How Much Bad Bunny Worth? Find Out Here!

Famous for bringing reggaeton and trap music into the mainstream, Bad Bunny dominates the music scene. With his evergrowing success and fame, many have the same burning question in mind — how much Bad Bunny worth?

As of 2023, Bad Bunny stands with an $18 million net worth, despite only being a few years into his career. Since his debut in 2018, the Puerto Rican artist has been working hard, earning him a loyal following. And Bad Bunny is currently on a worldwide tour till 2023.

This post discusses how Bad Bunny reached such fame and fortune.

An Overview

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Born on March 10, 1994, Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican reggaeton and trap artist.

Bad Bunny always loved music growing up, and he never gave up pursuing it despite what others said. So, after graduating high school, he attended University, majoring in audiovisual communication.

While in school, Bad Bunny began releasing songs on SoundCloud. His earliest track dates back to 2013 and continued for three years despite getting little recognition. But in 2016, Bad Bunny got his big break when a DJ signed him under a record label. From there, Bad Bunny continued to dominate the music scene despite the language barrier.

As of 2023, Bad Bunny has sold over 44 million albums, making him one of the most prominent Latin artists today.

Early Life

Bad Bunny, legally known as Benito Antonio Martínez, grew up in Puerto Rico with a musically-inclined and supportive family. So, Martínez began exploring music young, starting when his mom played salsa, ballads, and merengue.

Growing up with two younger siblings, Martínez said he liked being at home with family instead out with friends. And thanks to this, he never got into real trouble during his youth.

Martínez started exploring music more at 13 when he began singing in a choir. And though this didn’t last long, Martínez never lost his love for music. He discovered prominent artists such as Daddy Yankee and used them as inspiration. Eventually, Martínez started performing in front of audiences in middle school.

At that point, Martínez had adopted the name “Bad Bunny,” thanks to an old picture of him wearing a rabbit costume with a grumpy expression. He has stuck with the name ever since.

Although Martínez was shy during high school, he did freestyle raps and even performed in front of friends. Despite many people bringing his dream for music down, Martínez knew what he wanted. And that is that he wanted to go into music once he graduated.

After graduating, Martínez went to the University to study audiovisual communication.


Bad Bunny always had a deep passion for music. And thanks to his supportive parents, he pursued his dreams without issues. Although Bad Bunny was already releasing tracks on SoundCloud since 2013, he has yet to experience commercial success. But that didn’t deter him as he continued until he caught the attention of DJ Lucian 3 years later.

In 2016, DJ Lucian signed the aspiring Puerto Rican musician under his record label “Hear this Music.” They weren’t expecting Bad Bunny’s unique musicality, praising him for his unique style.

Bad Bunny launched several top 10 tracks on the Latin Charts. With millions of views on YouTube and streams, it wasn’t long before Bad Bunny became one of the most prominent Latin American music scene artists. And hit tracks such as “Ahora Me Llama” and “Soy Peor” helped Bad Bunny get his big breakthrough.

A year later, the Puerto Rican musician got more contracts and began appearing on national and global TV shows. Besides that, he collaborated with other Latin American artists, such as Prince Royce. His TV appearances and collaborations boosted his fame, giving him more opportunities.

In 2018, Bad Bunny began crossing into English tracks with “I Like It.” It features Cardi B, and it quickly became his first chart-topping single, leading to another massive collaboration with Canadian rapper Drake for “Mia.” And with all these going around, Bad Bunny officially launched his debut album.

The release came after leaving his previous record label, launched under “Rimas Entertainment.” And a year later, Bad Bunny released another album titled “Oasis,” earning him a spot at Coachella. All these appearances secured Bad Bunny a place in 2020’s Super Bowl halftime show.

The same year, Bad Bunny released his third album revolving around the Covid-19 situation. He had tracks expressing his anxiety during the pandemic.

Bad Bunny’s latest release is “Un Verano Sin Ti,” and he is currently on tour until 2023.

Awards + Nominations

Bad Bunny has received many nominations and won several awards throughout his career. But his most notable win was the 2018’s Latin Grammy Award. Although this didn’t come with a monetary prize, it boosted Bad Bunny’s album sales and streams. It helped the Puerto Rican musician so much that he saw a 55% increase in ticket sales.

Aside from that, winning a Grammy comes with much notoriety, meaning he can charge more for features.

Personal Life

Bad Bunny met a jewelry designer, Gabriela Berlingeri, while he was with his family at a restaurant a few years back. He approached Berlingeri, and shortly after, the two began dating.

She got so involved in his life that Berlingeri started helping Bad Bunny with his musical and professional growth. Berlingeri helped Bad Bunny record the track “Te Guste,” adding some vocals.

The Puerto Rican rapper has repeatedly stated that Berlingeri is always there for him. And Bad Bunny even said Berlingeri was always there when he needed it the most.

How Much Bad Bunny Worth? (Bad Bunny Net Worth 2023)

how much bad bunny worth

Bad Bunny has a massive net worth of $18 million as of 2023.

His wealth mostly comes from music, earning approximately over $4 million yearly. And if you add his multi-million dollar performances and merch sales, Bad Bunny can make anywhere beyond $5 to $7 million. Also, he gets royalties from his features on other artists’ songs.

Adding more to this is his massive YouTube channel with over 44 million subscribers. Social Blade reveals that Bad Bunny can earn between $2 million and $34 million a year. That means the Puerto Rican rapper makes $180k to $3 million per month.

Music aside, Bad Bunny is also a brand ambassador for several prominent brands, including Foot Locker and Apple. These deals easily earn him millions yearly. And though he doesn’t do it often, Bad Bunny can make from his Instagram as sponsored posts rack up hundreds of thousands with his following.

Moreover, Bad Bunny has a massive car collection worth over $5 million, adding more to his wealth.

How Does Bad Bunny Make Money?


Bad Bunny makes most of his money from music, with his performances alone making him millions. Reports reveal that the Puerto Rican artist can earn over $2 million per performance. And even when you take off the taxes, his staff’s salaries, and other expenses, Bad Bunny still gets over $1 million. 

That makes Bad Bunny one of the most prominent artists who will generate the most profit per show in 2023. And though Bad Bunny is only no. 6 of the wealthiest reggaeton artists, he’s slowly climbing the ranks. After all, Bad Bunny debuted only a few years back, making his growth even more impressive.

Despite being less than a decade in the industry, Bad Bunny grew his YouTube channel to 44 million subscribers! And Social Blade estimates that the Puerto Rican artist can earn up to $34 million in ad revenue alone!

It’s safe to say Bad Bunny earns several million on music alone. And that’s not even considering his merch sales, which rack up over a million yearly!

Brand Endorsements + Social Media

Music aside, Bad Bunny also makes bank with his brand endorsements. His biggest brand deals are with Apple and Foot Locker, likely earning him at least $500k yearly. But when you add his other brand endorsements, Bad Bunny can quickly rack up a million annually.

Also, Bad Bunny has amassed 16 million Instagram followers, where sponsored posts can go up to as little as $20k and as much as $100k.


Bad Bunny is famous for adoring luxury cars, boasting an impressive collection worth over $5 million. He has several exotic cars, including a Rolls Royce Dawn. But his most prominent purchase is a $4 million Bugatti Chiron. 

All these significantly boost the Puerto Rican artist’s net worth. 

Other Ventures

Bad Bunny also participates in professional wrestling and skateboarding. The Puerto Rican star made his wrestling debut in 2021’s WrestleMania. And though most know for the show to be staged, Bad Bunny still gave it his all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much Bad Bunny worth today?

A: As of 2023, Bad Bunny stands at a whopping $18 million net worth. He’s a Puerto Rican musician that officially debuted in 2018, amassing such wealth in just a few years. Bad Bunny is famous for his musicality, popularizing reggaeton and trap music. 

Q: How much money does Bad Bunny make per performance?

A: Bad Bunny can make over $2 million per concert performance. He’s one of the highest-paid musicians at his age, likely snagging $1 million per show. And the rest, of course, goes to his staff and other expenses.

Q: What’s Bad Bunny’s yearly salary?

A: Bad Bunny earns as much as $4 million yearly with active tours and continual album releases. And that’s not taking into account his merch sales and other ventures. It’s said that Bad Bunny’s brand endorsements alone make the rapper millions yearly.

Q: Does Bad Bunny have a wife?

A: Bad Bunny isn’t married. But he met jewelry designer Gabriela Berlingeri a few years back while at a restaurant. And he approached her while dining with his family, and the two shortly started dating. As of 2023, the two are still happily together. 

Q: How did Bad Bunny come up with his name?

A: Bad Bunny picked his stage name when he was young after he shared a picture of himself as a kid wearing a rabbit costume with a grimace on his face. Hence, he decided to name himself “Bad Bunny,” sticking to it ever since.

Final Words

How much Bad Bunny worth? The Puerto Rican musician dominated the music scene despite the language barrier. With his performances racking in millions, it’s not surprising to see Bad Bunny have a net worth of $18 million in 2023. And when he’s not on stage, you can find Bad Bunny endorsing many prominent brands.

With his early love for music surrounded by a supportive family, it’s no wonder Bad Bunny dominated the industry at such a young age. And he only continues to grow his loyal legion of fans and followers, increasing his wealth and fame more!

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