How Much is Randy Orton Worth? Find Out Here!

Famous for taking down some of the best wrestlers in the industry, Randy “The Legend Killer” Orton has dominated the WWE. With success and fame, you’re likely wondering—how much is Randy Orton worth?

As of 2023, Randy Orton maintains a hefty $7 million net worth despite going in 2 decades into his career. Since his debut in 2002, the wrestler has been working hard in the ring, earning him a loyal following. And Orton, nowadays, is just as active as he was 20 years ago, maintaining his 7-figure fortune.

This post highlights how the legendary wrestler achieved such fame and fortune.

An Overview

Born on April 1, 1980, Randy Orton is an American professional wrestler.

He persevered despite his parents’ warning not to pursue a dangerous professional wrestling career. Orton debuted in the wrestling scene in 2002.

Orton kickstarted his professional wrestling career on April 25, 2002. He debuted during one of WWE’s (formerly WWF) events, WrestleMania X8’s Fan Axxess. Here, Orton defeated Tommy Dreamer. And from there, he took on many fights, eventually becoming the youngest WWE World Champion at 24.

When Orton’s not in the ring, you can find him on the big screen, acting out minor and leading roles. You can see the wrestler in classic action films like “The Condemned 2” and “12 Rounds 2: Reload.”

Early Life

Randal “Randy” Orton was born on the 1st of April in 1980 in Tennessee, being the eldest of the family. Orton’s love for wrestling began early, considering his father, Bob Orton Jr., was a pro wrestler. And even if his parents tried to stop the young Orton from pursuing the dangerous career, he continued.

Once Orton graduated high school in 1998, he joined the Marines. But he went AWOL twice, earning him a bad-conduct discharge. Although Orton was an amateur wrestler during his school days, he never went further. So, upon release, he decided to change that. And four years later, Orton made his debut in the wrestling scene.


Randy Orton debuted in the wrestling scene at an MMWA conference with style and power. After a year of his debut, WWE offered Orton a deal, sending him to OVW in Kentucky to train. From there, Orton further honed his skills and physique worthy of a champion.

While wrestling in the OVW, Orton dominated its “Hardcore Championship” twice. He won against experienced wrestlers “Mr. Black” and “Flash Flanagan.” Thanks to his impressive performances, Orton started appearing on more WWE shows. As of May 2001, Orton became a regular contestant and cast.

During his career, Orton faced many wrestlers, including Chuck Palumbo and Steven Richards. Although famous for his solo plays, Orton mostly played in tag team matches initially.

Orton would see one of his first WWE appearances at WrestleMania a year later. Orton suffered defeat at the hands of Tommy Dreamer at this event. But this didn’t deter Orton as he persevered and scored his first live match aired nationwide. He fought against Hardcore Holly, winning the game — and the fans’ hearts!

But Orton didn’t always have good experiences, as he got a shoulder injury after debuting on the Raw Brand. This incident left Orton out of matches for many months. During this break, Orton appeared on the “Randy News Network,” where he transitioned his wrestling persona. From then on, Orton maintained his narcissistic villain role in the WWE storyline.

Once his shoulders healed, Orton started calling himself “The Legend Killer.” The gimmick began when he acted as a young bigshot taking on the wrestling scene on his own. He often started fights with legendary wrestlers by berating them with insults. And this led to Orton’s most prolific match yet, the legendary battle with Shawn Michaels!

It was against Shawn Michaels that Orton displayed his famous signature move dubbed the “RKO.”

Despite the bad rep of his persona, Orton continued on and even defeated Rob Van Dam in 2003. It started his record-breaking title of being the Intercontinental Champion for 210 days. Orton lost it to another wrestler, Edge.

Again, that defeat didn’t stop Orton as he went on and scored the title of WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion. However, it wasn’t long until he lost the title to Triple H a month later.

Still, Orton continues to fight today.

Personal Life

Randy Orton comes from a family of pro wrestlers, with Orton being in the third generation. It all began with his grandfather, Bob Orton, who worked as a professional wrestler. Soon, his father and uncle Bob and Barry Orton followed suit. And you can see where Orton got his inspiration and talent to wrestle.

At the peak of his career, Orton married Samantha Speno, an actress turned business owner, in 2007. The two welcomed one daughter, Alanna, after one year. But Samantha and Randy’s marriage didn’t last as the two officially split in 2013. However, it wasn’t long after that Orton met a new partner, Kimberly Kessler, a socialite. 

Kessler and Orton tied the knot in 2015, welcoming one daughter named Brooklyn a year later. The family lives in Missouri, and recently, rumors say the two are thinking of divorce. But as of now, nothing has gotten confirmed.

Controversies and Allegations

Despite being a beloved figure, Randy Orton has his fair share of controversies. The most infamous one was “Sports Illustrated,” claiming that Orton used steroids. It ran a story on drug usage within the athletic sector, mentioning Orton’s name. 

It claimed that he allegedly had been using drugs to improve his athletic prowess. WWE claimed those allegations emerged before the company’s “Talent Wellness Program.” It encouraged athletes to stay natural and refrain from using steroids. But it was never confirmed or denied if Orton did use growth hormones.

Steroids use aside, Orton has also gotten investigated by the WWE in 2018. Someone claimed the wrestler was sexually harassing them. And some even say that Orton allegedly exposed his private parts to new members of the WWE’s writing team. Despite all these, nothing came from them nor the investigation.

How Much is Randy Orton Worth? (Randy Orton Net Worth 2023)

Randy Orton holds a massive net worth of $7 million as of 2023.

Most of Orton’s wealth comes from wrestling, earning a basic WWE salary of $4.5 million yearly. And if we add his PPV and merchandise sales alongside royalties, he can make anywhere above $5 million.

Wrestling aside, Orton also earns from his TV show features and movie roles. He has starred in several TV titles, quickly making him hundreds of thousands. But of course, Orton earns more from his film features, where he starred in two movies as the lead role. Orton starred in “The Condemned 2” and “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded.”

Although Orton’s movies aren’t the biggest box office hits, they should’ve made him a million at least. After all, both movies where Orton starred in the lead role got received well.

Moreover, Orton owns several properties and cars, adding more to his wealth.

How Does Randy Orton Make Money?

Wrestling (WWE) 

Randy “The Viper” and “The Apex Predator” Orton earns most of his fortune from wrestling. Currently, Orton has had a contract with WWE for two decades. He first signed with the wrestling corporation in 2002 and has been in the ring since then. But before his big breakthrough with the WWE, Orton fought for the MMWA and SICW. 

Either way, after Orton signed with WWE, he got sent to the OVW, honing his skills. Through perseverance and undeniable talent, it wasn’t long until Orton dominated the scene. And he was so talented that Orton even won the title of the youngest WWE World Champion at 24.

After one successful match to another, Orton became a part of the stable dubbed “Evolution.” But with his most famous gimmick as “The Legend Killer,” he got the most recognition.

Currently, Orton has a WWE salary of nearly $5 million. And this can quickly go over if we count his PPV sales, merchandise sales, and royalties.

TV Show and Film Features

You can find Randy Orton on the small and big screens when he’s not in the ring. The wrestler likes to act, giving him a chance to appear in several TV shows and films. He even scored a leading role in the American action flick “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded.” Surprisingly, the film did well, mainly gaining positive reviews. 

Orton’s latest work was in 2015 when he appeared in the American action movie, “The Condemned 2.” And like his previous film role, Orton also acted in the lead role for this title.

All these features should’ve paid well, especially those Orton played as the lead role. So, it’s safe to assume Orton has made at least a couple of million from this venture alone.

Real Estate

Randy Orton has several properties, adding more to his net worth. His most notable purchase was a 2,600-square-foot property in Missouri. And the wrestler managed to sell the opulent home for over $700k in 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is Randy Orton worth in 2023?

A: Despite getting a back injury and not being able to wrestle a lot in 2022, Randy Orton still holds a $7 million net worth. Being the youngest WWE World Champion helped him maintain his relevancy and wealth. The wrestler stated that he wishes to go back into the ring soon, which can boost his net worth more.

Q: Did Randy Orton already retire from the WWE?

A: Randy Orton is still active and has a contract under WWE. But earlier this year, Orton got a back injury, stopping him from entering the ring. As of now, he’s on a break, healing his wounds so he can return ASAP.

Q: Why is Randy Orton not in the recent WWE fights?

A: Randy Orton sustained a back injury earlier this year, putting him out of action for a while. The wrestler is still on break and has yet to announce his comeback in the ring. Either way, Orton has stated that he’s eager to return and can’t wait for his injury to heal fully.

Q: Did Randy Orton get kicked out of the military?

A: During service, Randy Orton got a bad conduct discharge after he had gone AWOL twice. Aside from that, the wrestler allegedly disobeyed an order from a higher-rank officer. As a result, Orton got tried and convicted, forcing him to spend over a month in the brig. Shortly after, he got discharged.

Q: How much does Randy Orton make from WWE every year?

A: Randy Orton is among the highest-paid WWE wrestlers today, earning around $5 million a year. It depends on how active Orton was and how many fights he took.

Final Words

How much is Randy Orton worth? The WWE star achieved wrestling fame and success early on. So, it’s not surprising to see “The Legend Killer” dominate the industry and hold a $7 million net worth. You can spot Orton on TV shows and films when he’s not in the ring.

Despite the controversies and allegations surrounding Orton, he continues to dominate the ring. With this, he has earned a loyal legion of fans and followers, adding to his wealth today.

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