How Much Derrick Rose Worth?

Curious about how much Derrick Rose worth? Derrick Rose is among the biggest names in basketball, and his ongoing success has raised many questions about what he’s actually worth. From MVP awards to long-term deals with some of the sport’s most prestigious companies, Derrick Rose has had an incredible journey over the years that has kept everyone guessing how much his career is truly worth.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the details of Derrick Rose’s career and accomplishments to find out just how much is Derrick Rose worth. So read on to get the full breakdown of his net worth and more.


Derrick Rose is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the Detroit Pistons. Born in October 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of Branda Rose, a Chicago resident and former assistant director of the city’s Department of Human Services. His father, who is now deceased, was once a star player on the Englewood High School basketball team. Derrick Rose has three siblings, Reggie, Allan, and Dwayne.

Derrick Rose is now 34 years old, 6ft in height, and an American professional basketball player.

Career Highlights 

The passion for basketball that Derrick Rose has had since he was a child led him to become the most successful players in NBA. As the most dynamic, explosive athletes ever to grace a basketball court, Rose has always been a showstopper. Whether it was his time at Simeon Academy, the University of Memphis, or the NBA, Derrick Rose has always delivered electrifying performances. Let’s look at some of his career highlights. 

🏀High School Highlights 

Derrick Rose has been in the public eye since his high school days. He is widely considered the top high school basketball player in Illinois and among the best in the nation when he enrolled at Chicago’s Simeon High School.

In his four years at Simeon career academy, Rose developed into the top high school players. He led Simeon to three consecutive Illinois state championships and was named “Mr Basketball” of Illinois for 2007. He also earned a spot on the prestigious McDonald’s All-American team in 2007. Finally, he capped off an incredible high school career by winning the Naismith Prep Player Award in 2008. 

🏀College Highlights 

His standout performance on the court helped him earn a scholarship to the University of Memphis Tigers. In just one season with the Memphis Tigers, he led them to 38 wins and a runner-up finish at the NCAA tournament (where they lost to Kansas). During this time, he won numerous awards, including National Player honors from Sporting News and ESPN, as well as the John Wooden Award and Adolph Rupp Trophy honors. 

🏀NBA Highlights 

Rose was selected first overall by his hometown team—the Chicago Bulls—in the 2008 NBA draft and quickly established himself as one of their key players (he was even given an MVP award after his rookie season). During this time, he also set numerous records, including becoming the youngest MVP in NBA history (at age 22).

Despite injury troubles later in his career, he continued to be one of Chicago’s best players until 2016, when he left to join other teams. Such as New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves before eventually settling with Detroit Pistons in 2018, where he is currently playing today.

Derrick Rose has had an impressive career that spans from high school all the way up to professional play in the NBA. From multiple state titles with Simeon Academy to becoming MVP with the Bulls and setting numerous records along the way—Rose is truly an inspirational athlete who continues to amaze us with what he can do on a basketball court.

How Much Derrick Rose Worth?

Derrick Rose’s net worth is estimated to be around $90 million. This includes his salary, endorsements, and other sources of income. In addition to his team salaries, Derrick Rose has earned millions of dollars from endorsements throughout his career.

✍️2008 Chicago Bulls Contract

In 2008, Derrick Rose signed 4-year contract with the Chicago Bulls for $21.2 million. This contract was significant for several reasons. It made him among the highest-paid players, and it also set a precedent for future contracts that would be given to high-caliber players like him. 

✍️2012 Chicago Bulls Contract

In 2012, Derrick Rose signed 5-year contract with the Chicago Bulls for $94.3 million — this was his biggest deal yet! His contract made him the highest-paid player in all professional sports, not just basketball. This was also a milestone moment in his career because it showed that he had established himself as the top players in basketball and could command such a large salary from an NBA team. 

✍️2016 Contract with Cleveland Cavaliers 

In 2016, Derrick Rose signed 1-year contract with Cleveland Cavaliers for $2.1 million. While this may seem like small potatoes compared to his previous contracts, it still contributed significantly to his overall net worth due to its short duration and low-risk factor. The Cavaliers took on most of the risk by signing him to such a short-term contract so that they could reap most of any benefits should he perform well — which he did! 

✍️2018 Contract with Minnesota Timberwolves 

In 2018, Derrick Rose signed 1-year contract with Minnesota Timberwolves for $2.4 million. This was a low-risk, high-reward move since the team could re-sign at the end of his contract, depending on how he performed. It also allowed them to benefit from his leadership skills and veteran presence. 

✍️2019 Contract with Detroit Pistons 

In 2019, Derrick Rose signed 2-year contract with Detroit Pistons for $15 million. This was an important move for the team as it gave them more stability in the roster by having someone of Rose’s caliber on board. It also allowed him to continue his basketball career without worrying about his future contract status.

Derrick rose’s net worth of $90 million is a testament to his hard work and dedication to basketball.

Awards & Honors

🏆Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) 

In 2009, the National Basketball Association awarded Derrick Rose the Most Valuable Player award. This award is presented annually to the NBA’s best player for that particular season. The MVP award is considered to be the highest individual honors in professional sports, and it is given only to players who have had an extraordinary season. In 2009, Derrick Rose was named MVP in recognition of his outstanding performance during that season. 

🏆3 x NBA All-Star 

Derrick Rose is the All-Star three times throughout his career, first in 2010, then again in 2011 and 2012. Being selected as an All-Star is an immense honor reserved for only the most talented league players each season. It demonstrates a player’s skill level, athleticism, commitment to their team, and overall star power on the court. Derrick Rose’s selection as an All-Star three times further proves how talented he is as a basketball player. 

🏆All-NBA First Team & NBA Rookie of the Year 

In 2011, Derrick Rose was awarded the All-NBA First Team and also won Rookie of The Year honors. From Sports via magazine for his remarkable rookie year performance with Chicago Bulls. This prestigious team requires not just consistent excellence but taking your game up another notch when it matters most.

In playoff games against top opponents or when replacing injured stars. Like Kobe Bryant or LeBron James on short notice en route to winning championships for their teams.

For this reason, making it into this elite group truly speaks volumes about Derek’s ability as an all-around great basketball player. 

How NBA Star Derrick Rose Spends His Money 

Since derrick rose’s net worth is estimated net worth of $90 million, it’s no surprise that he can afford some pretty luxurious purchases. Let’s take a closer look at how Derrick Rose spends his money. 

Chicago Condo 

In 2015, Derrick Rose purchased a $1.5 million condo in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. The condo is located on the 64th floor of the Aqua Tower and offers stunning views of Lake Michigan, Navy Pier, and downtown Chicago. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2,500 square feet of living space. The condo was fully furnished with luxury pieces from Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and more. 

Car Collections 

Derrick Rose has an impressive collection of cars, including several luxury vehicles such as the Dodge Challenger and Rolls Royce Ghost. He owns a limited edition Mercedes SLS AMG and a Ferrari 458 Spider. In addition, he has also purchased a customized Range Rover that features unique interior detailing. 

Super Bowl Tickets 

In 2016, Derrick Rose purchased two tickets to the Super Bowl 50 between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. The tickets reportedly cost him a whopping $51,000 and were located in the exclusive boxes at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Charitable Contributions 

 In addition to his lavish lifestyle, Derrick Rose is also very generous regarding giving back. He has donated substantial money to various charities, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, United Way, and The Chicago Public Education Fund.

He also founded the Rose Scholars program at the University of Memphis, which provides scholarships for at-risk students. In 2019, he donated $1 million to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in support of their mission to protect civil rights and racial justice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other sources of income does Derrick Rose have?

In addition to his contract and endorsement deals, Derrick Rose also earns money from appearances and speaking engagements throughout the year. He is often asked to appear at events such as business conventions or charity fundraisers where he can share his story and inspire others with his success. He also earns royalties from video games such as NBA 2K where he appears as a playable character each year. 

Are there any controversies or scandals associated with Derrick Rose?

Derrick Rose has been shocked and disappointed by the public and the NBA community. Although many details around the case remain speculative, this much is known: Rose allegedly coordinated a group sexual assault along with two of his friends.

The woman bringing charges against them states that they drugged and raped her while she was incapacitated. As per Derrick, he mistakenly interpreted a text message from the woman as her agreement to engage in sexual activities with him later that night.

Though he was ultimately cleared of all criminal charges, the case resulted in a civil suit which Rose settled out of court. This legal case has had long-lasting implications for Derrick Rose’s reputation, but it hasn’t dampened his spirit or his focus on basketball.

Do Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan have a relationship?

Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan are both Chicago natives, and Derrick has often talked about his admiration for the legendary basketball player. However, the two do not have an official working relationship. They occasionally run into each other at Bulls games, but it is unclear if they’ve spoken to one another.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that Derrick Rose’s worth is more than a measure of his wallet. His tenacity and determination to stay in the game have allowed him to continue reaching incredible heights on and off the court. Derrick’s ongoing contribution to the sports world has built a lasting legacy far beyond money. His value will remain invaluable if he continues to live up to his potential. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Derrick Rose and his unique story.

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