How Much Ishowspeed Worth? How a Teen turned into a YouTube Legend

Darren Watkins Jr., aka “Ishowspeed,” is a rising YouTube star who blew up in 2019. From playing in the Sidemen charity match to releasing a song with Lil Nas X, he’s sticking true to his name of “speed.” With all these going on, he’s likely making racks. So, how much Ishowspeed worth?

With streams of donations and YouTuber memberships, Ishowspeed easily earns tens and thousands of dollars per live stream. And that’s not even considering his YouTube ad revenue on his two channels. It’s no wonder the conservative estimate for Ishowspeed’s net worth is over $1 million, with some reporting it to be as high as $12 million.

This post discusses how Ishowspeed achieved such wealth and fame.

An Overview


Born on January 21, 2005, Ishowspeed grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, living there ever since. He experienced rapid growth in 2019, gaining over 8 million subs in less than a year. And currently, his main channel, “Ishowspeed,” stands at 13 million subscribers.

Aside from that, he also runs a second channel named “Live Speedy,” uploading highlights from his Livestreams. As of this writing, it has over 3.4 million subscribers. And finally, he has a shorts channel with over 900k subs.

His eccentric and energetic personality caught the attention of other YouTubers. And this scored him several collaborations, including KSI and Mr. Best. KSI invited Ishowspeed to the recent Sidemen charity match, where he was undeniably the event’s highlight.

Aside from YouTubers, Ishowspeed also managed to snag the attention of musicians, such as Lil Uzi Vert, and they even got into an argument in a video call. His most recent collab is with Lil Nas X, featuring him in one of his streams.

Early Life

Darren Watkins Jr. grew up with two younger siblings, which he showed during one of his streams. Currently, he’s in his sophomore year of high school, and after he graduates, he said he wouldn’t be going to college.

Growing up, Watkins was always interested in YouTube and loved playing video games. But he never made his channel, only making one after his friend encouraged him.

Before his rise to fame, Watkins worked at a nursing home, delivering food to the local seniors.


Ishowspeed only started doing YouTube because one of his friends told him to make a channel. Aside from that, he launched his YouTube channel due to the pandemic. In 2019, Ishowspeed blew up on YouTube, helping him get over 8 million subs in less than a year.

At first, Ishowspeed uploaded mostly NBA-related content, playing 2k21 and 2k20. But he later expanded his content variety, quickly gaining fame by playing classic kids’ games such as “Talking Ben,” with his unique twist.

Aside from growing his following, Ishowspeed managed to grab the attention of other YouTubers. And this led to him earning a spot in the Sidemen’s most recent charity match, where his presence had the most impact. This collaboration grew his fame, becoming well acquainted with massive YouTubers like KSI and Mr. Beast.

At some point in his career, Ishowspeed started making music, with his first being “Bounce that A$$.” Its explicit lyrics and video, paired with a catchy tune, quickly made it a fan favorite. And surprisingly, he continued making music. With this, Ishowspeed collaborated with Lil Nas X on his latest track, “Kiss.”

Personal Life

Like any aspiring young YouTuber, Ishowspeed had difficulty convincing his family what he was doing would bring him great wealth and fame soon. His mother wasn’t supportive at first, but later, she showed her appreciation for Ishowspeed in videos. 

But his father is a different story, as he’s always been seen supporting the young YouTuber. And at some point, he even joined one of his Livestreams. 

Family aside, Ishowspeed is known to bring several girls into his streams. And though unclear, many believed that he dated one of them at some point. But it didn’t last, as he claims she cheated on him.

Also, an interesting fact about speed is that whatever persona he shows on YouTube, he’s like that off-camera. But he’s been seen several times acting calm and not as crazy.

Still, that didn’t prevent Ishowspeed from getting into any controversy. In 2021, when he went to Adin Ross’s special Twitch stream, hosting a dating show, Ishowspeed tried making movies on Ash Kaash. Although she said no, he began acting aggressively, even leaving the stream for a while.

When he returned, Ishowspeed made questionable comments to Kaash, resulting in his perma-ban on Twitch.

How Much Ishowspeed Worth? (Ishowspeed Net Worth 2023)

how much ishowspeed worth

As of 2023, Ishowspeed has a conservative estimated net worth of $1 million. But some sources say it can rack up to $12 million.

The young Youtuber streamer’s primary income is, of course, YouTube. But unlike traditional YouTubers, Ishowspeed makes the most of his wealth from donations and memberships. With him receiving monetary donations nearly every minute, he can easily make up to $20k per stream.

Aside from that, Ishowspeed has over 1.5 million subs with paid memberships. His tiers come in three options: $0.99, $1.99, and $5.99.

Donations aside, Ishowspeed also earns a hefty amount from YouTube ads as he uploads the entire Livestreams on his main channel with 13 million subs. And he shares highlights and compilations of the best moments in his second channel with over 3 million subs. Finally, he has a shorts channel with over 900k subs, where he uploads random parts of his streams.

All those combined can help Ishowspeed make millions yearly.

But Ishowspeed goes beyond YouTube and streaming as he recently launched merch. And with its modest prices and decent quality, this should profit him thousands monthly.

Finally, even if he’s less active on other platforms like Instagram or TikTok, his vast following can help Ishowspeed score lucrative brand deals.

How Does Ishowspeed Make Money?


Ishowspeed’s primary income source is YouTube. But unlike most YouTubers, he earns from his streams. He often Livestreams on the platform for a few hours, which often gets flooded with donations. Although most are small donations ranging from $1 to $20, he receives them every minute, which can add up fast. 

Conservative estimates Ishowspeed can earn up to $20k in donations per stream alone. And considering he streams nearly every day, the young YouTuber can make hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly.

Donations aside, Ishowspeed also makes money through YouTube ads. He uploads his full Livstreams on his main channel with 13 million subscribers. And Social Blade reveals that Ishowspeed can earn between $20k and $360k per month in AdSense alone. That means the young YouTuber can make up to $4 million a year.

Uploading his full streams was a clever move by Ishowspeed as it can extend his profits. And considering he racks 90 million views monthly, his earnings are bound to grow more.

Aside from his main channel, Ishowspeed has a second channel named “Live Speedy,” with over 3 million subscribers. He uses this account to upload highlights of his streams, attracting more viewers and profit! Ishowspeed can make between $16k and $256k monthly on this channel. 

At its peak, Ishowspeed’s second channel can earn him over $3 million annually. And considering this account gets over 60 million views monthly, that yearly income isn’t too far-fetched. 

Finally, Ishowspeed recently launched a shorts channel with over 900k subs as of this writing. And despite the inconsistent uploads, this channel still garners over 8 million views monthly. According to Social Blade, these numbers can make Ishowspeed between $2k and $34k monthly. At its peak, it can earn the young YouTuber nearly half a million a year.

Combining all his channels, Ishowspeed can make millions yearly.

Other Social Media Accounts

Ishowspeed, like any other influencer today, also has other social media profiles. His Instagram has over 5 million followers, TikTok at 10 million, and Twitter on 1 million. 

His follower count can score him lucrative brand deals, with sponsored Instagram posts going up as much as $20k. And with a TikTok of his size, Ishowspeed can also secure thousands of dollars through sponsored posts.

Merch Sales

Recently, Ishowspeed released a new line of merch, primarily apparel. And he made sure the products were of affordable prices and decent quality. Hence, people were able to buy them without complaints. So, it’s safe to assume the young YouTuber easily earns several thousand dollars from this venture alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much Ishowspeed worth in 2023?

A: Ishowspeed boasts a net worth of $1 million as of 2023, with some reports saying it can go up to $12 million. His primary income source is YouTube streaming, where he can make as much as $20k per Livestream. Aside from that, Ishowspeed has three YouTube channels with 12 million, 3.4 million, and 900k subs. Combined, these can make Ishowspeed millions yearly.

Q: How many paid memberships does Ishowspeed have?

A: Ishowspeed has over 1 million paid memberships on his main channel with 13 million subs. He earns 70% of the total revenue after tax deductions. The young Youtuber has three tiers for memberships, the first being $0.99, the second at $1.99, and the third at $5.99. 

Q: What is Ishowspeed’s name?

A: Ishowspeed’s name is Darren Watkins Jr. He’s an upcoming YouTuber who recently dominated the platform, earning 8 million subs in less than a year. And despite only joining YouTube in 2018, Watkins has already surpassed 10 million subscribers as of 2023. 

Q: Does Ishowspeed have children?

A: On one of his Livestreams, Ishowspeed claimed he has a daughter, showing off a young girl. Despite rumors saying he had her when he was only 16, most believe the little girl was his ex-girlfriend’s younger sister.

Q: Did Ishowspeed get arrested?

A: Although the reason is unknown, Ishowspeed got handcuffed by police during one of his streams. But he quickly got out of jail thanks to the help of his fellow YouTube streamer, Adin Ross. Hence, Ishowspeed never got arrested.

Final Words

How much Ishowspeed worth? As of 2023, Ishowspeed holds a net worth of $1 million, with some sources saying it can rack up to $12 million. Regardless, earning a 7-figure net worth at such a young age is an accomplishment none can compare.

Despite Ishowspeed’s controversial videos and wild personality, he took over the internet in less than a year. He snagged 8 million YouTube subscribers in less than a year, then hit 10 million a bit later. From regular donations to YouTube ad revenue, Ishowspeed gets thousands of dollars daily.

With his growing presence, Ishowspeed is set to take over other YouTubers. And his recent collaborations with the Sidemen and musicians have grown his fame — sticking to his name. He really is showing speedy growth!

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