How Much Is Jonah Hill Worth? – Interesting Facts

Jonah Hill is a well-known comedian, actor, and filmmaker. Because of his exorbitant asking price of over $10 million each film, Jonah Hill is considered to be one of the highest-paid supporting actors in all of Hollywood. So how much is Jonah Hill worth? His current net worth is estimated to be $73 million dollars. 

It is likely that Jonah’s relationships with other comic performers Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, and James Franco have contributed the most to his notoriety. 

The majority of Jonah Hill’s wealth goes toward the purchase of expensive homes and automobiles. Recently, Jonah Hill reportedly splashed out a stunning $650,000 on a diamond ring for the woman who has been thought to be his lover. 

Early Life

The 20th of December, 1983 found Jonah Hill Feldstein being born in the city of Los Angeles, California. Both of his parents are involved in the entertainment business. Sharon Lyn, his mom, is a costume designer, and Richard Feldstein, his dad, is an accountant in the entertainment business who has helped out bands, like Guns N’ Roses.

His younger sister Beanie Feldstein is an actress, and their older brother Jordan passed away unexpectedly from a pulmonary embolism when he was 40 years old. 

Hill spent his childhood in the prosperous community of Cheviot Hills, and he has not moved from that location since. After completing his high school education at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, he went on to study at a few other universities before settling in New York City. He started creating his own plays and putting on performances of them in the East Village when he was still in college.


Jonah Hill started out playing with a variety of local theatrical companies in and around New York. After some time, he became friends with two of Dustin Hoffman’s children, and those children later told their father about Jonah’s abilities. Hill got a larger role in Judd Apatow’s next film, which was titled Knocked Up, which was released in 2007. Hoffman was the one who helped Hill get his first role, which was a part in his film I Heart Huckabees. 

The part of leading man in the comedy film Superbad, in which Hill performed opposite Michael Cera in 2007, was Hill’s major break in the industry. The movie was the beginning of both of their careers. 

He was the host of Saturday Night Live in 2008.

In the film Funny People, which Judd Apatow directed and in which he also starred Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, he played a supporting role. Hill was an assistant producer on the Sacha Baron Cohen parody documentary Bruno, which was released in 2009. 

In 2010, Jonah Hill declined a lead role in The Hangover because he wanted to work with the Duplass brothers on the film Cyrus. Allen Gregory was Hill’s first attempt at creating an animated series for Fox. However, the show was met with almost universally unfavorable critical reception and was eventually canceled on January 8, 2012.

In 2011, Hill received widespread acclaim for his supporting role in the baseball biopic Moneyball, in which he played alongside Brad Pitt. As a result of his performance in Moneyball, even more impressively, he received his first ever nomination for an Academy Award in the category of Best Supporting Actor. This was his first time being considered for an Academy Award. 

In the film 21 Jump Street, which was released in 2012, Hill featured alongside Channing Tatum. The film was both critically acclaimed and successful at the box office. His next big break came in 2012 with the film Django Unchained, which was directed by Quentin Tarantino and was nominated for a number of significant accolades, including the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and the BAFTAs.

He received his second Oscar nomination and won an MTV movie award for his performance as Donnie Azoff in the 2012 blockbuster film The Wolf of Wall Street, which was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Leonardo DiCaprio. In 2013, Jonah received additional critical and popular praise for his role as Donnie Azoff in the film. Hill stated in an interview with Howard Stern that he got just $60,000 for his performance in the film because he took SAG’s minimum salary. However, Hill stated that he did not mind earning such a low amount because he would have done anything in the world to play in a Scorsese picture.

In the year 2014, Hill reprised his role as Morton Schmidt in the second installment of the 21 Jump Street film series, in addition to providing the voice of The Green Lantern in The Lego Movie. In 2016, Hill was given the chance to appear in a comedy directed by the Coen brothers called Hail Caesar!

In the same year, he performed opposite Miles Teller in the film War Dogs, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the category of Best Actor.

In the year 2014, Hill reprised his role as Morton Schmidt in the second installment of the 21 Jump Street film series, in addition to providing the voice of The Green Lantern in The Lego Movie. In 2016, Hill was given the chance to appear in a comedy directed by the Coen brothers called Hail Caesar! In the same year, he performed opposite Miles Teller in the film War Dogs, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the category of Best Actor.

After that, Hill collaborated with longtime comedy friends Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, and James Franco on the production of the animated comedy Sausage Party. In 2018, Hill appeared alongside Emma Stone in the Netflix dark comedy Maniac. In addition to that, Hill made his directorial debut in 2018 with the film Mid90s, which was based on a script that Hill had written. The film was well received by both reviewers and moviegoers.

The next year, he provided the voices for characters in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. That same year, he also had an appearance in Beach Bum alongside Matthew McConaughey.

In 2018, Vanity Fair magazine included Jonah Hill on their list of the best-dressed men and women. It was rumored in 2019 that Hill was in discussions to portray the villain in The Batman, but he finally left the production after they could not come to an agreement on a salary. 

Also, Jonah Hill had an appearance in the Super Bowl commercial for Coca-Cola that was directed by Martin Scorsese in the year 2020. Jonah Hill is currently one of the most in-demand actors working in Hollywood.

Real Estate

In 2010, Jonah Hill purchased a property in the Los Angeles area for a price that was just under two million dollars. In 2015, he sold the property for a total of $3.65 million. Approximately at the same time as the sale, Hill purchased a loft in the NoHo area of Manhattan for the price of $9.2 million, but he put the NoHo apartment up for sale in July 2023 for a price of $11 million.

In addition to that, Hill purchased a property in Santa Monica, California for the price of $6.8 million in September of 2019. In October of 2021, he sold the property for a price of $7.2 million.

After that, Hill made the purchase of his home in the guarded community of Malibu Colony in May of 2021, for the sum of $9 million. Richard and Laurie Stark, the creators and proprietors of the incredibly successful Chrome Hearts retail company, were the ones selling this house when it was purchased. Back in September of 2019, Richard and Laurie’s daughter ended up selling their family home in Santa Monica, which was an extremely odd turn of events.

Today, Jonah Hill is the proud owner of more than two opulent pieces of real estate in the city of New York. He resides in a magnificent property in Manhattan that is 6,000 square feet in size. Jonah Hill paid a staggering amount of $8 Million USD to acquire this villa, which was listed on the market for sale.

Business Ventures

Hill has had a lifelong interest in writing and had aspirations of joining the writing staff of The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, as well as The Larry Sanders Show at some point in his career. Previously, Hill was writing a script with Jason Schwartzman, who also stars in I Heart Huckabee. Hill and Schwartzman have a strong friendship.

Also, Hill worked with screenwriter Michael Bacall on the treatment for the 2012 picture 21 Jump Street. Hill was a co-producer of the film Brüno and wrote for Sacha Baron Cohen, who trained him how to become a better writer. 

The music videos for the song Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles, which appeared on her album Kaleidoscope Heart in 2010, were directed by Hill. 

In addition to that, he was the director of the music video for the song Ain’t it Funny, which appeared on Danny Brown’s album Atrocity Exhibition in 2016, as well as Wake Up, which appeared on Travis Scott’s album Astroworld in 2018.

He has recently announced to the entire world via Instagram that he intends to pursue a career in photography at the professional level. The news was broken with jaw-droppingly beautiful photographs that had been taken of celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian.

Personal Life

Jonah Hill saw a big weight loss in the month of July in 2011. At the 2011 ESPN Espy Awards, he made an appearance, and attendees as well as media reporters, took notice of his presence. It has been stated that he was able to achieve his weight loss goals by working with a personal trainer and a nutritionist, in addition to making significant dietary changes. Hill has stated that he went on a weight loss journey in order to improve his chances of landing more significant roles in films.

Love Life

It was reported that Jonah Hill and Gianna Santos were seen together in August of 2018. In August of 2019, they made the announcement of their engagement. Due to the fact that Hill is extremely secretive about his love life, it is possible that we will never know when or where the two of them will decide to tie the knot.

Other Relationships

Because of their striking resemblance to one another, Hill and his good buddy Seth Rogen were frequently confused for one another in the early stages of Hill’s career. This error plagued him until his appearance in Get Him to the Greek in 2010, which came after Superbad. By that time, the majority of people were able to distinguish between the two pals.

Jonah Hill’s Talent Fee

  • War Dogs  –   $10 Million
  • 22 Jump Street – $6 Million
  • Moneyball –  $5 Million
  • The Wolf of Wall Street – $1 Million

His Love For Cars

Jonah Hill has six expensive automobiles. Recently, he spent $850,000 USD to get a brand-new Ferrari GTC4. In addition to that, Hill is the proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class that is valued at over $370,000. 

Some of the cars he also owns are: 

  • Porsche 911 – $280,000 
  • Audi A6 – $120,000 
  • Volvo XC60 – $110,000 

Jonah Hill’s Movies

The best highlights of Jonah Hill’s career are:

  • Superbad – 2007
  • Get Him to the Greek – 2010
  • 21 Jump Street – 2012
  • The Wolf of Wall Street – 2013
  • 22 Jump Street – 2014
  • MTV Movie + TV Awards – 2014 (Won Best Comedic Performance)
  • War Dogs – 2016
  • Golden Globes – 2017 (Nominated Best Performance by an Actor)
  • Mid90s – 2018
  • CinemaCon – 2018 (Won Vanguard Award)

Favorite Quotes From Jonah Hill

“It’s always better to shock people and change people’s expectations than to give them exactly what they think you can do. It’s not unexpected for me to be in a comedy film anymore; I’m no longer the underdog in that world. Not that I’m great or good at it or anything, it’s just that I’ve done a bunch of them, so you’re not shocked.” – Jonah Hill 

“All my friends were in college when I was making ‘Superbad.’ We were drinking beer, watching movies and eating pizza. It wasn’t like I was going to nice restaurants or anything like that, and I lived like a frat guy. Eventually, it was time to grow up, be healthy and be responsible. You can’t live like a kid forever, you know?” – Jonah Hill 

“When a movie like ‘Superbad’ or ‘Moneyball’ comes out, people make you feel like you’re the most important person on the planet. The truth is, you’re a billion percent not the most important person on the planet. It’s all insulated in your world and no one could care less. It’s just a movie.” – Jonah Hill

“Look, at the same time that I don’t want to be a celebrity, I understand that when you make movies you put yourself out in the public eye. I’d be a baby and a fool to be like, ‘Why are their cameras taking pictures of me?’ when I’m on a billboard for a movie. I think that’s a very absurd concept.” – Jonah Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Jonah Hill worth?

The actor Jonah Hill has an estimated net worth of $73 Million.

Is it true that Jonah Hill has made millions?

Yes. The fact that Jonah Hill has a net worth of $73 million in USD makes him a millionaire.

How much does Jonah Hill get paid for each of his movies?

Hill gets paid $8 million per movie.

Who is Jonah Hill’s wife?

Jonah Hill does not have a spouse yet, but she has a girlfriend named Sarah Brady. 

What is the exact height of Jonah Hill?

Jonah Hill is 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

How much does Jonah Hill weigh?

His weight is 187 pounds or 85 kilos. 

Final Words

Jonah Hill is currently one of the most in-demand actors in the entertainment industry. There are currently more than five films starring Jonah Hill in various stages of production. In the following two years, Jonah Hill’s wealth is projected to increase to about $100 million.

The average compensation Jonah Hill requests for a film is about $8 to $10 million, putting him in the top tier of performers. Jonah Hill’s availability is not limited to just cinematic roles – the small screen is a promising area of exploration for him as well.

Jonah Hill gets paid the same as the film’s lead actor even though he often appears in supporting parts. Media outlets have recently reported that Jonah Hill has signed a 4-year agreement with Amazon Prime Video to create original movies and television shows in which he would act, direct, and write. If the rumored arrangement with Jonah Hill pans through, his fortune will eventually grow to hundreds of millions.