How Much is Trippie Redd Worth? Career, Personal Info, and MORE!

Being one of the most successful SoundCloud rappers of all time, Trippie Red became mainstream in the late 2010s. Namely, his debut mixtape “A Love Letter to You: propelled the mumble rapper to popularity. And due to his steady rise in the music industry, many are wondering — how much is Trippie Redd worth?

Famous for his biggest hits, “Love Scars, Poles1469” and “Dark Knight Dummo,” Trippie Redd made a name for himself at 23. As of 2022, the rapper has amassed and maintains a net worth of $6 million.

This post discusses how Trippie Redd achieved his current finances, fame, and success.

An Overview

Born on June 18, 1999, Trippie Redd is a young American rapper, songwriter, and influencer. Despite growing up without his father, he grew up fine, shortly pursuing his rapping career after graduating high school.

Trippie Redd started making music after graduating in 2014, releasing two tracks simultaneously. By that time, the rapper moved to Atlanta to pursue his dreams, meeting Lil Wop, who saw potential in him. The established rapper helped the young Trippie score a record deal, releasing three tracks with Kodie Shane.

But it wasn’t until 2017, when he released his debut mixtape, that Trippie Redd experienced mainstream success. Since then, he has peaked several times on the Billboard charts and has collaborated with many artists.

Music aside, Trippie Redd has a successful social media presence, profiting him to the millions. He boasts a YouTube channel with 4 million subs and an Instagram with over 13 million followers. Trippie Redd earns up to $30k per month on YouTube and up to $20k per post on Insta.

Early Life

Trippie Redd, legally known as Michael Lamar White IV, was born on the 18th of June in 1999. When he was born, his father got imprisoned, leaving his mother to raise him alone.

White’s interest in music started young when his mother would often blast songs by famous artists like Tupac and Lil Nas. Due to his early exposure, White quickly became a fan of artists such as T-Pain and Lil Wayne. But the aspiring rapper’s greatest inspiration and influence were rapper Lil Tae.

Following in his favorite rappers’ footsteps, White kicked off his rapping career in 2014. After getting his high school diploma, the rapper released two tracks titled “New Ferrari” and “Sub-Zero.” By then, White had moved to Atlanta to pursue his rapping career full-time.

There, White met fellow rapper Lil Wop, helping him score a great deal from a record label. And the two teamed up with Kodie Shane, recording three songs that set off White’s successful rap career.


Trippie Redd expressed significant interest in music from an early age. And it’s all thanks to his mother exposing various music genres. But he settled for rap, often saying that rapper Lil Tae is his ultimate inspiration.

But his music career only saw movement during his move to Atlanta, where he got into contact with Lil Wop. The established rapper recognized, Trippie Redd, recognized his talents and skills. And there, he helped the young rapper score a record deal.

Trippie Redd could share his music with a large audience thanks to Lil Wop. His support got the aspiring mumble rapper onto the path to success. Aside from Lil Wop, Kodie Shane also got involved from the beginning. He helped Trippie Redd get three music projects.

Shortly, Trippie Redd moved to LA in 2017, releasing his debut mixtape. And it was here that Trippie Redd experienced a massive breakthrough in his career.

Due to his rising fame, Trippie Redd got the chance to feature on XXXTentacion’s album “17.” And one of XXXTentacion’s songs with Trippie Redd peaked at no. 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

From there, Trippie Redd released several mixtapes. And in 2018, the rapper launched his debut studio album, peaking at no. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart. Due to this, Trippie again scored a collaboration with British YouTuber and rapper KSI with his track “Wake Up Call,” charting in the UK at no. 11.

Trippie Red’s latest endeavor is his upcoming album “Dreamer,” initially set for release in 2020.

Personal Life

Trippie Redd has been in several relationships since he rose to fame in the late 2010s. Notably, the rapper has been in a relationship with Emani 22, Mulan Vuitton, Aylek$, and Bhad Bhabie. His most recent partner is Coi Leray, and the two got together in 2019.

But Trippie Redd is controversial for the news surrounding his “death,” which was fake.

It’s unclear how the rumor spread, but many speculate the rapper let it go through, considering people pay attention more when a famous name dies. The story began circulating in 2018 when several news outlets suggested Trippie Red passed away due to a shooting during one of his concerts. And obviously, there was no truth in these reports.

Another controversial story shared that Trippie Redd had gotten murdered at his Florida mansion. Reports said the rapper allegedly suffered from several gunshots in the stomach, bleeding to death. And this again wasn’t true.

Those ridiculous stories didn’t end there since a third prank story spread. It said Trippie Redd died from a mysterious illness named “Sugon.” The article even stated that the rapper died at Cedars Hospital in LA. It’s unknown why, but it seems Trippie Redd attracts these macabre tales.

Controversial deaths aside, Trippie Redd also has had a few feuds with other artists, like KSI.

How Much is Trippie Redd Worth?

Trippie Redd boasts a net worth of over $6 million in 2022.

His wealth comes from his music releases, collaborations, and contracts. The mumble rapper signed a $30 million contract with 10k Projects. And this set him to release three albums in the next three years. Besides that, Trippie Redd charges anywhere between $100k and $200k for a song feature.

When not working on his tracks. Trippie Redd likes collaborating with other artists. And from this, he’s likely to get some royalties. So far, Trippie Redd has worked with several artists like NBA Youngboy, XXXTenacion, and KSI.

Music aside, Trippie Redd earns a lot through social media. His most prominent source is his YouTube channel of 4 million subscribers. And through this platform alone, Trippie Redd can earn up to $30k per month.

Other social media profiles Trippie Redd profits from are his SoundCloud and Instagram. The rapper can earn up to $20k per post in the latter.

So far, Trippie Redd has earned an approximate total career income of $14 million. And as the young rapper resides in Florida, he’ll likely pay up to 36% in taxes on that. Hence, Trippie Redd is probably got around $9 million so far and has paid over $5 million in taxes.

Moreover, since Trippie Redd doesn’t have a spouse or kids, he personally likely spends around $1 to $2 million. And he further increased his net worth when he bought a $7 million property in Florida.

But since Trippie Redd will likely need to pay around $2 million in business-related costs, it’s estimated the rapper has a net worth of about $6 million.

How Does Trippie Red Make Money?


The SoundCloud rapper’s earnings come from his music career. Despite being a young and upcoming name in the rap industry, Trippie Redd has made a name for himself. With several hits, it’s safe to say Trippie Redd has earned a couple of million in music royalties alone.

Also, Trippie Redd is famous for charging outstanding amounts for his features. Reports say the rapper charges between $100k and $200k for a song feature.

Social Media

Although Trippie Redd mostly gets his royalties from his music sales, he also earns a significant amount through social media. Mainly, the rapper gets most of his money from his YouTube channel, with $4 million subscribers. YouTube analytics show that Trippie Redd can earn as much as $30k per month.

YouTube aside, Trippie Redd gets paid from SoundCloud. And this shouldn’t be a surprise, considering Trippie Redd started from this platform. Finally, sponsored posts on his Instagram, with over 13 million followers, can yield up to $20k per post.


Despite being a new name in the industry, Trippie Redd has already signed lucrative endorsement deals with prominent brands like Gucci and Hulu. He can earn up to hundreds of thousands from each company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is Trippie Redd worth in 2022?

A: Trippie Redd, an upcoming rapper, boasts a net worth of $6 million in 2022. He scored a hefty $30 million record label contract with 10k Projects. And the rapper will launch three albums in the next three years. Aside from music, he also gets money via social media sponsorships, YouTube income, etc. 

Q: How much does Trippie Redd get from collaborations?

A: Reports estimate Trippie Redd charges between $100k and $200k for a feature. Aside from that, the rapper also gets royalties from collaborations with other artists.

Q: What happened between Trippie Redd and KSI?

A: Trippie Redd and KSI experienced some issues years back. It started when the rapper openly mocked the British YouTuber, where he got seen with Jake Paul. KSI and Jake Paul are notorious for their rivalry, and KSI got mad that Trippie Redd betrayed him. After all, KSI released a track named “Wake Up Call” with the rapper.

Q: Is Trippie Redd considered a top rapper?

A: Trippie Redd re-entered the top five for the first time since 2020, just behind Rake. He garnered over 105 million streams on his latest album, “Trip at Knight.” And it peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Q: Is Trippie Redd a mumble rapper?

A: Trippie Redd is a notorious mumble rapper, rising the ranks alongside Lil Pump, 21 Savage, Lip Peep, etc.

Final Words

How much is Trippie Redd worth? With his sudden rise to fame, it’s not surprising to see Trippie Redd accumulate such wealth at a young age. As of 2022, the young rapper has reached a net worth of $6 million, alongside a loyal legion of fans. Aside from music sales, Trippie Redd gets money from brands to endorse them on his social media.

Moreover, Trippie Redd has a YouTube channel with a vast following of 4 million subs. And sources say the rapper earns as much as $30k monthly. Despite the controversies behind mumble rap, Trippie Redd has made a name for himself, amassing his considerable wealth and fame.

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