What Is the Value of Naomi Campbell? Discovering Her Total Fortune

The estimated wealth of Naomi Campbell is $80 million. Modeling legend Naomi Campbell made history when she graced the cover of the French edition of Vogue. She has a successful modeling career, has appeared on television, and is paid for product endorsements.

Among the first Black models to grace the cover of Time and French Vogue, Naomi Campbell began her career when she was just 15 years old. Besides her legal troubles, Campbell is famous for her roles in the TV programs The Face and Empire.

Let’s discover the different aspects in connection to how much money is Naomi Campbell worth. 

What are Naomi Campbell’s Total Assets?

How much money does Naomi Campbell have? And just how wealthy is Naomi Campbell?

Naomi Campbell, who is British and has worked as a model and actress, is reported to be worth $80 million. One of the most famous and well-paid supermodels of all time, she was found when she was just 15 years old. 

In the ’80s and ’90s, she saw her popularity peak. Campbell has also recorded an R&B-pop album, acted in films and on television, and contributed to numerous causes during the course of her career. 

Early Life

Naomi Campbell is from London, England. And it was on May 22, 1970, when she had her first breath. As a young girl, Naomi Campbell studied at both Dunraven School and the London Academy of Performing Arts (where her mother trained as a dancer and her father remains anonymous). Streatham, South London is the listed birthplace of Campbell. Naomi Morris’s mother, Valerie, was a dancer from Jamaica. 

Since her father left when her mother was pregnant, she never got to meet him. As a result of her mother’s second marriage, Naomi now goes by her stepfather’s surname, and in 1985, Naomi’s half-sister Valerie gave birth to a son named Pierre.

Campbell’s mother is of Afro-Jamaican descent, and her paternal grandmother is of Chinese-Jamaican descent. Naomi’s mother was a professional dancer in Rome where the family lived while Naomi was a child. She then went to London, where she ended up going to the Barbara Speake Stage School as well as the Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts.

Personal Life

Campbell, a close friend of the late Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, has devoted her life to bettering a lot of children in Africa. She has been a part of efforts to raise millions of dollars for victims of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina which happened in 2005, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008, and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011.

Campbell made the news of her daughter’s birth in May 2021. Naomi has dated several famous men. Campbell went to treatment for his drugs and alcoholism in 1999. Naomi won her lawsuit against the “Daily Mirror” for breach of confidentiality when the newspaper released a photo of her exiting a narcotics anonymous conference in 2002.


Naomi Campbell’s London mansion is a whopping 12,000 square feet in size. Naomi Campbell has paid $21 million (about $7 in today’s currency terms) for this home.

Spa, nightclub, 20-meter pool, gym, and Japanese garden included in £ 78m price tag for property in Moscow’s poshest suburb. Due to the fact that the mansion had an original value of 117 million pounds, the price that is being offered for it now is an outstanding bargain for anybody who is looking to purchase a holiday home. The £ 109 million property is widely considered to be Doronin’s wedding gift to the supermodel.

Over thirty meters in height, the tower of this home is home to a bedroom and bathroom with a stunning view of the lawn below.

Owned Cars of Naomi

The supermodel Naomi Campbell owns a fleet of the most lavish automobiles in the world. Former supermodel Naomi Campbell just brought home a Porsche Cayenne, which cost her around $260,000.

Here are Some of Naomi Campbell’s Other Vehicles:

  • AMG GT Mercedes-Benz
  • Bentley Bentayga
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • McLaren GT
  • Tesla Model X

How did Naomi Get Famous?

At age seven, she made her on-screen debut in Bob Marley’s music video “Is This Love.” While she was window shopping in Covent Garden, a scout named Beth Boldt from the modeling agency Synchro spotted her.

Her career took off after that, and she was on the covers of British Elle at the tender age of 16. In the years that followed, she became a top model, walking the runway for names like Gianni Versace and Isaac Mizrahi and posing for photographers like Bruce Weber and Peter Lindbergh.

How does Naomi Make Money?

Throughout her career, she has been on the runways of numerous prestigious fashion houses.  She has been in several ad campaigns for brands including Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Caixa, Vuitton, Pirelli, Lacoste, Dior, and countless more.

Real Estate

After breaking up with Campbell, Vladislav Doronin listed the Moscow property he built for her at £78 million (originally priced at £109 million). To top it all off, Doronin presented Naomi with a 25-bedroom vacation property on Turkey’s Cleopatra Island, which he dubbed “Eco-House Horus” as this is a green structure styled after the Egyptian Eye of Horus. In 2005, Campbell spent $4 million to purchase a duplex in Manhattan. He made $4.5 million on the sale the next year.

Premier Supermodel

in addition to becoming the initial black model to grace the front of Time, French, as well as British Vogue, Campbell also made history as the initial black woman to do so. The exotic beauty started out on the catwalk, but soon after she was featured in major ad campaigns for designers. Campbell has also appeared in explicit media, including Madonna’s Sex Book and Playboy magazine

Music, Films, and Other Endeavors

Campbell’s success as a model led her to pursue acting and music, where she achieved her greatest fame in Japan. The 1994 release of “Love and Tears” was a sonic high point in her career. Her first album, Baby Woman, had been a commercial and critical failure but continued to sell over a million copies.

Campbell made other film and video appearances around this time, including the 1991 Vanilla Ice biopic Cool as Ice and the 1992 romantic comedy Miami Rhapsody (1995). In addition, she published a photo book under her own name in 1996 and a novel titled Swan with another author in 1994.

Campbell, a savvy businesswoman, started a line of women’s fragrances in 1999 and the company NC Connect, which specializes in branding strategies and event planning, in 2002.

Reality TV

In 2013, Campbell created The Face, a reality television series in which aspiring models competed for cash prizes. In addition to his roles as coach and producer on the show, Campbell was responsible for developing The Face for the Australian television market for his acting skills.

In 2015, Campbell was granted a recurring part in the American drama Empire. Her breakout role came that same year on the American Horror Story: Hotel. As of 2017, Campbell has also been a recurring character in the musical drama Star, and in 2020, she will be a judge on the reality show The Cut.

Meanwhile, she resumed her career as a model as the face of NARS cosmetics’ Spring 2019 campaign and created the Being Naomi YouTube channel.

The Amount of Money Naomi Campbell Earns: Her Current Salary and Income

Naomi Campbell’s Worth: $60.6 Million

The compensation received by Naomi Campbell:

  • An Annual Rate of $101,000,000
  • Monthly Cost: $841,666.67
  • Wage Rate: $194,230.77 a week

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What city does Naomi Campbell presently reside in?

Naomi Campbell, a supermodel, and campaigner who originally originates from South London but now calls New York City home has a variety of extravagant houses across the world.

Q: Is there a home for Naomi Campbell in Kenya?

Although she has kept her life in the United States under wraps, it is common knowledge that the diva has a spectacular vacation property in Kenya. Naomi opened up her dream home in Malindi to Architectural Digest, and the magazine couldn’t have picked a better description.

Q: What is the value of Naomi Campbell’s home?

Model Naomi Campbell resides in a lavish London mansion that spans 12,000 square feet. Naomi Campbell paid $21 million US dollars (about $7 million in today’s values) to purchase this house.

Q: Has Naomi Campbell given birth?

Campbell announced the birth of her baby in May of 2016 when she posted an Instagram snapshot of herself holding her daughter’s feet. “They selected me to be their mother,” she stated in the description, and she was blessed with a beautiful little girl.

Wrapping Up

To name just a few of her many talents, Naomi became one of the most famous and in-demand models of the ’90s. Aside from being an English model and actress, she is also a singer and a campaigner.

In those days, she was one of just six models to be recognized as a “Supermodel” by the fashion world. Campbell has graced the pages of several of the most prestigious American and European fashion magazines because of her exotic good looks and striking features. According to estimates, Naomi Campbell has an around $80 million fortune as of July 2023.