What is Jason Bateman’s Net Worth? See the Hollywood Legend’s Riches Here!

Known as Michael Bluth on the famous TV sitcom “Arrested Development,” Jason Bateman is a renowned American actor, producer, and director. With over 40 years of experience, many are likely wondering — what is Jason Bateman’s net worth in 2022?

Gaining recognition for his exemplary acting skills and deadpan humor, Jason Bateman has become recognized worldwide. The 53-year-old also appeared in major films like “Teen Wolf Too” and “The Switch.” As of 2022, Bateman’s net worth is roughly $30 million.

This post discusses how Bateman achieved such fortune and fame.

An Overview

Born on January 14, 1969, Jason Bateman is a Hollywood legend. He’s a renowned actor, producer, and director, appearing in several hit TV shows and high-grossing movies.

Bateman’s been in the industry since he was 10, starring in several commercials and TV shows. It wasn’t until his teens he began dabbling in notable films, appearing in several minor roles. But Bateman experienced mainstream success in 2003, playing Michael Bluth in Arrested Development.

Despite the classic cult lasting for three seasons, it paved the way for Bateman’s success. It gave him a triumphant comeback in the Holywood scene, earning him several significant roles in movies, such as starring as Nick Wilde in Pixar’s Zootopia.

His latest TV endeavor became one of Netflix’s most successful shows, “Ozark.”

Early Life

Jason Kent Bateman was born in New York on the 14th of January in 1969. Young Bateman lived in the city of Rye until he was four years old when his family moved to Salt Lake City.

From a young age, Bateman deeply connected with the entertainment industry. After all, his father, Kent Bateman, was an actor and producer, and notably, he founded Hollywood’s repertory stage. Aside from his dad, Bateman got exposed to showbiz by his sister, Justine Bateman, an actress at the time.

As the Bateman siblings experienced immense success in the acting world at a young age, they began supporting their parents with their earnings from different roles. And to pursue his acting career, he eventually stopped attending high school.

Until he turned 20, Bateman’s manager was his father.


Jason Bateman began acting at the tender age of 10, experiencing immense success as a child actor. After commercials, Bateman accepted a recurring role in the kid’s TV show “Little House on the Prairie.”

The young Bateman appeared in the 7th season in 1980, staying on the series till the 8th season. And this ended two years later, paving the path for the young actor. Bateman’s next prominent role as a young actor was in “Silver Spoons,” in which he starred for two years.

By this time, Bateman has already starred in many titles. And he was rising in fame fast when NBC shortly gave him a leading role in his TV show “It’s Your Move.” After its last air in 1985, Bateman scored another recurring role with “The Hogan Family.”

When he reached adulthood (18), Bateman got the chance to direct three episodes of the TV show. And this gave him the title of the youngest director in the United States at the time.

After years of working on TV shows, Bateman switched to film. And his earliest and most prominent role was in “Teen Wolf Too,” earning him immense recognition despite the film being a box-office failure. It contributed to the young actor’s notoriety, later giving him better roles.

But it wasn’t until 2003 that Bateman experienced massive success as he starred as Michael Bluth in “Arrested Development” 2003. It was the defining moment of the long-time actor’s career, earning him many prestigious awards from the show alone.

During the same year, Bateman also landed a prominent role in 2004’s Dodgeball with Vince Vaughn.

After these prominent roles, Bateman didn’t stop growing his career and has appeared in several high-grossing films, including Adam Sandler’s The Switch and Pixar’s Zootopia.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Jason Bateman’s personal life as he tends to live discretely. And this is impressive, considering Bateman’s been in the show biz for over 40 years. But it is well-known that he tied the knot with his long-time sweetheart, Amanda Anka, in 2001. Two decades later, Bateman and Amanda are happily married, raising their two kids.

Amanda Anka is a respected actress and producer, but people know her for her father. Her father, Paul Anka, is a legendary singer and songwriter.

Like any other child actor, Bateman struggled with addiction during his early years. And this led to him taking a massive break on the big screen in 1991, returning over a decade later in 2001. Now, Bateman seems to be doing well in controlling his urges.

What is Jason Bateman’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Jason Bateman holds over $30 million net worth.

Debuting as a child actor, Jason Bateman has starred in many films and TV shows. And he also did voice acting and produced and directed some movies on his own. Bateman has earned millions on TV series appearances but receives a hefty sum from other endeavors.

Most notably, Bateman starred as Michael Bult in the cult classic “Arrested Development.” Reports say the long-time actor earned up to $300k per episode for the show alone. And for his other appearances, you can count on him to earn at least $100k per episode.

His latest TV endeavor “Ozark,” is also a commercial success, becoming one of Netflix’s most successful shows. And it’s safe to say they pay Bateman, the leading role, handsomely for his superb performance.

Bateman stars in high-grossing films when he’s not performing in our favorite TV shows. These include Adam Sandler’s The Switch and Pixar’s Zootopia. He’s an all-around superstar, nailing most roles he gets, helping him build his $30-million net worth today.

How Does Jason Bateman Make Money?

TV Shows

Jason Bateman found the most success in his appearances in TV shows. Specifically, the actor experienced mainstream success when he starred in “Arrested Development.” Although only it ran for three seasons from 2003 to 2006, the show became a cult classic beloved by many.

The show experienced a resurge in popularity thanks to Netflix reviving it in 2013. 

Because of this, Bateman has won many awards for his work as Michael Bluth in the TV series. Also, Bateman got nominated for an Emmy Award under the category of Outstanding Actor (Comedy Series).

But it wasn’t only in “Arrested Development” that Bateman experienced great success. However, it was responsible for the Hollywood veteran’s triumphant comeback in Hollywood. After the series ended in 2006, Bateman went on to star in several high-grossing movies.

Bateman’s latest theatrical success comes from “Ozark,” where he plays Marty Byrd. It’s among Netflix’s most successful and popular productions today. And it has drawn critical comparisons to classic shows like “Breaking Bad.”

Considering Bateman’s profile, he can get anywhere between $100k to $300k per episode from a TV show.


Jason Bateman has starred in many high-grossing flicks, whether in a leading or a supporting role. His latest film is Game Night, released in 2018, portraying Max. And he also lent his voice to the famous fox, Nick Wilde, in Pixar’s Zootopia in 2016. 

Bateman’s most iconic films include “The Switch” with Adam Sandler and “Dodgeball” with Vince Vaughn. But roles weren’t always readily available for Bateman as when he began his acting career in 1984; he suddenly stopped in 1991. The actor returned over a decade later, starring as Roger Donahue in The Sweetest Thing in 2002.

Despite his iconic roles and experience, Jason Bateman isn’t an A-lister. So it’s likely he’s not earning as much as other Hollywood veterans like Robert Downey Jr. or Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Real Estate

Jason Bateman has invested a considerable sum in real estate and famously paid over $3 million for a house in Beverly Hills. The compound was the long-time home of actor Ernest Borgnine, explaining its steep price. Years later, Bateman bought a nearby property for under $2 million, expanding his riches.


Jason Bateman loves his cars and has recently bought a Tesla Model S and a BMW, each for over $100k. But Bateman’s most iconic vehicle is a Buggati Chiron worth $3 million. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Jason Bateman’s Net Worth today? 

A: Hollywood veteran Jason Bateman boasts a net worth of $30 million in 2022. Bateman can earn up to $100k per episode on his appearances on TV shows, with Ozark being his most profitable. The actor earns up to $300k per episode for the series, giving him around $3 million yearly.

Q: Where does Jason Bateman currently live in 2022?

A: Jason Bateman still resides in the high-end neighborhood of Beverly Hills in 2022. The actor lives with his long-time wife, Amanda Anka, and their two kids. Specifically, they live in a compound at 3055 Lake Glen Drive.

Q: What type of car does Jason Bateman own and drive?

A: Jason Bateman is well known for his love for vehicles, and his most recent purchase is a BMW. Specifically, the actor bought the Hydrogen 7s, adding more to his fortune. But his most expensive car is a Bugatti Chiron worth over $3 million. Aside from that, Bateman is also relegated to the Bluth family’s car and an old Mercedes.

Q: Is Jason Bateman still married in 2022?

A: Jason Bateman tied the knot with fellow actress Amanda Anka in 2001. And over two decades later, the two are still together and are parenting two young daughters.

Q: Why did Jason Bateman name his youngest daughter Maple?

A: There’s no apparent reason why Bateman named his second daughter the earthly name of Maple. But some suggest that it might be due to his wife, Amanda Anka’s home country of Canada. The nation is famous for its love of maple leaves, which could’ve inspired the youngest’s name. 

Final Words

What is Jason Bateman’s net worth? With his early start in acting, it’s not surprising to see him stand at a net worth of $30 million 40 years into his career. Appearing in TV shows like “Arrested Development” and “Ozark,” Bateman continually grows his fame and fortune.

He also appeared in major films like Adam Sandler’s “The Switch” and “Dodgeball” with Vince Vaughn. He’s become a household name in Hollywood, rising the ranks early on. And when he’s not in action, you can find Bateman’s voice in iconic animated films like “Zootopia.”

Despite being 40 years into his career, Bateman continues enthralling his fans with his superb acting. It’s no wonder Bateman has won several awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe. He has unyielding persistence and charisma and is a natural-born actor, earning him what he has today — and more.

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