Jake Delhomme Net Worth: A Football Legend’s Riches

Jake Delhomme is a former NFL player known for being Carolina Panther’s quarterback for seven seasons. But since he’s been long retired, many are likely thinking: what is Jake Delhomme net worth in 2023?

Although he’s been working as a humble horse breeder, Jake Delhomme retained his wealth well. As of 2023, the former NFL superstar quarterback holds an impressive $20 million net worth. It’s incredible to see how Delhomme maintained his fortunes so well a decade later after retirement.

This post highlights how Jake Delhomme achieved and maintained such riches.

An Overview

Jake Delhomme grew up in Louisiana with a love for horses and a later-found passion for football. He began playing football in high school, representing as his school’s team quarterback. With a decent performance in high school, Delhomme continued to play till University.

Despite not getting drafted by the NFL, Jake Delhomme joined the New Orleans Saints as a rookie. And there, he cultivated his skills during his time with the team and NFL Europe. With this, Delhomme got the chance to sign under the Carolina Panthers.

Although long retired from football, Delhomme maintained his massive net worth of $20 million today.

Early Life

Born on the 10th of January 1975, Jake Christopher Delhomme grew up in Louisiana to parents Marcia and Jerry Delhomme. His family always loved horses, and his father, Jerry, worked as a jockey who began racing at eight. Not to mention, Delhomme’s great grand grandfather also worked as a horse breeder.

Growing up surrounded by horses, it’s easy to see why Jake Delhomme’s first love was horses. And it wasn’t until high school that Delhomme began exploring football. He played as their school’s defensive end and quarterback. Delhomme never got drafted for the NFL, but he never stopped playing and continued until university.

After graduating, Jake Delhomme signed with the New Orleans Saints despite not getting drafted. But during his time with the team, Delhomme only got to play six games across six seasons, as he spent most of his time playing for NFL Europe.

Once done with Europe, Jake Delhomme signed with the Carolina Panthers — and the rest is history.

Jake Delhomme’s Career

Jake Delhomme began playing as the quarterback for his high school’s football team and defensive back. He was so talented that Delhomme got awarded for his defensive skills while in school. After graduating high school, Delhomme continued playing for his University. 

While in University, Jake Delhomme became the first football player to surpass 9000 yards during his tenure. But despite his impressive skills and stature, Delhomme never got drafted. He never gave up, however, and Jake got picked as a free agent for the New Orleans Saints. 

After joining the New Orleans Saints in 1997, he didn’t play until a year later. In 1998, Jake Delhomme played in the NFL Europe but failed as his statistics were at an all-time low. But again, Delhomme never gave up and played again in Europe in 1999. There, he met Pat Barnes, and together, they dominated NFL Europe — throwing twelve touchdowns in the season. 


Many called the Barnes and Delhomme combo the “double-headed monster,” allowing Delhomme to enter World Bowl VII.

Once he returned to the United States, Delhomme continued playing for the New Orleans Saints. He had four relatively successful years for the team, acting as the third-string quarterback. In the early 2000s, Jake Delhomme transferred to join the Carolina Panthers. And there, he became the starting quarterback, regularly exceeding 3,000 yards passing per season. 

With Delhomme’s help and lead at the frontline, the Carolina Panthers went to the Super Bowl in 2003. Aside from his rising statistics, his time with the Panthers also introduced a significant jump in earnings. In 2009, Delhomme got his most lucrative deal of $38 million with the Carolina Panthers. 

Sources say Delhomme only got the guaranteed amount of $12 million to $20 million. But shortly after getting this incredible deal, Delhomme kickstarted the season poorly, getting replaced ASAP in the first game. And during the following games, Delhomme no longer performed as well as in the last seasons, leading to him getting cut off from the Panthers in 2009. 

Delhomme officially got released from the Carolina Panthers in 2010, where he quickly signed a contract with the Cleveland Browns worth $3.2 million. But things went south for Delhomme due to injuries sustained on his ankles, costing him 11 games. Hence, he got released in the middle of 2011.

After playing one game for Houston, Texas, Jake Delhomme never touched a football again. After retirement, Delhomme pursued a career in horse breeding.

Personal Life

Jake Delhomme isn’t one to put his private life out there. But it’s well-known that the former NFL star married his long-time lover Keri Melancon. Delhomme and Melancon were child sweethearts and tied the knot in 2000. And they welcomed two daughters, Lauren and Lindsey, one born in 2001 and the other in 2007.

Delhomme and his wife are devout Roman Catholics and go to church like any other family on Sundays. Another interesting fact about Delhomme’s personal life is that he wore the number 17 during his NFL days, as it’s the date of his firstborn’s birthday. Plus, Lauren was born after Delhomme’s wife went in 17 hours of labor.

Despite being long retired, Jake Delhomme and his family have voiced their support for the Carolina Panthers. And his devotion to the team didn’t go unnoticed, as the Panthers included Jake Delhomme in their Hall of Honor in 2019.

What’s Jake Delhomme’s Net Worth (Jake Delhomme Net Worth 2023)

How much is Jake Delhomme worth? As of today, Jake Delhomme net worth stands at $20 million despite being long retired from the NFL. And it’s all thanks to Delhomme’s intelligent financial choices and work as a horse breeder.

Considering he’s played with the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, and Cleveland Browns for 14 years in total for the NFL, Jake Delhomme’s primary income source has been football for most of his life.

He started his humble beginnings with the New Orleans Saints under a $300k base pay. Delhomme played for the New Orleans Saints till 2002, with the highest amount he got at $500k. And Delhomme moved to a more well-known team, the Carolina Panthers.

Jake Delhomme signed under a starting $500k base pay with the Carolina Panthers in 2003. And that year was when Delhomme performed the best, earning him a massive $38 million offer from the Panthers the following year. He continued playing for the team till 2008 — when he got cut off.

Delhomme played seven seasons for the Carolina Panthers, amassing over $50 million in earnings.

Delhomme played for the Cleveland Browns in 2009 for two seasons under a $3.2 million contract. But he never duplicated his impressive performance while in the Carolina Panthers. Hence, from there on, Jake retired from the NFL altogether.

Nowadays, Jake Delhomme raises and breeds horses with his family. They sell them as racing horses, earning them quite the profit considering Delhomme still has his massive $20 million net worth today.

How Does Jake Delhomme Make Money?


Jake Delhomme’s primary income source was his footballing career. And for an undrafted rookie who spent a lot of time in the lesser famous NFL Europe, Delhomme made plenty of cash. Delhomme could’ve quickly earned over $60 million from his time in the NFL. 

Playing for three teams for 14 seasons, experts show that Jake Delhomme earned as much as $63 million in his career. He had humble beginnings with the New Orleans Saints, starting with a base pay of $300,000. But with his improving plays and recognition, Delhomme’s worth increased over time. 

He scored his most lucrative contract with the Carolina Panthers, pocketing over $56 million from them alone. But Delhomme left the Carolina Panthers in 2008, signing under the Cleveland Browns for two seasons.

It’s believed that Jake Delhomme only received the guaranteed $12.7 million after getting cut from the Carolina Panthers after the 2009 season. Anyway, his lucrative contracts added much to his massive net worth today. 

So, even if there won’t be any more NFL quarterbacks like Jake Delhomme, he’s made his bank and legacy known. 

Advertising and Brand Endorsements

Jake Delhomme was never flashy like other NFL players, so he got a few brand deals. But considering his incredible time with the Carolina Panthers, Delhomme still snagged a few. Hence, you can find Jake advertising or endorsing a few local businesses. And from here, Delhomme likely earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

His most well-known collaborations included his work with the restaurant chain “Bojangles” and a mobile provider, “SunCom mobile commercials.”

Jake Delhomme Net Worth – Living as a Simple Horse Breeder

Jake Delhomme has never dabbled in anything NFL related for almost ten years. And instead of playing with pigskin, Delhomme dedicates his time to horses nowadays. His father and brother were always in the business of owning and breeding horses in Louisiana. 

It was only a short time until Jake Delhomme followed into his family’s horse breeding business after retirement. After all, it’s where Delhomme’s passion lies other than football, growing up around horses. So, seeing him make a new career after completing his journey with the NFL isn’t strange. 

The horse breeding business is doing well for Jake Delhomme, as his family had 7 to 10 horses participating in races. And he managed to maintain an impressive $20 million net worth with such a humble career.

In his recent interview with America’s Best Racing, Delhomme shared what got him into horseracing. Jake said he’s a huge proponent of their local horse racing, making it fun for him. He added that when you can foal the horses in your backyard, raise them, and be with them daily, it’s an unbeatable experience. 

Delhomme added that it’s rewarding breeding and raising horses, especially when they do well with the races, saying it fills the competitive void he still has from his NFL days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much cash did Jake Delhomme get when he played for the NFL?

A: Jake Delhomme earned over $50 million during his time with the NFL. He played his first game in 1999, starting with a $300k annual pay for New Orleans Saints. After, Delhomme played for the Carolina Panthers, where he got his most significant deal of $38 million. Delhomme played his last year with the Cleveland Browns for $3.2 million.

Q: Did Jake Delhomme do an excellent job as a quarterback for the NFL?

A: Although Jake Delhomme never shone during his time with the New Orleans Saints, he honed his skills and became an incredible quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. He finished his football career as the team’s franchise leader in passing yards, touchdown passes, 4th quarter comebacks, and game-winning drives. And Delhomme played as the quarterback for five of the Carolina Panthers’ seven playoff wins.

Q: What is former NFL star Jake Delhomme doing now?

A: Jake Delhomme works as a hose breeder with his father and brother. Unlike most former NFL players, Jake Delhomme never dabbled in showbiz after retirement. Nowadays, you can find Delhomme in stables in Louisiana. Jake always loved horses as his family grew up around foal and adult horses. 

Q: Did NFL Jake Delhomme become part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

A: Delhomme became a Hall of Famer thanks to the Carolina Panthers’ inclusion in their Hall of Honor in 2019. Although he played for the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Brown, Delhomme experienced the most success with the Panthers.

Q: How long did Jake Delhomme play in the NFL?

A: Jake Delhomme has over ten years of playtime in the NFL. He played three seasons for the New Orleans Saints, seven with the Carolina Panthers, and two with the Cleveland Browns. Delhomme led the Panthers to a playoff appearance and the Super Bowl, ranking second in franchise history.

Q: What is Jake Delhomme net worth as of 2023?

A: Despite being long retired from the NFL and working as a humble horse breeder, Jake Delhomme maintains an impressive $20 million net worth. 

Final Words

From legendary NFL quarterback to a humble horse breeder — Jake Delhomme has impressively retained his wealth. As of 2023, Jake Delhomme net worth stands at $20 million despite being long retired.

Although not as vocal and flashy as other retired NFL players, Delhomme scored several brand deals and advertising campaigns. These include endorsements for restaurant chain Bojangles and a mobile provider, SunCom mobile commercials. And they likely paid handsomely for the former NFL quarterback’s royalties. 

But thanks to his natural talent for football and passion for the sport, there’s no denying how successful Jake Delhomme’s NFL run was. Playing for the Carolina Panthers for seven seasons, Delhomme has shown that he was worth every penny. And despite being long retired and working as a humble horse breeder, Delhomme continues to grow and maintain his wealth today.

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