7 Highest Paid TikTok Influencers Who Rocked The Gen Z World 2023

In the fast-paced realm of social media, TikTok has solidified its status as the ultimate hangout for us, the Gen Z squad. With its quick-hit videos and creative chaos, TikTok isn’t just an app; it’s a cultural wave we ride daily. But what’s even cooler is how some of our Gen Z comrades, the highest paid TikTok influencers, have flipped the script, turning TikTok fun into some serious coin.

Zooming into 2023, it’s time to drop the 411 on the TikTok maestros who not only define our Gen Z vibes but also make bank while doing it. These influencers aren’t just good at the TikTok dance trends; they’re masters of the art of keeping us entertained, inspired, and glued to our screens.

From viral dance-offs that light up our screens to sidesplitting sketches that keep our laughter rolling, heartwarming stories that hit us in the feels, and even mind-boggling educational content, these influencers have cracked the TikTok code to earn not just clout but major moolah.

Get ready to dive deep into the lives of the highest-paid TikTok stars of 2023. They’re not just Gen Z role models with a massive following; they’re rewriting the fame and fortune rulebook in this wild world of social media. Join us as we spill all the juicy details on these Gen Z powerhouses shaking up TikTok!

How Do Tiktok Influencers Generate Income?

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TikTok influencers rake in the cash in lots of cool ways. They team up with brands to create sponsored vids, basically getting paid to show off products. Then there’s affiliate marketing, where they earn a cut when followers buy stuff through their links. TikTok itself chips in with the Creator Fund and Live Gifts – that’s real cash for views and virtual gifts. 


Some influencers drop merch, do coaching, or even speak at events to make bank. They might also rock other platforms like YouTube and Insta for more moolah. Plus, there’s crowdfunding, sponsored challenges, licensing, and selling their own stuff – all adding up to a fat paycheck. It’s all about followers, niche, and being a social media boss!


1. Charli D’Amelio

highest paid tiktok influencers

D’Amelio kicked off her TikTok journey in May 2019, pairing up with a buddy for a lip-syncing video. But it wasn’t until July 2019 that things really blew up. She went viral with a ‘duet’ alongside Move With Joy, and D’Amelio was like, ‘Wait, what’s happening?’ In her own words to Variety, ‘I’m just your average teen, and suddenly, loads of people are tuning in. It’s kinda wild, but I’m trying to figure it out.’


After that, her content mostly revolved around groovy dance vids to the hottest tunes on TikTok. October 2019 marked a major turning point when she dropped the ‘Renegade’ dance to the beat of K Camp’s ‘Lottery.’ Her moves made the dance a sensation, and folks started calling her the ‘CEO of Renegade.’ But things got a bit messy when the New York Times revealed that Jalaiah Harmon was the original creator. That led to some online heat for D’Amelio because she didn’t credit Harmon at first. But she quickly started giving props to dance creators.


By November 2019, she and her sis, Dixie, hopped on board The Hype House, a TikTok crew making waves. Today, D’Amelio’s net worth is a cool $20 million, proving that she went from regular teen to social media royalty. This made here one of the highest paid TikTok influencers in 2023!


2. Dixie D’Amelio

highest paid tiktok influencers

D’Amelio’s road to fame was like a double-shot espresso, happening at the same time as her sister Charli D’Amelio, both blowing up on TikTok. Imagine that – instant stardom! In January 2020, D’Amelio leveled up by signing with United Talent Agency. Then, in May 2020, they dropped some major news – a podcast deal with Ramble Podcast Network. Their podcast, ‘2 Chix,’ promised an all-access pass to their lives and juicy discussions.


But D’Amelio’s talents didn’t stop there. She dipped her toes into acting, showing up in the Brat TV series ‘Attaway General.’ And she even tried her hand at music, dropping her first single, ‘Be Happy,’ on June 26, 2020. Can you believe it? By August 28, 2021, it had over 86.1 million streams on Spotify.


Fast forward to 2023, and she’s sitting on a cool net worth of $10 million. Yep, she’s not just a TikTok sensation – she’s a multi-talented Gen Z force to be reckoned with.


3. Addison Rae

Yo, check it out! Addison Rae, the 20-year-old sensation who went from being a TikTok queen to a legit mainstream celeb, is like a total digital legend. She’s basically the third most-followed person on TikTok, and her journey from online stardom to real-world fame is, like, the stuff of legends. She’s done what most online influencers can only dream of, and her career glow-up is mind-blowing. This girl, whose full name is Addison Rae Easterling, went from dancing to the latest trends and nailing lip-sync challenges to making music, showing up on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and taking the lead in Netflix’s remake of “She’s All That.”


Her career path is basically the ultimate TikTok success story: she started by grooving to the hottest tunes and copying the sickest lip-syncs. Then, she packed her bags and moved to LA, teamed up with the Hype House, this influencer crew, and turned her online fame into mega-brand deals and Hollywood contracts. She’s like, top-tier famous now.


So, this is the epic journey of Addison Rae, who’s got a crazy 81.9 million followers on TikTok. She went from casually sharing videos in the summer of 2019, as she spilled to Insider, to becoming a household name on the platform. And get this, her net worth is a whopping $15 million! It just shows that Gen Z is rewriting all the fame rules in this digital age, and Addison is totally leading the charge.


4. Bella Poarch

In January 2020, Poarch jumped into the TikTok scene. She really got into the TikTok groove around April 2020, focusing on gaming and cosplay content. But it was in August 2020 when she hit the big time. Her lip sync videos started blowing up, especially the one where she’s vibing to “Sophie Aspin Send” by Millie B. That video, where she’s zoomed in, syncing perfectly, and bouncing to the rhythm, totally broke the internet. It became TikTok’s most-liked video ever!


After conquering TikTok, she expanded her kingdom. She dropped a YouTube channel and set up a Twitter page in the months following her TikTok debut. And get this, her net worth now stands at a cool $9 million. Talk about going from zero to hero in the blink of an eye!


5. Josh Richards

So let’s break down Richards’ digital domination. Dude’s got a massive fan army with 25.7 million on TikTok, 2.4 million on YouTube, 2.4 million on Twitter, and a whopping 7.3 million on the ‘Gram. His content game is lit, from sports and dance moves to lip-syncing, comedy, and epic skits.


But hold up, he’s not just an online star; he’s a movie star too! You might’ve peeped him in flicks like Brother’s Keeper, and Summertime Dropouts, and he even shared the screen with A-listers like Nicolas Cage and Noah Centineo in Dream Scenario.


Richards ain’t just about the spotlight; he’s making moves behind the scenes too. He co-founded TalentX Entertainment, a digital management powerhouse, and made history by being the first artist to sign with TalentX and Warner Records in July 2020. Talk about flexin’ those business muscles!


But wait, there’s more hustle in this guy. He’s not just an entertainer; he’s an investor in the game, helping launch a $15 million venture capital fund. Plus, he’s the brains behind Ani Energy, the energy drink of the future. Oh, and did we mention he used to be the chief strategy officer at Triller, a major player in the music scene?


Now, let’s talk numbers. His net worth? A solid $5 million. Looks like he’s raking in the green while taking over the digital and entertainment world!


6. Kris Collins

Alright, so Collins’ journey is pretty relatable, honestly. She was hustlin’ as a hairdresser, doing her thing on TV shows and even setting up shop at her parents’ crib. But when the whole COVID-19 craziness hit in April 2020, she had to shift gears. That’s when she decided to dive headfirst into the TikTok world.


Her brother must’ve had some serious persuasive skills because he talked her into making a TikTok account. Boredom was probably the MVP of this decision.


So, on April 9, 2020, Collins dropped her first TikTok, and it was a lip-sync to a line from the movie Step Brothers. Her early TikToks were all about lip-syncing and snippets inspired by her fam and childhood. But as time went on, she started cookin’ up some hilarious skits where she played a bunch of different characters. Think a vampire-obsessed 12-year-old version of herself, a dude-bro from Boston named Chad, a fed-up mom, and even a tiny-handed toddler. She’s got range!


But she’s not just about TikTok; she’s got a YouTube channel too. Vlogs and reaction videos are her jam over there. And let’s not forget the brand collabs – she’s teamed up with Amazon, Lionsgate, and Pantene in the past.


Now, when it comes to that paper chase, her net worth is sittin’ pretty at over $1 million. So, yeah, she went from being a hairdresser to an internet sensation, and it looks like she’s doing just fine!


7. Avani Gregg

highest paid tiktok influencers

Gregg is all about that beauty and makeup game. Her journey into the TikTok spotlight started in 2019 when she dropped her first viral video. It was this insane transformation where she turned into this Harley Quinn-style clown, and TikTok peeps started calling her the ‘Clown Girl.’ Talk about a nickname, right?


By December 2019, she leveled up even more by joining forces with The Hype House, that famous LA crew. And she wasn’t alone in this; her bestie Charli D’Amelio was right there with her, making waves.


Then, in September 2020, she hit us with some exciting news – a memoir in the works, set to be published by Gallery Books. So, she’s not just about beauty tips; she’s got a story to tell.


Now, when it comes to her bank account, she’s doing pretty darn well with a net worth of about $3 million. Looks like her talent and creativity are paying off big time!

How to Become Famous on TikTok?

highest paid tiktok influencers

TikTok has blown up in the Gen Z world, becoming one of the coolest social media platforms out there. If you’re all about gaining some TikTok fame, it’s not just about uploading a few vids and crossing your fingers. This is the ultimate guide to help you become TikTok-famous, Gen Z style.

Find Your Passion

  1. Discover Your Vibes: First things first, figure out what really gets your heart racing. Whether it’s dancing, meme-making, teaching, or vlogging, pick a niche that speaks to your Gen Z soul.
  2. Keep an Eye on Trends: Scour TikTok for trends that vibe with your niche. Staying in the know about what’s lit can help you create content that resonates with the Gen Z audience.

Create Killer Content

  1. Gear Up: While TikTok is all about raw realness, some dope gear can help take your vids to the next level. Grab a sick smartphone tripod, invest in some rad lighting, and maybe a mic for those pristine audio vibes.
  2. Master the Edits: Get the hang of TikTok’s editing features. Use cuts, transitions, and effects to make your content pop. Your vids should be an explosion of Gen Z creativity.
  3. Storytelling Matters: Nail your storytelling game. Hook your audience in the first few seconds and keep them glued to their screens throughout. Storytelling is the secret sauce to keeping your Gen Z viewers engaged.
  4. Originality Rules: While riding trends is cool, always sprinkle your unique flavor on top. Don’t hold back on showing your real self; authenticity is pure Gen Z gold.

Consistency is Everything

  1. Schedule Like a Pro: Gen Z knows that consistency is key. Create a posting schedule that’s lit, like dropping a vid once a day or a few times a week. Keeping your fans satisfied is crucial.
  2. Timing is Everything: Pay attention to the clock. Post your vids when your Gen Z audience is most active. Timing can be the secret sauce for blowing up.

Harness the Power of Hashtags and Challenges

  1. Hashtag Magic: Hashtags are your superpower. Use trending and relevant ones in your video descriptions to skyrocket your discoverability. But remember, less is more – don’t spam your captions.
  2. Challenge Accepted: Dive headfirst into popular challenges within your niche. Challenges can go viral in a heartbeat, and adding your unique twist is what Gen Z loves.

Engage, Engage, Engage

  1. Chat It Up: Be besties with your audience by responding to comments. Creating a squad vibe can keep your Gen Z fans coming back for more.
  2. Live It Up: Go live to hang out with your peeps in real-time. Answer their burning questions, spill the tea, and build those Gen Z connections.
  3. Collab Like a Boss: Team up with fellow Gen Z TikTokers, especially those in your niche. Duets and collaborations can bring new Gen Z faces to your content.

Craft Your TikTok Brand

  1. Profile Perfection: Make your profile pop. Show off your Gen Z style with a cool profile pic, a catchy bio, and a username that screams “Gen Z influencer.”
  2. Aesthetic Magic: Keep your TikTok aesthetic consistent. Use the same colors, fonts, and vibes in all your vids. Gen Z loves that visually cohesive look.
  3. Brand Your Content: Stick your Gen Z brand on your videos. A watermark with your username or a killer catchphrase can make your content unforgettable.

Decipher TikTok’s Algorithm

  1. Binge-Worthy Content: TikTok’s algorithm loves vids that keep Gen Z hooked. Make content that Gen Z can’t resist watching till the end.
  2. Likes, Comments, and Shares: Get your Gen Z fans to interact with your content. Encourage likes, comments, and shares by asking questions or inviting them to join the party.
  3. Build Connections: Show TikTok that you’re a Gen Z social butterfly. Interact with your followers, and TikTok will show your content some extra love.

Promote Your TikTok Vibe

  1. Spread the Love: Share your TikTok content on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Get your Gen Z squad hyped up and following you on TikTok.

Stay in the Loop

  1. Gen Z is Always Changing: TikTok evolves faster than you can say “yeet.” Keep up with new features, trends, and challenges. Experiment and stay fresh to keep your Gen Z fans vibing with your content.


Can you believe it? From dancing dynamos to lifestyle trendsetters, these TikTok sensations have not only captured our hearts but have also raked in some serious cash doing what they love. It’s like a dream come true, right?


As we wrap up this journey through the world of TikTok’s highest-paid influencers, it’s crucial to remember that their success story didn’t happen overnight. They’ve hustled hard, poured their creativity into their content, and shown us that with determination and a sprinkle of Gen Z flair, anything is possible.


Whether you’re an aspiring TikTok superstar or just someone who can’t get enough of the latest trends and challenges, let this be your inspiration. TikTok isn’t just a platform; it’s a playground for the creative and a launchpad for dreams.


So, kiddos and aspiring cash earners, keep those cameras rolling, those dances grooving, and your unique personalities shining. The world of social media is ever-changing, and TikTok is right at the forefront. Who knows what the future holds for the next generation of TikTok superstars? It might just be you!


In the meantime, keep scrolling, keep creating, and keep being the awesome, unapologetic Gen Z force that you are. After all, the next highest-paid TikTok influencer could be just a tap away!


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