How Much is Trisha Paytas Worth? (2023 Net Worth Reveal)

How much is Trisha Paytas worth? The American social media star has made a name for herself and is now worth a fortune!

Famous for her vlogs, controversies, and music videos, she has become incredibly popular across the Internet. As of July 2023, Trisha Paytas’ net worth is around $10 million.

This post illustrates how Paytas achieved such success.

An Overview

She launched her main YouTube channel, blndsundoll4mj, in early 2007. And early on, she already began going viral, throwing her into stardom. Once her YouTuber channel took off, Paytas started appearing in several gigs. 

Most notably, she appeared in America’s Got Talent as “Trish like Fish” and in Eminem’s music video “We Made You.”

Paytas also began creating her music as her fame grew, earning her more followers and money. Today, Paytas boasts a massive following across various platforms, including YouTube, OnlyFans, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Early Life

Trisha Paytas’s family hails of Hungarian descent. But the social media sensation spent her whole life in the USA. Born in Riverside, California, Paytas has one older brother and younger sister.

Paytas’s parents cut off ties and divorced when she was only three years old. And she shortly moved with her mother to live in Freeport, Illinois, during her teen years. Paytas went to school in the same state, staying with her until she turned 15.

Paytas enrolled in an online school program when she came back to California. But she completed her high school education at Pecatonica High School in Illinois.


As soon as Paytas got her degree from Pecatonica High School, she returned to California. Paytas always dreamed of becoming an actress, so she moved back to LA and took various gigs.

Paytas saw minor success in the acting scene. And even if she had minor appearances on hit TV shows like “Who Wants to Be a Superhero” and “America’s Got Talent,” she never really saw true success.

As Paytas struggled to find her standing in the industry, she started working as a stripper. Simultaneously, she began signing up for modeling and commercials.

But Paytas finally caught her big break when she launched her main YouTube account in 2007. The central theme of her channel was to vlog her daily life and experiences. And she also advised about beauty, fashion, and relationships.

Several viral videos later, she got featured on more TV shows, including “Jane by Design” and the “Modern Family.” Paytas also appeared in “My Strange Addiction,” showcasing her addiction to tanning.

Paytas found real success from her “trolling” videos. She enjoyed doing this content as it gained her more followers and exposure. And Paytas has admitted to doing these on purpose, and she has been “dumbing herself down.” With a net worth of $10 million years later, it’s safe to say she succeeded.

However, Paytas gained more traction by exploring a new type of content in 2014, known as “mukbang.” And despite people judging her, she continued making mukbangs until 2020.

Paytas began making music videos as her fame grew and caught her big break in 2015. It’s when her music got featured topics in many established magazines. And surprisingly, her album “Daddy Issues” debuted at no. 25 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Album chart.

Although Paytas’s leading source of income hails from her YouTube videos, she recently began exploring other forms of media.

In 2018, she began her podcast titled “Dish with Trish” and worked with Ethan Klein on a podcast named “Frenemies from 2020 to 2021.

And in the same year, Paytas opened her OnlyFans to the public, charging a small fee for provocative photos and videos. And this adds another income stream to her various business ventures, increasing her net worth.

Personal Life

Paytas’s private life is an interesting one. She had many public relationships throughout her career. But the most notable ones included the one with Sean van der Wilt and fellow Youtuber Jason Nash.

Despite her tough luck in love, Paytas finally met her now-husband, Moses Hacmon, in 2020. Both got married in 2021 after a year of getting engaged and are now expecting their first child in July 2023.

As she’s famous for her controversies, it’s not surprising that Paytas has been in many feuds with other influencers. Her issues with David Dobrik, Jeffree Star, and Ethan Klein are the most notable ones. And unfortunately, she also lost her friendship with fellow Youtuber Shane Dawson.

Famous for her “trolling” tendencies, it’s difficult to tell what gender Paytas identifies as. But in October 2019, she came out as a transgender man but later retracted the statement. She explained she didn’t have the appropriate language to describe her gender at the time.

Recently, however, Paytas reaffirmed through her YT channel that she identifies as non-binary. So, as of now, Paytas prefers using the pronouns “she/her” or “they/them,” as stated on her Instagram account.

Paytas has always struggled with her mental health, which she showed through her YouTuber videos. And according to her, she’s been officially diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder.

How Much is Trisha Paytas Worth? (Trisha Paytas Net Worth 2023)

Trisha Paytas’ net worth is $10 million.

She mostly makes money from four YouTube channels, with over 6 million subscribers combined. And as of 2023, Paytas boasts over 1 billion views! No wonder she’s been branded as one of the top internet influencers in the USA.

Aside from her YouTuber income, Paytas has also earned money from appearing in over 45 TV shows. Most notably, she joined America’s Got Talent, My Strange Addiction, and The Big Brother.

She has also amassed a respectable amount of money from her brand endorsements on Instagram, music videos, and OnlyFans. Aside from this, Paytas also launched her newest line of merchandise and brand known as “Sadboy2005.”

So it’s safe to say that Paytas earns up to $1 million a month, amassing a hefty net worth of $10 million!

How Much Money Does Trisha Paytas Make? (Sources of Income)

Youtube Channel

With her four YT channels combined, Paytas has over 1 billion views, which equates to a serious amount of money! Her main YouTube account, blndsundoll4mj, boasts over 950 million views. And her other channels, including “Paytas-Hacmon Family Channel,” “TRISH TALKS,” and “Trisha Paytas ASMR,” has over 230 million views combined.

Judging by her views, she should have made approximately $6 million from YouTube advertisements alone. And this doesn’t include the sponsored or brand deals she has had, which could’ve earned her up to $30,000 per video on her main YouTube account and around $15,000 for her second family channel.

Specifically, Paytas can earn anywhere between $188 and $3,000 per month on her second channel on ads alone. So, that can earn her up to $36,000 annually! Meanwhile, she can earn between $607 and $9,700 on her main YouTube account, equating up to $116,00 yearly.

Real Estate

Recently, Paytas bought a hillside mansion extending 7,484 square feet in Westlake Village, California. The massive property has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, complete with a movie theater, swimming pool, and garden! And reports show this house is worth over $3 million and will only grow from there.

And this is a massive upgrade in her real estate ventures, as Paytas used to pay $11,500 a month on her apartment in The Grove’s Palazzo West in La Brea, Los Angeles, California.


Despite launching her OnlyFans in 2021, many believe she can earn up to $1 million a month on it alone. After all, she’s become one of the highest-paid OnlyFans content creators thanks to her affordable rates.


Meanwhile, Paytas can earn up to $2 million on her Instagram account annually. Her sponsored posts can amount to up to thousands as marketers pay influencers around $2 to $3 per 1,000 fans interactions.

Other Business Ventures

Paytas launched her line of merchandise in 2021 named “Sadboy2005.” And it’s safe to say that this alone can earn her up to thousands of dollars monthly. Aside from this, Paytas also has a Poshmark account managed by her mother, where she sells her used items.

Surprisingly, Paytas has also released 11 books throughout her career, which likely earned her a reasonable sum of money.

Trish Paytas’s Most Notable Achievements (Highlights)

Trisha boasts an extensive and successful discography throughout her career, including: 

  • A studio album
  • 34 professional music videos
  • 40 singles
  • Ten extended live plays

Her main YouTube account has nearly 5 million subscribers and over 1,800 videos published. Meanwhile, her second “family” channel has over 1 million subscribers with 1,000 videos shared.

And her TikTok account has over 5.05 million followers and 645,000 on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Trisha Paytas make her money?

A: Trisha Paytas’s primary sources of income include YouTube, OnlyFans, and Instagram. She also has business ventures on the sidelines, increasing her net worth. Despite the controversies around her, she has become successful and wealthy.

Q: Who did Trisha Paytas marry?

A: Trisha Paytas married Moses Hacmon after almost a year of getting engaged. Both are now expecting a baby girl due on July 2023.

Q: How much does Trisha Paytas make in a month?

A: Trisha Paytas earns around $1 million monthly. The amount includes what she makes from her Youtube channel, OnlyFans, brand deals, etc. 

Q: How many cars does Trisha Paytas have?

A: Trish Paytas owns many luxury cars, including a recent purchase of a $400,000 pink Rolls Royce Cullinan. But her most iconic vehicle has become the custom pink Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon worth around $140,000.

Q: How did Trisha Paytas get famous?

A: Trisha Paytas gained recognition with her controversial videos. Most notably, she started gaining traction with her video titled “do dogs have brains?” But people began paying more attention when she dated Jason Nash in 2017.

Final Words

How much is Trisha Paytas worth? Earning up to $1 million a month across her platforms, it’s no surprise Paytas’ net worth is approx. $10 million. She makes money through her YouTube ads, brand deals, OnlyFans, real estate, and other personal business ventures.

As controversial as Trisha can be, there’s no denying her success. She has excellent business acumen and an unbeatable work ethic, helping her build a large following and net worth to this day. And she only continues to grow — you go, girl!