth?

With all these things going on under his belt, it’s no wonder Michael Strahan managed to grow and maintain his wealth after long retired from football. As of 2023, the legendary Strahan amassed a $65 million net worth.

This post showcases how Michael Strahan achieved such wealth and fame.

An Overview

Michael Strahan grew up in Houston, Texas, until he had to move with his family to Manheim when he was 9. His parents supported his passion for football, so his father sent him back to Houston to train with his uncle Art, a former NFL player.

He honed his skills to the point where he received a scholarship from a local Texan university. Strahan played for the school’s football team, gaining recognition as an NFL prospect in his junior season. After graduating, Michael Strahan signed a contract with the New York Giants, playing for them for 15 seasons.

After retiring in 2007, Michael Strahan continued showcasing his love for football by working as an analyst for the NFL. Aside from that, he began cultivating his TV career, making a name for himself in the industry.

Read on to see what’s Michael Strahan’s net worth as of 2023 and how he managed to maintain his riches.

Early Life

Born on the 21st of November 1971, Michael Anthony Strahan was the youngest of six kids. He grew up in Houston, Texas, till his family moved to Mannheim. There, he played organized football at the local high school. Strahan discovered a passion for the sport, and his father sent him back to Houston to train and live with his uncle Art, a former professional NFL player.

The risky move allowed Strahan to get a football scholarship from a local university. And during his junior year, Strahan began getting acknowledged as an NFL prospect. It wasn’t long until Strahan got selected to be in the All-America first team and Division I-AA Player of the Year by different outlets.

He debuted in the NFL in 1993 with his long-time team, the New York Giants.

Michael Strahan’s Career

Football Career

Michael Strahan debuted in the NFL scene in 1993, signing up with the New York Giants. He played for the team for 15 seasons, eventually retiring in 2007. 

He played defensive end for the team, getting selected as the 40th pick in the 1993 NFL Draft in the second round. During his time with the team, Michael Strahan snagged the Pro Bowl selection seven times! And not to mention, he carried his team to win the Super Bowl in 2007. 

Other impressive awards Michael Strahan has for football include a two-time NFC Champion title and becoming NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2001. And his team, the New York Giants, gave him the Ring of Honor — earning him a place in the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team. 

TV Career

After leaving the field in 2007, Michael Strahan entered the TV entertainment industry. He’s been working as a sports analyst for the NFL, appearing on Fox’s Sunday segment. 

Michael Strahan loves sports so much that in 2008 he hosted a home improvement program titled “Backyard Stadiums.” There, he and a professional team of landscapers and contractors made courses and goals for sports enthusiasts.

A notable segment in Strahan’s TV career was his replacement of Regis Philbin in 2012’s “Live!” There, Michael co-hosted with Kelly, eventually leaving the show in 2016. But he didn’t go empty-handed as Strahan snagged two Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on the show. 

Michael Strahan’s latest TV work includes his co-hosting gig for ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Aside from that, he also hosts the popular TV game show “$100k Pyramid.”

Personal Life

Michael Strahan has gotten entangled with several women since his NFL debut in 1993. His first wife was Wanda Hutchins, and the two tied the knot a year before. They welcomed two children, including Tanita and Michael Anthony Strahan. But Strahan and Hutchins divorced after four years of marriage.

Not long after his divorce from Hutchins, Michael Strahan married Jean Muggli. Strahan and Muggli met at a spa, welcoming twin daughters Sophia and Isabella in 2004. But again, the two’s marriage didn’t last long, as Muggli and Strahan finalized their divorce in 2006. His second split was costly, as the court ordered Strahan to pay Muggli $15 million.

Three years later, Michael Strahan began dating Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Mitchel. The two got engaged in 2009 but never tied the knot — separating in 2014.

Michael Strahan’s most recent fling is Kayla Quick, whom he began dating in 2015. They’ve been dating since then, marking the 8th year Strahan and Quick have been together.

What’s Michael Strahan’s Net Worth (Michael Strahan Net Worth 2023)

What’s Michael Strahan’s net worth? As of 2023, Strahan has a massive net worth of $65 million despite being long retired from the NFL. And it’s all thanks to Strahan’s innovative business ventures and TV work.

Considering he’s played with the New York Giants for 15 seasons in the NFL, Michael Strahan’s primary income source has been football for a while. He scored a $600,000 base salary during his first year in 1993, which eventually tripled, earning him $4 million for his final year.

Michael Strahan earned over $40 million from his time with the New York Giants. And he made it to use well, as after his retirement in 2007, Strahan has made many lucrative business ventures. The most notable one is his work with Tom Brady, launching a sports media platform named “Religion of Sports.”

Michael Strahan likes to be on TV when not dabbling in the sports world. He’s been working as a TV co-host on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and solo host for the channel’s primetime TV game show “$100k Pyramid” for a while. And his work with these TV programs easily earns him millions per year.

Although Strahan can’t take brand deals due to his ties with ABC, he has launched a men’s lifestyle catalog with J.C. Penny. Here, he sells everything a modern man needs, from a well-tailored suit to quality cufflinks.

With all these ventures combined, it’s not surprising to see Michael Strahan stand at a massive net worth today, years after he retired from the NFL.

How Does Michael Strahan Make Money?


Michael Strahan debuted in NFL football under the New York Giants and played for them for 15 seasons. So, it isn’t surprising to see his primary income source be footballing for the longest time. He played defensive end for the team, getting selected as the 40th pick in the 1993 NFL Draft. 

He enjoyed a fruitful football career, becoming a 7-time Pro Bowl selection. And he even helped his team, the New York Giants, win 2007’s Super Bowl! Michael Strahan has the record for the most sacks in a season. And he also holds the distinction of becoming a two-time NFC Champion.

Michael Strahan started playing for the New York Giants in 1993, where his base pay started at $600,000. His salary increased since then, reaching its peak in his last season in the NFL, receiving over $4 million. 

Michael Strahan earned over $40 million from his work with the New York Giants alone.

Broadcasting and TV Hosting Career

After retiring from professional American football, Michael Strahan dabbled in the TV industry. He has been appearing as a sports analyst for FOX NFL Sunday. And Strahan also hosted the TV show “Pros vs. Joes” at one point. 

But Strahan also works on TV programs outside of technical sports. For instance, in 2008, he became the host of a home improvement show, “Backyard Stadiums.” There he and a crew of professional contractors and landscapers laid out courses for sports enthusiasts.

Moreover, in 2012, Michael Strahan got selected to co-host the TV show “Live! with Kelly and Michael.” After four years with the program, Strahan left, but not after winning two Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on it. 

Strahan’s most recent TV venture is co-hosting ABC’s “Good Morning America” and hosting the primetime TV game show “The $100k Pyramid.”

Brand Endorsements

Considering Michael Strahan is an NFL legend and a big-time TV personality, he’s bound to get brand deals. His most notable endorsements include Subway, Pizza Hut, Dr. Pepper, and Snickers. You can find Strahan doing commercials or brand deals with these prominent names from time to time. 

But since Strahan worked on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” he hasn’t had the chance to take brand endorsements based on a staff contract. So, currently, he’s not actively endorsing any company or product. 

If you’re a fan of Michael Strahan, don’t worry, as you can always explore the men’s lifestyle brand he launched via J.C. Penny. It’s still active and sells everything the modern man needs, from suits to cufflinks.

Michael Strahan’s Investments

Despite his long rivalry with the NFL’s highest-paid player, Michael Strahan has worked with Tom Brady to launch a sports media venture named “Religion of Sports.” The two launched this digital platform to showcase why sports matters to worldwide communities. 

This investment from Strahan is enormous as some of his clients include massive companies like Facebook, ESPN, Apple Plus, and Amazon. And he and Brady’s company has collaborated with other brands, such as Under Armour.

Real Estate

Michael Strahan has purchased and sold many real estate properties throughout his career. A well-known one was his 2007 divorce proceedings from Jean Muggli, where the court ordered the pair’s NJ mansion to get auctioned. They sold the property for $3.6 million, eventually splitting the sales. 

Another significant purchase from Michael Strahan includes a $1.6 million Manhattan condo. He eventually sold the unit in 2014 for double the original price. But Strahan’s most recent real estate sale consists of a whopping $21 million mansion in LA. He got a $5 million profit as he bought the house in 2013 for $16 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much was NFL Michael Strahan’s annual base pay while playing for the New York Giants?

A: Michael Strahan played for the New York Giants for 15 seasons, earning him $40.3 million. His first base salary with the team was roughly $600,000, which increased until his last season. At most, Strahan got over $4 million from his work with the NY Giants in one year. 

Q: After retiring from the NFL, what is Michael Strahan doing now?

A: After he retired from the NFL (New York Giants), Michael Strahan became an influential and active TV personality. He co-hosts ABC’s iconic news broadcast show “Good Morning America.” Aside from that, Strahan hosts ABC’s top-rated primetime American game show “$100k Pyramid.” And he’s on his way to work on the variety show’s 5th season.

Q: What happened between Michael Strahan and Eddie Murphy’s wife?

A: Michael Strahan at one point got engaged to legendary actor Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife in 2009. He briefly got into a relationship with the model and actress, and the two even got engaged. But they never tied the knot and have separated since then. And this isn’t surprising considering Strahan’s exciting dating life. 

Q: Does Michael Strahan have a new lover?

A: Michael Strahan, the former NFL New York Giants superstar, has been in a relationship with Kayla Quick for a while now. Strahan and Quick met in 2015 and have been together since, keeping their relationship low-key. Reports showed Quick and Strahan at a recent Super Bowl party and seemed to have it together. 

Q: What’s Michael Strahan’s net worth today?

A: With his work from Fox and ABC’s TV shows, Michael Strahan maintained a massive net worth of $65 million as of 2023. Despite being long retired from the NFL, Strahan managed to grow and retain his wealth today.

Q: How much does Michael Strahan get from his work on Fox?

A: Michael Strahan signed a multi-million dollar contract with FOX network, earning him $17 million yearly. The former NFL and New York Giants superstar works as a studio sports analyst for the NFL and is a co-host on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Aside from that, Strahan has side gigs, including several commercials and TV segments.

Final Words

From having a successful NFL career to becoming a booming TV personality, Michael Strahan is winning in life. So, you’re likely curious about: what’s Michael Strahan’s net worth in 2023. Despite being long retired from the field, Strahan boasts a massive $65 million net worth. 

Strahan has been making intelligent business moves since his retirement. His recent project involves Tom Brady, working together on a sports media venture dubbed “Religion of Sports. With his many sources of income, the former NFL superstar easily earns millions yearly. 

Thanks to his natural talent for football and love for sports, there’s no denying how successful Michael Strahan is. Representing the New York Giants for 15 seasons, Strahan has proven that he is worth every cent. And despite being long retired, Strahan continues to grow his wealth and fame today.

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