How Much Is Fabolous the Rapper Net Worth?

Fabolous the Rapper, whose real name is John David Jackson, is among the most well-known rap artists in the United States. 

Rapping since he was a teenager, Fabolous has come a long way from the streets of Brooklyn. He’s released six studio albums and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. His lyrics are sharp and his flow is effortless–no wonder he’s amassed such a large following over the years.

But how much is Fabolous worth? That’s what fans want to know. While his net worth isn’t public information, it’s estimated that he has a fortune of 8 million dollars as of 2022. How did he build such wealth? Let’s look at some factors that have contributed to his success, early life, and career in the music industry.

Quick Facts 

Name John David Jackson
Screen Name Fabolous
Born November 18, 1977
Age 45
Profession Rapper
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York City
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Weight ( kg ) 78
Height ( m ) 1.80
Networth 18 million dollars

Early Life of Fabolous the Rapper

Born on November 1977, Fabolous grew up in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Jackson’s parents are from the Dominican Republic and Africa. Jackson grew up in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant in the Breevort Houses.

As a youngster, Jackson was very interested in music and began to make music at the age of 14. He joined a rap group and started to perform at local shows. Then, he adopted the moniker “Fabolous sport”. He later shortened it to simply Fabolous. The word was misspelled by mistake. During a freestyle, he wrote “Fabolous” as “Fabolous” instead, and the spelling stuck.

Personal Life and Relationships

Fabolous romantic and dating life has been involved in several relationships, such as those with Erica Mena, Amber Priddy, Tahiry Jose, Alicia Keys, and many more. They are all celebrities and models.

However, at the current time, Fabolous is in a relationship with Emily Bustamante. Thus, the two met in high school when they were teenagers and have been together since 2008. The couple has two children together.

Career Highlights

From 2001-2009 

In 1999, at the age of 21, Fabolous released his debut studio album “Ghetto Fabolous”. The album was a success and helped him gain exposure in the music industry. He continued to release albums throughout his career, including 2003’s “Street Dream”, 2004’s “Real Talk” and his 2005 album “From Nothin’ to Somethin” which reached number one on the US Billboard Rap Albums chart, and 2009’s “Losos Way 2”.

Most of his albums did well commercial scale. The first two peaked at the second and first spots on the US Billboard 200. His tracks have also been featured on mixtapes, films, and TV shows.

Also, he was shortlisted for a Grammy Award in 2004. The same year he wanted to start his own clothing brand, which he did in 2006 and named Rich Yung Society.

From 2010 up to Present 

In 2010, Fabolous had a breakout year with the release of his fifth studio album, There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP. The album featured the hits “You Be Killin’ Em” and “Body Count”, and cemented Fabolous’ place as one of the premier rappers in the game.

Nevertheless, several albums experience delays as a result of issues and are ultimately published in December 2014 there under the new moniker The Young OG Project.

From 2015 to 2019 he released a few more albums, which were most commercially successful. His last album, Summertime Shootout 3: Coldest Summer Ever, was released in November 2019 and peaked at number 2 on the US Rap Albums chart.

Today, Fabolous is widely regarded as one of the most talented rappers. He has achieved much success over his 20-year career and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Top 10 Songs

Can’t Let You Go
Into You
Make Me Better
Can’t Deny It
Throw it in the Bag
Everything, Everyday, Everywhere
You Be Killin Em
My Time
Trade it All
Baby Don’t Go

Controversies and Legal Issues

Fabolous has been involved in several controversies and legal issues throughout his career. While some of these incidents have been more serious than others, they have all taken a toll on his public image. Only time will tell how these latest charges will impact his career going forward.


The first instance occurred in 2003 when Fabolous was arrested for assault and possession of a deadly weapon. In 2006, he was arrested again for assaulting his then-girlfriend Emily B.  


Fabolous was sued by his former manager, Rich Dollaz, for $1.5 million. The suit alleged that Fabolous had failed to pay commissions on various deals he had made during their business relationship. The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. 


Fabolous was arrested for possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license. He pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to one day of community service. 


His former tour manager, Muhammed Abdul-Hafeez, sued him for $1 million. The suit alleged that Fabolous had failed to pay Abdul-Hafeez for his work on the “There Is No Competition 2” tour. The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. 


Most recently, in 2018, Fabolous was indicted on three counts of aggravated assault and one count of making terroristic threats against Emily B and her father. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and is awaiting trial. 

Fabolous the Rapper Net Worth

As mentioned above, Fabolous the rapper net worth is estimated to be 8 million dollars. What factors have contributed to his fortune? Some of the main ones include his talent and skills as a rapper, as well as the popularity and commercial success of his albums.

Other Sources of Income

In addition to his music career, Fabolous also runs a successful clothing line and has several business ventures in the works. He established Street Family Records, an imprint of his own record company, in 2006 as well. Red Café, Broadway, Paul Cain, and Freck Billionaire are just a few of the artists on the imprint.

Networth Prediction 

While it’s impossible to say exactly what Fabolous’ net worth will be in 2023, we can make some educated guesses based on his past earnings and recent trends in the music industry.

Based on these factors, we predict that Fabolous will have a net worth of approximately $50-75 million by 2023. While this is obviously a very impressive sum of money, it’s important to remember that net worth is always subject to change and unexpected events can occur that could significantly impact Fabolous’ financial situation.

Nevertheless, given his history of success, it’s safe to say that Fabolous is on track to become one of the richest rappers in the world.

What We Can Learn From Fabolous the Rapper

In the world of hip-hop, there are a lot of things that we can learn from our favorite rappers. They often come from humble beginnings and have to work hard to achieve success. One rapper in particular who is a great example of this is Fabolous. He is someone who has been in the game for a long time and has had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get where he is today. Here are some lessons that we can learn from Fabolous the rapper.

1. Stay True to Yourself

Fabolous is someone who has always stayed true to himself and his roots. He is from Brooklyn, New York and he has never changed his accent or the way he talks to try and fit in with other rappers from different parts of the country. He has always remained true to his roots and this is one of the things that has made him so successful. People can always tell when someone is being fake and if you try to be something that you’re not, people will see right through it.

2. Work Hard

Fabolous has always been a hard worker and this is one of the things that has helped him achieve success. He started as a battle rapper and then he transitioned into making mainstream music. He has always been grinding and working hard to make sure that he puts out quality music for his fans. If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to put in the work and grind it out.

3. Be Humble

Even though Fabolous is one of the most successful rappers out there, he remains humble. He is always thankful for his fans and he makes sure to show love to those who have supported him throughout his career. It’s important to stay humble when you achieve success because it shows that you are still down-to-earth and approachable. People are more likely to support you if they see that you are humble and grateful for what you have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a professional career of fabolous?

Fabolous is a rapper, songwriter, and record producer who has achieved great success in the music industry. He got his start as a battle rapper and then transitioned into mainstream music, releasing several popular albums over the years.

Is fabolous Dominican?

No, the rapper Fabolous is not Dominican. Fabolous was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a middle-class African-American family. Although he has said that his father is from the Dominican Republic, his mother is from Brooklyn. However, he does have family ties to the Dominican Republic and has collaborated with many artists from the country in his music.

How has fabolous impacted hip hop?

Fabolous has had a huge impact on hip hop throughout his career. He is known for his innovative style and groundbreaking lyrics, which have influenced countless other rappers and hip-hop artists. He has also been instrumental in the rise of street rap, which is a genre that focuses on gritty lyrics about inner-city life and gang culture. Additionally, his work as an entrepreneur and record producer has helped shape the hip-hop industry as a whole.

How many hit songs does Fabolous have?

Fabolous is one of the most successful rappers of all time, with 58 hit songs to his credit. 

How many times did Fabolous go platinum?

The Brooklyn native had continuously shown himself to be equally skilled at adapting to the trends, he had two platinum albums, one gold album, two Grammy nominations, and the mixtape mastery blueprint

Final Words

Overall, Fabolous has achieved incredible success in the music industry and built a fortune through his talent, hard work, and business savvy. Despite some setbacks along the way, he remains one of the most popular rappers today. With more albums in the works and new ventures on the horizon, we can expect to see even more great things from Fabolous in the years to come.

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