How Much Money Does KSI Have? See How the YouTube Legend Makes Bank Here!

Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, aka “KSI,” is a longtime YouTuber who blew up in the early 2010s. Since then, he’s been exploring new ventures, ranging from rapping to boxing. With all these going around, many are wondering how much money does KSI have?

With his work with music, boxing, YouTube, and the sidemen, KSI easily earns millions every year. And with that, KSI stands at a whopping $25 million net worth as of 2022.

This post showcases how KSI achieved such fame and wealth.

An Overview


Born on June 19, 1993, KSI was born and raised in England. Although he grew up as an introverted teen, KSI managed to break through it, thanks to YouTube. And in 2008, KSI, who mainly made FIFA content, already had a modest following.

In 2011, KSI managed to skyrocket his fame more thanks to his work with “Heskey Time.” And this paved the path to a successful YouTube and music career. By the mid-2010s, KSI already had millions of YouTube subscribers.

At the time, KSI formed a group with some of his closest friends, launching a YouTube channel named “Sidemen.” And this became one of KSI’s primary income sources today, with the channel racking up to $5 million in earnings yearly.

YouTube aside, KSI has made a name for himself in the music scene, having two Gold albums. And he’s also responsible for making YouTube boxing mainstream.

Early Life

KSI, legally known as Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, was born and raised in England. He grew up with a little brother, Deji, with the two living a comfortable life.

Olatunji went to Berkhamsted School, where he met his long-time best friend, Simon Minter. And though his parent saved up to send him to private school, Olatunji didn’t go to university. Instead, he focused on his YouTube career.


KSI started recording and uploading YouTube videos in 2008 revolving around FIFA. And with his comedic skits, KSI quickly grew his following, which he used to diversify his content.

Years later, KSI branched out into music, facilitating his early success. And his first track, “Heskey Time,” marked the growth of a fruitful music career. With music and YouTube combined, KSI was set for a successful path.

His fame grew more when he delved into YouTube boxing. In 2018, he fought Joe Weller, making him one of the pioneers of the now-popular boxing genre. After his win with Weller, KSI challenged Logan Paul and Jake Paul, and the older brother agreed. After two fights, KSI remained an undefeated YouTube boxing champion.

Aside from his solo gigs, KSI also works with the Sidemen, which consists of his closest friends, where they make a variety of videos. And this group became so successful they managed to snag over 17 million subs on their main channel and launch an apparel line and even an alcoholic drink, the XIX Vodka.

Personal Life

KSI has never been open with his dating life after breaking up with his first partner, Shauna. When he is in a relationship, he only briefly mentions he has a girlfriend, never showing her face out in public.

His most recent relationship was in 2021 when KSI briefly announced that he and his GF had broken up.

Dating aside, KSI has always been vocal about supporting charities. He has starred in several charity TV shows, such as “Comic Relief” and “Stand up to Cancer.” And he also personally donates in his spare time, donating $10k to another YouTuber’s charity stream.

But KSI’s most notable charity work is with his Sidemen mates, where they hosted four charity football events between 2016 and 2022. The latest match raised over $1 million thanks to YouTube stars “Mr. Beast” and “IShowspeed” showing up.

When he’s not working for charities, you can find KSI supporting London’s football club, Arsenal FC. And nowadays, his drink company, “PRIME,” sponsors the football club.

How Much Money Does KSI Have? (KSI Net Worth 2022)

how much money does ksi have

As of 2022, KSI holds a $25 million net worth.

His primary income source is YouTube, having over three personal channels and 5 with the Sidemen. KSI can get over $2.5 million on his YT channels alone. And with the Sidemen making up to $5 million yearly, it’s safe to say KSI also gets his fair share of cash with them.

Aside from YouTube, KSI is also a seasoned musician, having two Gold albums. His music channel earns over $300k per year. And when he’s not in the studio making tracks, you can find him in the boxing ring. Estimates reveal that KSI makes between $500k and $1 million per fight.

Entertainment aside, KSI is quite active on the business side of things. As of 2022, he’s the director of three UK companies, with a total equity of $2 million. And he’s always been vocal about his crypto investments, which he likely still dabbles in today despite his recent $2 million loss.

Also, KSI is quite the real estate whizz, as he revealed that he owns over ten properties in England with a combined value of $10 million.

How Does KSI Make Money?


KSI’s primary income source is YouTube. He has three personal channels:

  • His main channel has 24 million subscribers.
  • His second channel has 16 million subscribers.
  • And his shorts channel, “KSI Clips,” with over 1 million subscribers.

KSI can earn up to $300k yearly on his main channel, and over $1 million on his second and shorts channels.

Aside from that, he’s also part of the “Sidemen,” a famous YouTube group with over 17 million subscribers. And this channel can earn as much as $5 million yearly, giving KSI hundreds of thousands as part of his share.

Moreover, they have other channels, like “More Sidemen,” “Sidemen Shorts,” and “Sidemen Reacts.” All these channels combined amount to over 10 million subs, earning KSI millions.

In short, KSI easily earns millions on YouTube ad revenue alone. And when he or his group, the Sidemen, gets brand deals, they make even more. YouTube sponsorships can skyrocket to the millions when offered by the right companies.


KSI went on a nearly year-long hiatus in 2017. But his first EP wasn’t commercially successful. KSI never gave up, launching his debut album “Dissimulation” 3 years later. And to his surprise, it peaked at no. 1 on the Irish Albums chart and no. 2 in the UK.

Dissimulation had hit tracks like “Down Like That,” which KSI used this song as his entrance song during his 2nd fight with Logan Paul, which he won. Aside from that, the Gold album also has “Wake Up Call.”

KSI released his second album, “All Over the Place,” two years later, topping the UK Albums Chart. It features tracks “Don’t Play” and “Really Love.”

Besides his album sales, KSI earns over $300k yearly on his music channel.


KSI’s recent match with Swarmz and Pineda earned him over $1 million combined. The guaranteed pay was $500k for each fight, and the total payout amounted to over $1 million. And on his boxing fight with Logan Paul, estimates show that he and Paul earned over $1 million each for the 2nd fight.

Since defeating Joe Weller up to his latest brawls, KSI likely has earned over $2 to $5 million.

Other Social Media Platforms

KSI has over 12 million Instagram followers, where sponsored posts pay $20k beyond. Meanwhile, on Twitter, KSI has over 8 million followers, and 10 million on TikTok. 

Real Estate

KSI is well-known for his real estate investments, stating in an interview that he owns over ten properties in England. The combined worth of all these add up to $10 million. Although unclear, sources say that KSI rents out some of these homes.

Extra Business Ventures

Although it may not seem like it, KSI is quite a businessman. Hence, he also makes money as an entrepreneur, managing over three UK companies. And the total equity of these firms adds up to over $2 million.

Aside from that, KSI is also 1/7 owner of the Sidemen apparel line “Sidemen Clothing.” And recently, he and his Sidemen members released the XIX Vodka drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much money does KSI have?

A: As of 2022, KSI, the famous British YouTuber, holds a massive $25 million net worth. And despite his recent multi-million dollar loss, KSI bounced back stronger than ever!

Q: How did KSI become so wealthy?

A: KSI grew his wealth and fame early on, as he’s been around YouTube since the early 2010s. His main channel grew in popularity, currently at over 20 million subs. And this paved KSI’s path to success and riches. Aside from that, KSI also is the 1/7 founder and owner of the YouTube group, Sidemen.

Q: How much money does KSI get per boxing fight?

A: KSI’s latest duo fight with Swarmz and Pineda earned him over $1 million. Estimates say the guaranteed payout for KSI was $500k, with the final payout racking to $1 million.

Q: How much money does KSI get from Spotify?

A: Considering KSI has over 7 million monthly Spotify listeners, he’s making $30k a month from it alone. That means KSI can earn up to $360k yearly with streams. And these numbers add up as he releases more songs.

Q: How much money does KSI get per YouTube video?

A: On his main channel, KSI can get between $1.8k and $28k per month, while $8.4k to $135k on his second channel. So, KSI earns over $300k and $1 million yearly, respectively. And that’s not even adding his shares from the Sidemen group.

Final Words

How much money does KSI have? From his work with his three YT channels, the Sidemen, music, and boxing, KSI has amassed a $25 million net worth. And considering he’s been around since the early 2010s, it’s impressive how he grew and maintained his wealth to this day.

Despite his recent multi-million dollar loss, KSI managed to bounce back. And now, he’s set to hold multiple boxing events alongside his continued work with the Sidemen. With this, it’s safe to say KSI will only grow more — get it, JJ!

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