Chris Comstock Net Worth: The Man Behind The Big Marshmallow Helmet

The man behind a big bucket helmet, known as Marshmello, is no other than Chris Comstock! Though he didn’t directly admit it, you can still see the answers if you follow his path.

Marshmello is an artist who emerged in the public eye of various music festivals. A standout performance has definitely given him a boost to his career. But aside from the identity behind the helmet, people are also asking what are the figures in his bank. And to know what is Chris Comstock’s net worth, keep reading this article!

Snippet Of His Early Life And Career

Christopher Comstock was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1992. He originally rose to prominence in early 2015 with his popular identity as Marshmello, when he began releasing original music to SoundCloud. Later that year, after releasing several remixes of prominent DJs’ songs, he caught the notice of DJ Skrillex, who re-uploaded Comstock’s tune “Find Me” on his own SoundCloud profile. Comstock, then, went on to appear at venues and gatherings like Pier 94 in New York and Miami Music Week.

Pillar Of His Fame

Chris covers his face with the famous bucket-shaped Marshmallow helmet. In 2015, he made his debut in the electronic music scene. And in 2017, enough evidence arose on social media to confirm him as American DJ Chris Comstock, however, Marshmello has hardly confirmed nor disputed this.

In a report published in Forbes magazine in November 2017, Chris Comstock was identified as Marshmello on the basis of royalty revenue records. This news was also based on an old interview with another DJ,  stating that the revenue was recorded on the common manager of both artists. However, neither Marshmello’s management nor his attorney has officially confirmed this. Despite rumors regarding his identity, Marshmello is still one of the most well-known and respected DJs in the EDM world today.

Timeline Of His Remixes

As of today, Marshmello has released one studio album, eighteen music videos, 20 singles, eighteen remixes, and three other charted tracks since breaking into the electronic dance music market in 2015.


As mentioned, he got his start in 2015 by posting remixes of well-known songs on his Soundcloud website, which were immediately popular and helped him gain popularity among DJs and music enthusiasts.

In the same year of his talent discovery, Chris made a remix of the song “Outside,” which was written by DJ Calvin Harris and featured Ellie Goulding. Zedd, a Russian-German DJ who initially wrote the song “I want to know you now” with singer Selena Gomez, also rearranged by him and officially released it in 2015.

He continued remixing another Zedd list of songs. And the next targeted song was “Beautiful Now.” And another project of the same year, he also remixed the song “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande.

Other songs that Chris has remixed in 2015 are Justin Bieber’s “Where are U now,” Adele’s “Hello,” and Avicii’s “Waiting For Love.”


The song “Flash Funk” from the video game League of Legends soundtrack album was remixed and released by him in 2016. Then, Chris rearranged and released the song “BonBon” by Albanian artist Era Istrefi.

The same year, he remixed and immediately released Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson’s song “Alarm.” Then, he remixed the song “Sing Me to Sleep” by DJ Allen Olav Walker.

Another 2016 project was the Galantis song “No Money”.  He remixed another song by DJ Martin Garrix entitled “Oops”. Then, Chris added French DJ Snake’s single “Let me Love You” with Canadian vocalist Justin Bieber to his projects in the same year.

Establishing His Own Record Label

In 2016, he established the “Joytime Collective,” (his own record company), and in 2017, he signed DJ Slushii as the label’s first artist. Through his record company, he produced the singles “Love U” and “Moving On”.

After the first release, he subsequently produced the song “Silence” with American singer-songwriter Khalid in 2017, and it went platinum in a number of nations, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium. In these nations, his 2017 song “Wolves,” which he co-wrote with Selena Gomez, also achieved Platinum status. And in the same year, he also made the song “You & Me” available on Apple Music.

Revealing His Net Worth

As we can see, Chris has been successful in producing remixes and collaborations with various artists. And due to these vast projects, Chris has a reported net worth of $50 million!

Aside from his music projects, Chris has started uploading updates on his Youtube. A documentary by Chris (Marshmello) titled “More Than Music (Artist Spotlight Series)” was published on YouTube in 2019 and focuses on the process of building and managing the Marshmello brand. He has also uploaded a number of cookery and gaming videos to his YouTube channel.

Campaigns And Charities

Marshmello gave the charitable organization Kids in Need of Defense the $1 million cash prize he and “Fortnite” player Tyler Blevins received from the E3 Celebrity Pro-Am competition. The organization, known as KIND, offers legal aid to minor refugees and immigrants. Additionally, Marshmello promoted the #FindYourFido project of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals through the dog-themed music video for the song “Happier.”

Fun Facts About Chris

🟩 Fortnite God

You probably aren’t aware that Marshmello or Chris is a massive Fortnite fan unless you are a player. In Fortnite, where Chris has his own character, he even held a performance that players could attend. He has become well-known in the gaming business. And his social media accounts include a lot of tweets on the game!

🟩 He was DOTCOM before Marshmello

In reality, Chris Comstock’s career began not as Marshmello but rather under his previous pseudonym, Dotcom. Dotcom didn’t achieve the same level of fame as Marshmello. He had a smaller fan base than Marshmello, performed on far smaller platforms, and preferred uplifting music. Because of Marshmello’s massive brand recognition, Chris still performs rarely under Dotcom.

🟩 Secret identity

Marshmello is a sneaky artist because he has used various artists in music videos and stage shows to hide his identity. A few years ago, Tiesto dressed using a Marshmello helmet at EDC Las Vegas, pretending to be the artist by doing so. In a music video, Will Ferrell portrayed Marshmello as well. These other musicians have all contributed in some way to keeping Marshmello’s real identity a secret.

🟩 Giving paparazzis hard time

Dotcom won’t get as many demands for interviews as Marshmello, but Chris isn’t a big admirer of them either. It makes logical given that he is attempting to protect his identity while wearing the helmet. Since any question can be asked in unscripted interviews, the media can definitely push for the truth from him. He would be in a bad spot because of that.

🟩 Origin of his helmet

Despite the Twitter battle between Marshmello and Deadmau5, helmet of Chris was inspired by Deadmau5. Naturally, Deadmau5 switches out his helmet during performances, but the concept of using a helmet to represent a brand was exceptional. Chris adopted the concept and determined to keep the helmet on at all times and to only allow Marshmello to be associated with the brand.

🟩 Snapchat filters are no exception

Chris enjoys Snap Chat filters, as you can tell by scrolling through his social media. It appears that he occasionally likes snapping selfies with filters over ordinary pictures. Given how well-liked Snapchat filters are, it makes it reasonable that he would enjoy using them so much. Additionally, he might think it’s a ridiculous thing to do!

Final Words

One thing that fans like about Chris is that he likes to make his audience feel emotion with his song. He also blends a variety of genres to create the beat we all love so much!

The path to stardom wasn’t always easy for him, but through it all, he seemed to have a clear vision of how he wanted to present himself to the world. That level of self-awareness is essential to a long career in this field, and it goes a long way toward explaining why Marshmello has thus far been so successful.

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