How Much Is Tory Lanez Worth? Personal Life And Net Worth Revealed!

Are you into hip hop? You’ll probably be familiar with Tory Lanez! This superstar’s rap career was well-received. Regardless of his past run-ins with some artists, the worldwide buzz on the young rapper is undeniable. this famous rapper has indeed accumulated fame in the wake of his sterling performance making his net worth like a pot of gold.

Are you now curious how much is Tory Lanez worth? Let’s find out by revealing his source of wealth: from his personal life to Billboard charts.

Snippet Of His Early Life

Daystar Peterson later known as Tory Lanez, was born on July 27, 1992, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was raised in a Christian family and is one of four children. After his birth, his family lived in Montreal for a time before moving to Florida.

Rapper Tory Lanez began rapping when he was a child, and he continued to rap through his early years. However, tragedy struck when Lanez’s mother died of a rare disease when he was eleven years old. His father took up the responsibility of a preacher and missionary, and the job took Tory accompanying his father to different areas across the U.S.

Tory never recovered emotionally from the death of his mother. Then, his father’s remarriage led to further emotional difficulties. At age 15, he lived on the streets. This is because his grandma didn’t accept him even though he showed how difficult his situation is.

In the tenth grade, Tory dropped out of school and moved in with three strangers to pursue music as a full-time endeavor.

Discovery And Career

When he turned 16, Tony started rapping at outdoor music concerts. Although he had never taken formal training in music, he seemed to have a natural flair for the art form. He traveled back to the US and settled in Florida, where he eventually got lots of encouragement to continue his music.

In 2009, Tory Lanez released his debut mixtape, T.L 2 T.O., using social media (YouTube) as a way to spread his rapping skills to various nations. Soon he began directing and producing his own videos and gained the fame he dreamt of.

At the time, Sean Kingston was a well-known rapper from Florida. He heard Tory Lanez performing and free-styling on Lloyd Banks’ song “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley”. After listening to Tory, Kingston decided to offer him a project.

After releasing 3 mixtapes on Sean’s label, Tory decided to become independent and released more mixtapes on his own. He also started to release songs every Friday to his series named “Fargo Fridays”.

Tory also got a position in the Billboard chart with his single Luv which ranked at the 19th spot. Aside from Luv, his song Say It also got the 23rd rank on the same chart.

With these projects, let’s now reveal Tory Lanez net worth.

Uncovering His Estimated Net Worth

Following his career path, Tory Lanez is indeed a great star. Because of his successful mixtapes and singles, he was reported to be earning $4 million!

Issues And Controversies

In March 2018, singer Tory Lanez got into a confrontation with security personnel during a concert in Texas. Upset by this controversy, Tory told his fans to “fuck shit up.” His fans then put up a fight in the same spot. The organizers almost filed a lawsuit against the artist but decided not to after he apologized and promised to never engage in such behavior again.

Another controversy that made the media investigate his life is when he admitted ghostwriting to Travis Scott, Akon, and TI.

Fun Facts About Tory Lanez

🟥 Origin of his stage name

Tory Lanez has a pretty interesting story behind his stage name. Originally known as Daystar Peterson, the Canadian rapper decided to change his stage name after he gained popularity thanks to Drake’s OVO Sound radio station on Apple Music. Tory decided to change his name because he wanted people to separate his career from his past and start fresh with him. He started rapping under the name Tory until he was legally able to change his name to reflect his stage persona.

🟥 Releases various mixtapes

It’s always fun to see artists make a name for themselves by releasing mixtapes. But what about when an artist has already released four mixtapes before their debut album? That’s the case with Tory Lanez, who released three mixtapes in 2014 alone.

In fact, he followed those three up with a fourth and fifth mixtape in 2015 and 2016 respectively. He then went on to drop a sixth (and final) installment of his long-running #LostTapes series in 2017, before following it up this year in April with his seventh official studio album: Love Me Now?

🟥 “Say It” pinnacle of fame

“Say It” was Tory’s first single, released in 2014. It received a lot of attention and went on to reach number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song also won a Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Song and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance.

🟥 Juno Awards

The Juno Awards are an annual music awards ceremony presented by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. They’re equivalent to the Grammy Awards in the US, and winners are chosen by a group of more than 2,000 music industry professionals. In 2017, Tory Lanez won Breakthrough Artist of the Year for his album I Told You.

Final Words

Tory Lanez net worth is currently in the sky with more than a million dollars. He earns this sizeable amount from his single tracks, albums, and concerts. Therefore, Tory Lanez is one of the richest rappers in the world.

As a reality TV star, music producer, and songwriter, it is no surprise that Tory Lanez has managed to achieve so much at such a young age. Thanks to his incredible talent, hard work, and efforts, not to mention his connections within the industry.

If you are interested in becoming a famous rapper, after reading this article, the chance of your success will definitely be increased! Just like what Tory Lanez had experienced before he got his fame, you can be the next superstar in the hip hop industry!

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