How Much is Billy Mcfarland Worth

Billy McFarland is a convicted criminal and former CEO from the United States with a net worth of -$26 million. Billy McFarland is most known for arranging the catastrophic Fyre Festival in April 2017, one of history’s most notorious music catastrophes. He was caught and convicted of wire fraud & was sentenced to six years in jail for the eventually canceled event, which cheated investors of millions of dollars and left many guests stranded. After serving slightly over four years, McFarland was freed in early 2022.

McFarland used $1.5 million in investor capital to launch Magnises, a card-based club aimed at millennials, in 2013. Later, he built and led Fyre Media, which created the for hiring music talent. McFarland co-founded the Fyre Event, a “luxury” music festival designed to promote the Fyre app, with rapper Ja Rule in late 2016. The event was set for April and May 2017; however, it was canceled after people arrived due to security, food, logistics, understaffing, lodgings, and talent relations issues.

Early Life and Education

William Z. “Billy” McFarland was born in Millburn, New Jersey, on December 11, 1991. His parents are property developers. Billy launched an internet outsourcing firm that paired customers with web designers when he was 13. McFarland studied computer engineering at Bucknell University in Lewisburg for fewer than nine months.

Billy Mcfarland Career

McFarland established and served as CEO of the online advertising platform Spling after graduating college. The firm did not last long. McFarland then co-founded the card-based memberships club Magnises with rapper Ja Rule. Although advertised to millennials as equivalent to American Express Black Card, Magnise’s card was not a charge card. It could only be used to make purchases by attaching it to an existing credit card account. The firm halted operations in 2017 and was deemed a fraud retrospectively.

After dropping out of college, McFarland launched the short-lived online advertising platform Spling, where he served as CEO. TechCrunch defined Spring as a content-sharing network, which criticized its similarities to other services available at the time.

McFarland funded payments business Magnises with $1.5 million in investor finance in August 2013, to create an elite “black card” with social privileges, such as club membership, aimed at status-oriented millennials in specific major cities. McFarland also founded Fyre Media Inc., the Fyre Festival’s parent business. Fyre Media claimed to be worth $90 million in a term sheet issued to investors, but according to regulators, the firm conducted roughly $60,000 in business.

🔹Fyre Festival

McFarland co-founded a Fyre Festival in 2017 with Ja Rule. It was promoted as a premium music event to promote the parent business Fyre Media’s music talent book application. McFarland stated in a letter to prospective investors not long after establishing the Fyre Festival idea that the concert industry was already worth $90 million.

He defended the value by claiming that the firm had garnered millions in sponsorship and ticket sales. Authorities would eventually show that the firm had only produced $57,000 in sales. The event was supposed to take place in the spring on the Bahamas’ island of Great Exuma. Many social media and models stars promoted the event on Instagram, including Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin, & Bella Hadid, who were all scheduled to attend.

The Fyre Festival was billed as a custom-built tropical paradise with gorgeous models, where attendees would stay in luxurious villas on their island and dine on meals made by 5-star chefs. VIP event tickets cost $49,000. A typical day ticket is $450.

When ticket buyers got to the island, they saw a disorderly third-world mess. A slew of administrative and managerial obstacles stymied its development before it started. Despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, visitors were greeted with tents and packaged sandwiches rather than luxurious villas and gourmet meals. There were also issues with security, medical services, personnel, and talent relations. After the first night, the event was canceled, and guests were transported back to Miami, Florida.

🔹Hulu Documentary Payday

Billy appears in the January 2019 documentary “Fyre Fraud” on Hulu. Netflix contacted him to feature in their version of a Fyre Festival documentary, but Netflix rejected it when he requested payment. Hulu allegedly paid Billy $250,000.

🔹Criminal Aftermath

McFarland and founder Ja Rule were sued in a $100 million class-action lawsuit because of the festival catastrophe, which left many guests stuck in the Bahamas when numerous flights back to Miami were canceled. On top of that, six federal & four individual lawsuits were filed. McFarland was arrested in June 2017 and charged with bank fraud; he was freed on a $300,000 bond on July 1.

While on bail, he continued to perpetrate fraud via a new scheme called NYC VIP, which he used to sell bogus tickets to activities such as the Met Gala & Coachella. In March 2018, McFarland pled guilty to two wire fraud charges in Manhattan’s federal court. He also admitted to using fake papers to attract investors to his firm. McFarland was sentenced to six years in jail and compelled to pay $26 million in restitution.

In the spring of 2020, he sought compassionate release from jail to avoid catching COVID-19, claiming that the virus presented an additional risk to him because of his asthma. The request was eventually refused. McFarland was later sent to RRM New York, where he screened positive for COVID-19. He was released from jail early in the spring of 2022 and transported to a halfway home until his August release.


The tremendous logistical catastrophe of the Fyre Festival and the legal ramifications for McFarland served as the impetus for two documentary films published in early 2019. The first was “Fyre Fraud,” a Hulu original film directed and written by Jenner Furst & Julia Willoughby Nason. The video includes testimony from festival victims and whistleblowers or other insiders.

Chris Smith directed “Fyre: The Greatest Parties That Never Happened,” which debuted on Netflix a few days later. Notably, the video was co-produced through Jerry Media, the same social media business that pushed and covered up the Fyre Festival’s deception. Both the Hulu & Netflix documentaries garnered great reviews from reviewers and were nominated for Emmy Awards.


Here are some of Billy McFarland’s career highlights:

▪️The Fyre Festival

▪️Billy cheated investors out of $27.4 million by promoting and selling tickets.

▪️Magnises was established by McFarland (2013)


▪️McFarland was sentenced to six years in federal prison on October 11, 2018.


During the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, McFarland sought compassionate discharge from Federal Correctional Institution, Elkton in Lisbon, Ohio, to avoid getting the virus, arguing that as an asthmatic, he was particularly susceptible. His request was refused the next month. McFarland was held in the RRM New York in Brooklyn, and it was revealed in July 2020 that he tested positive for COVID-19 at the prison.

On March 30, 2022, he was released from jail and sent to a halfway home. His home imprisonment was lifted in September 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Billy earn from Fyre?

Fyre Press was reported to be worth $90 million in a term sheet issued to investors, but according to regulators, the firm actually conducted roughly $60,000 in business.

Is anybody in prison because of the Fyre Festival?

Billy McFarland, the convicted creator of the Fyre Festival, apologizes following his release from jail and launches a new company. The Fyre Festival offered gorgeous people, clean water, opulent lodgings, and a variety of activities. However, when festival attendees came, they were faced with disaster tents, wet sandwiches, and mayhem.

How long was the Fyre Festival?

The tournament was held on the Bahamas’ island of Great Exuma. The three-day VIP event promised partygoers access to private beaches. Fyre event billed as an “immersive music festival,” was sponsored by a slew of popular supermodels.

How old is Billy McFarland?

Billy McFarland is 31 years old and was born on December 11, 1991.

What did Billy McFarland earn from the documentary?

McFarland later joined Hulu, whose founder Jenner Furst said that McFarland got paid much less than $250,000. According to Air Mail, none of the money McFarland received from his participation in the program made its way to his victims.

Final Thoughts

Billy McFarland is a convicted fraudster & former entrepreneur from the United States who co-founded the ill-fated Fyre Festival. He scammed investors out of $27.4 million by promoting and selling tickets. Billy McFarland’s net worth is predicted to be -$26 Million as of January 2023. Do you want to know how much is camron worth? Click Here!