How Much is Michael Rapaport Worth? Find Out Here!

How much is Michael Rapaport worth? The long-time American actor and comedian has been in the biz since the early ’90s and is now worth millions!

Famous for his iconic TV show appearances, such as “Gary” from “Friends,” Rapaport has become recognized worldwide. As of 2023, Michael Rapaport’s net worth stands at $8 million.

This post highlights how Rapaport achieved such wealth, fame, and success.

An Overview

Michael David Rapaport, a Hollywood veteran, has been working in films and TV shows since the ’90s. He’s a famous American actor, comedian, and TV personality.

Rapaport has worked over 60 films and several TV shows since the early ’90s, boasting a net worth of $8 million. However, some sources estimate it to be over $12 million.

The journey started for Rapaport at a young age. And he began working as a stand-up comedian with the help of his step-father, Mark Lomow. Although Rapaport found great success in comedy, he later pursued acting, where he got his first gig in 1990, debuting in a TV show called “China Beach.”

But he began venturing into full-fledged films years later, landing prominent roles on box office hits like Deep Blue Sea. And since then, Rapaport has worked on over 60 titles and several TV shows.

Despite being in his early 50s, Rapaport remains active in the entertainment sector, running his podcast by CBS Local. And due to this, he’s continuing to grow his wealth, fame, and success.

Early Life

Despite having Russian and Polish roots, Michael Rapaport was born and raised in the USA. He was born on March 20, 1970. His parents worked in the radio industry, with his mom being a personality and his dad an executive.

But Rapaport’s parents divorced while he was still young, and his mom shortly married comedian Mark Lonow. And this is where Rapaport got the idea to try being a stand-up comedian later.

Rapaport spent most of his childhood in Manhattan. And from an early age, many saw that Rapaport had what it takes to have a successful career in showbiz. After all, his parents’ backgrounds influenced the path he chose for his career later.

Before turning 20 years old, Rapaport left NYC to try stand-up comedy in LA. And with the help of his step-dad, Mark Lonow, Rapaport found a solid footing in the industry. But despite his success in stand-up comedy, Rapaport turned to acting years later.

Ever since his first acting gig in the early ’90s, Rapaport has worked on several film jobs. And later in his career, he also began working in many TV shows.


When Michael Rapaport was as young as 19, he moved to LA to pursue his dream in showbiz. Rapaport began working as a stand-up comedian, where he experienced immense success.

But it wasn’t until 1990 that Rapaport made his TV debut, starring on a TV show named “China Beach.” It wasn’t until he played “Kravitz” in an episode of the hit TV show “One Small Step” that he saw a rise in fame. Yet what made Rapaport mainstream was his appearance on NBC’s hit sitcom “Friends.”

Rapaport starred as Gary, one of the main cast’s, Phoebe’s love interest for a few episodes. Despite only appearing in 4 episodes, he left quite the impression, kickstarting his career in showbiz.

One year later, Rapaport earned a significant role in the movie “The 6th Day,” starring alongside Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. And after, he starred in several more films, notably lending his voice to “Joey,” a raccoon in the hit comedy “Dr. Doolittle 2.”

Years later, Rapaport earned a lead role in an American sitcom dubbed “The War at Home.” He played “David Gold,” narrating the hectic story of a dysfunctional fam with issues. And he performed so well that he stuck with the role after the show’s end in 2007!

Despite getting older, Rapaport remains active in acting in movies or TV shows. As a result, he earned prominent roles in hit TV shows, “Prison Break” and “Boston Public.”

Currently, Rapaport hosts his podcast on the CBS Local radio network.

Personal Life

Michael Rapaport married twice. And his first wife was Nichole Beattie, a screenwriter, and producer. He and Beattie tied the knot on January 15, 2000, welcoming two sons, Maceo and Julian. Unfortunately, this marriage didn’t last, as the two split up in 2007.

Years later, Rapaport found love again and wed fellow American actress Kebe Dunn in 2016. As of 2023, the two are still living a healthy married life.

Although not as controversial as other celebrities that’s been around as long as Rapaport has, he has his fair share of questionable moments. Notably, Rapaport got arrested in 1997 for harassing his then-girlfriend, Lili Taylor. The actress charged him with aggravated harassment, to which Rapaport pleaded guilty.

Meanwhile, in 2018, Rapaport got ordered to undergo counseling as he stopped a man from opening an emergency door on an airplane. He stated that as he got up from his seat, he put his hand on the passenger’s shoulder and asked him, “What are you doing?” Rapaport said the man had two hands on the lever, and when he didn’t let go, Rapaport pinned him against the seat.

How Much is Michael Rapaport Worth? (2023 Net Worth Reveal)

Michael Rapaport, as of 2023, has a net worth of over $8 million, where some sources say $12 million. Either way, it’s safe to say the Hollywood veteran is sitting at a 7-figure fortune today.

Most of his wealth hails from his acting gigs across 60 films and several TV shows. Notably, he earned nearly a million for each box office hit movie, Cop Land and Deep Blue Sea. Moreover, Rapaport got a hefty sum from both significant and minor appearances on hit TV shows. These include Friends, Boston Public, and Prison Break.

Aside from those, Rapaport also dabbles in real estate, where he has invested and earned millions throughout his career.

How Much Does Michael Rapaport Make?

Like any aspiring celebrity, Rapaport earned most of his wealth through movies. It’s where he would have begun building his riches, where most of the 60 films he starred in were a success. The only one he had experienced was for Metro, grossing less than the original budget.

But most of the movies Rapaport starred in were commercial successes. Notably, Cop Land and Deep Blue Sea. Both with a combined budget of $100 million, these would be a box hit. Each movie raked over $64 million and $165 million in order.

Considering most main movie casts earn between 1% and 3% of the profits, it’s safe to say that Rapaport got paid. Going by that metric, these two titles alone would’ve earned him over $1 million.

Rapaport’s riches didn’t stop from movies as he dabbled in several TV shows. His most iconic role was a brief appearance on NBC’s hit sitcom “Friends.” The main cast earned over $1 million per episode, so it’s safe to say Rapaport also got a hefty sum. Approximately he should’ve reached tens of thousands on those four episodes alone.

Another significant TV series he starred in was on Fox’s Boston Public. And here, Rapaport is part of the main cast, earning him a few million across the 57 episodes aired. And considering main TV actors can earn between $75k to $150k per episode, it’s not far-fetched to assume Rapaport gained millions on this one TV show alone.

However, Rapaport’s highest paying offered would be from Prison Break. Here, the main cast approximately got $175k per episode, building his wealth more.

When not on the screen, Rapaport likes to dabble in real estate. He has owned a massive brownstone in NYC, standing three stories tall with three units. Here, he rented each one for up to $8,000 a month. But in 2009, Rapaport reportedly sold the iconic building for $4 million. 

His latest real estate endeavors include buying a nearly $3 million home in LA in 2016, where he sold it five years later for $3.5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is Michael Rapaport worth in 2023?

A: Despite not being as active, Rapaport still maintains a massive $8 million net worth in 2023. Working in the entertainment business since the ’90s, this Hollywood veteran has amassed millions. And some reports even state that the long-time TV actor and comedian is worth over $12 million today.

Q: What is Michael Rapaport’s role on Friends?

A: Michael Rapaport starred as “Gary” on the hit TV series “Friends.” Although only appearing for four episodes, Rapaport has left a lasting impression. His time on the show ended after Gary and one of the main characters, Phoebe, moved in together. He quickly got kicked out as Gary shot and killed a bird outside their new place. And that’s where Michael Rapaport left the show.

Q: How much did Michael Rapaport get paid for appearing on Friends?

A: Although only appearing in four episodes, Rapaport earned approximately $1 million. That shows how successful the TV show is, adding more to his 7-figure net worth.

Q: Is Michael Rapaport married in 2023?

A: Michael Rapaport married fellow American actress Kebe Dunn in 2016. As of 2023, the two are still happily married. But Dunn isn’t Rapaport’s first wife, as he married Nichole Beattie, a screenwriter. The two tied the knot in 2000 and got divorced seven years later.

Q: What movies did Michael Rapaport appear in?

A: Besides TV shows, Rapaport starred in films like Higher Learning and The Heat. But despite his many appearances, Rapaport experienced commercial success with TV credits. He’s most famous for his roles on the hit TV shows Prison Break and Boston Public. And though brief, many discovered Rapaport on his appearance on a few Friends episodes.

Final Words

How much is Michael Rapaport worth? Earning millions from acting alone, he has been in business since the ’90s. No wonder this Hollywood veteran has amassed considerable wealth! Besides his acting gigs, Rapaport also makes money by directing and standup comedy.

Rapaport also dabbles in real estate, owning many properties and renting out some of them. He has a fantastic work ethic and has always had a talent for acting, making his rise to the top inevitable. And despite being over 50 years old, Rapaport continues to increase his riches and fame.

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