How Much is Woody Allen Worth? (2023 Updated Net Worth)

How much is Woody Allen worth? The famous American director, screenwriter, actor, author, comedian, musician, and playwright has made a name for himself and is now worth millions.

Famous for his iconic comedy films and writing, he has become recognized globally. As of September 2023, Woody Allen’s net worth is around $140 million.

This post showcases how Allen achieved such fame, money, and success.

An Overview

Born on November 30, 1935, Allen Stewart Konigsberg, aka “Woody Allen,” is a Hollywood veteran. He’s a famous American director, actor, author, playwright, musician, comedian, and screenwriter.

Allen’s been in the entertainment industry since the ’50s, boasting a net worth of $140 million.

The grueling journey began for Allen when he began working as a “humorist” at 19. He made $75 weekly, which was more than what his parents made at the time. But despite his talent, that only got him so far. So, Allen worked as a stand-up comedian in the ’60s.

But he started venturing into the entertainment business more when he worked on his first film, “What’s New Pussycat,” in 1965. And though Allen wrote the initial screenplay, he was unhappy and decided to direct all flicks he wrote from there. Since then, Allen has worked in several hit productions in various capacities.

Movies aside, Allen also has written and performed in several Broadway productions. From “Don’t Drink the Water” to “Riverside Drive,” he made a name for himself as a musician. And due to his versatility, Allen has nearly won all the major awards throughout his career.

Despite being in his golden years, Allen remains active in the entertainment industry. And thanks to this, he’s only continuing to grow his fame, fortune, and success.

Early Life

Allan Stewart Konigsberg, aka “Woody Allen,” was born on November 30, 1935, and spent his early life in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were Jewish immigrants who worked several jobs to provide for their kids.

His upbringing in a volatile Jewish family in Midwood, Brooklyn, has given him all he needed. So, Allen began writing and doing stand-up comedy while still in school.

Despite having a higher-paying job than his parents, Allen would never stick to it. Like his Father, Martin, Allen had the same wanderlust by jumping from one project to another when he got bored.

Allen’s turbulent childhood gave him years of fodder for what would become a successful career in screenwriting and directing. And this would also give the man a strong desire for solitude in his golden years.

After Allen finished high school, he enrolled at New York University, majoring in communication and film. And though he attended for the first semester, he shortly left after, then Allen worked as a stand-up comedy writer for three years.

Allen taught himself the ropes to directing, screenwriting, and acting and got several gigs.


Allen went to New York University, majoring in a film production course. He failed during the first semester and shortly dropped out after. But that didn’t stop him as he started writing for various TV shows, including collaborations with Sid Caesar.

But Allen caught his big break during his early career when he started writing jokes for “The Herb Shriner Show.” From there, he got more gigs, becoming a scriptwriter for Ed Sullivan for the famous “The Tonight Show.”

His incredible work earned him Grammy. Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, but he got bored. At this point, he wanted to venture into something new, starting stand-up comedy in 1961. And he became popular on the comedy club circuit in NY city.

Allen wasn’t still satisfied with his success in stand-up comedy and decided to work as a musician. His subsequent career brought him uptown to Broadway.

However, Allen began gaining fame, success, and fortune through filmmaking. And here are Woody Allen best movies:

What’s Up, Tiger Lily? (1966)

Allen’s first-ever written film was What’s New, Pussycat in 1965, but he wasn’t satisfied with how it turned out. So, he began directing his flicks after that, experiencing massive success with his directorial debut with “What’s Up, Tiger Lily” a year later. 

But Allen’s career began with his hit film “Take the Money and Run” in 1969.

 Annie Hall (1997)

Allen’s already made several hit films at this point, but he caught his breakthrough in 1997. His flick “Annie Hall” not only dominated the movie scene, but it’s also where he met Diane Keaton. Allen had a relationship with the actress for many years, but the two have never married. 

Allen co-wrote, directed, and even starred in Annie Hall, where he went to win several Academy Awards. These include the best picture, director, and screenplay.

Manhattan (1979)

Allen’s film Manhattan in 1979 was the distinguished director’s ode to his beloved city. And this served as the setting for his next set of flicks.

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

For the next 20 years, Allen produced many hits and rare misses, mixed with comedies and dramas. At this point, he and Diane Keaton had already separated, so he began a new love with Mia Farrow in 1982. The two met while filming Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy and had been together for 12 years.

But Allen made one of his biggest hits four years later with “Hannah and Her Sisters.” This film brought him his second Academy Award for original screenplay, breaking box-office records and grossing over $18 million.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

Decades later, even in his golden years, Allen is still active in the scene, where he began a new millennium with several comedies receiving mixed reviews. 

Allen’s latest flick Rifkin’s Festival, got released during the pandemic’s peak in 2021.

Personal Life

Woody Allen married thrice. His first marriage was to Harlene Rosen, where the two got married when she was just 16 years old. The two didn’t last long, however, as they later got divorced in 1959, just three years later after tying the knot.

Allen’s second marriage was with Louise Lasser, an American actress, but this didn’t also last long. The two separated after four years of tying the knot in 1966. Finally, Allen’s third and longest marriage is to his stepdaughter, Soon-Yi Previn. The two got hitched in 2007 and are still married as of July 2023.

Besides his marriages, Allen has also been in intimate relationships with Diane Keaton, Mia Farrow, and Stacy Nelkin.

A controversial scandal in Allen’s private life concerned his relationship with Farrow. After all, Previn was her adopted daughter. Once Farrow discovered the affair, she and Allen maintained separate living quarters.

But the issue erupted when Allen released a statement showcasing his affection for Previn in 1992.

The prestigious director made headlines in 1992 as soon as the news of him dating Farrow’s adopted daughter went public, kicking off a 2-year custody battle. The actress eventually got sole custody of their kids, and Allen was to pay her $3 million. And despite the uproar, Allen has never seen anything wrong with his actions.

He said he “fell in love with this girl and married her.” And the director said he didn’t mind it when people call it a scandal. It’s safe to say he’s happy with his decision as the two have been together for 25 years.

Dylan Farrow’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Besides the Woody Allen wife drama, another major event in Allen’s personal life is another scandal. This time, it involved his and Farrow’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow. Dylan claimed that when she was 7, Allen molested her. And the alleged sexual assault happened during her parents’ custody battle following his affair with Previn.

But the case got dropped after investigations yielded inconclusive results. Decades later, Dylan wrote on Nicholas Kristof’s blog in 2014, detailing the event and bringing it back to social media. Despite this, Allen has continually denied the charges and allegations. 

It wasn’t until 2018 that Dylan discussed her claims on CBS This Morning. The aftermath was disastrous for Allen, with many actors who appeared in his films over the years expressing regret. But it wasn’t all bad as several veteran actors, like Alec Baldwin, defended the long-time director.

Despite NY and CT conducting forensic investigations into Allen, no charges got filed.


Dylan revisited the accusations against her father in 2017 when the sexual misdeeds of powerful men such as Harvey Weinstein got revealed. Dylan expressed her frustrations with the media defending her father in an op-ed with Los Angeles Times.

This time, Allen reacted by expressing his dismay with getting linked to sexual predators such as Weinstein. And the long-time director filed a breach of contract lawsuit amounting to $68 against Amazon Studios in 2019 for canceling a four-film deal. They defended their actions stating Allen’s controversies revolving around the #MeToo movement sabotaged promotional efforts for his movies.

How Much is Woody Allen Worth? (Woody Allen Net Worth in 2023)

A Woody Allen biography reveals the renowned American film director’s current net worth of $140 million.

Most of his fortune hails from his producing role, having produced over 30 films. Aside from that, Allen has directed nearly 40 movies, TV series, Broadway plays, etc.

Aside from that, Allen also dabbles in real estate and other personal business ventures.

How Much Does Woody Allen Make?

In 1966, Allen got $66,000 for his first film, “What’s Up, Tiger Lily.” But he only began earning more with Manhattan Murder Mystery in 1993, where he got $500,000 for the film.

Allen started breaking the millions in 1994 for his film “Bullets Over Broadway,” where he got $1.5 million. Three years later, Allen’s salary nearly doubled, earning $2.5 million for “Deconstructing Harry.”

Given Allen’s wealth, he likely owns many real estates, vehicles, and other assets. He sold his longtime NY city duplex for $14 million in 1999. And he spent nearly twice that amount on a townhouse situated on the Upper East Side. It stretches across 4,000 square feet and has a private courtyard.

In 2005, Allen earned around $7 million for his renovated townhouse. And another $17 million for his Fifth Avenue penthouse.

With all these business ventures, it’s no wonder Allen boasts a net worth of $140 million today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How rich is Woody Allen today?

A: As of July 2023, experts estimate Woody Allen to be worth over $140 million. And these spread across his gigs, ranging from movies to stand-up comedy.

Q: Why is Woody Allen so rich?

A: Allen made a fortune working in the entertainment business across different roles. Although famous for being one of the best directors in the industry, he also shines as a writer and comedian. He’s an all-around superstar and has used that to grow his net worth.

Q: How did Woody Allen become so famous?

A: Despite having recognition for various achievements throughout his career, Allen grew in popularity thanks to his romantic comedy flicks. These contained elements of parody and slapstick. Aside from that, he’s also famous for writing strong and defined characters for women.

Q: Are Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn still married now?

A: Allen and his previous stepdaughter are still married as of July 2023. Despite the controversies, these two have remained together since 1997, exactly 25 years!

Q: How old is Woody Allen today?

A: Being born on November 30, 1935, Allen will become 87 this year.

Q: Does Woody Allen have an Oscar?

A: He has won several Oscars throughout his career. And these include Academy Awards for best director, writing, screenplay, etc. 

Final Words

How much is Woody Allen worth? Earning millions from directing alone — this Hollywood veteran has left his mark in the entertainment business. So, it’s not surprising that Allen’s estimated to have over $140 million net worth. Besides his day job, he makes money via real estate and other personal business ventures.

Despite the controversies around Allen, there’s no denying he’s become one of the wealthiest and most respected directors in the entertainment business. He has an incredible work ethic and a natural talent for writing and directing, allowing him to rise to the top. And he only continues to become even richer despite being in his golden years.

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