Coach Calipari Net Worth

John Calipari hails from Pennsylvania, USA, and is a basketball coach for the University of Kentucky. He has coached the UK men’s basketball team since 2009, and in 2012, his squad won the NCAA title under his direction. Three times he’s been voted the top basketball coach in the state and he’s been awarded the Naismith Trophy. Coach Calipari net worth is estimated at $45 million as of January 2023.

Celebrity Net Worth says that Calipari’s long and successful career has made him worth $45 million. It’s shocking how much money there is, but not surprising since the players don’t get paid. Among the NCAA’s highest-paid college basketball coaches. Calipari has held that position for years.

Due to issues and regulation infractions, the NCAA does not accept all of Calipari’s wins. Calipari’s career spans several decades. If you had to put a price on him, how much is Coach Calipari net worth?

Who is John Calipari?

In basketball, John Calipari is well-known as a position coach. On February 10, 1959, Calipari entered the world. The average person looks up “Coach Calipari net worth” online. So, we’re sharing this updated data collection with you.

People have varying levels of interest in learning the backstory of their favorite stars. The wealth of Coach Calipari is another topic of interest. Internet searches reveal his net worth. Let’s dive in further to get the specifics.

The Early Life

Moon Township, Pennsylvania, is the birthplace of John Calipari. His family roots are in Italy. He graduated in 1978 from Moon Area High School. Calipari was a point guard in high school and a long shot to make a Division I team.

Calipari started his collegiate career at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, where he earned two varsity letters before transferring to the Clarion University of Pennsylvania. There, he completed his undergraduate degree in marketing.

Personal Life

John Calipari’s wife is Ellen. Calipari married in 1986. They have three children: Erin, a neuropharmacologist and former basketball player at UMass; Megan, a French pastry chef; and Brad, a former player for two seasons at Kentucky. 

After graduating from Ky in May 2019, Brad transferred to UDM to finish his college career. After the second season at UDM and earning a university program in 2021, Brad entered the UK coaching team as a student teacher. Major league baseball player TJ Friedl is his second cousin once removed. 

John Calipari Biography

coach calipari net worth

Kentucky’s current head coach in the NCAA won a title in 2012 with the Wildcats. After leading Memphis to the 2008 NCAA title game, he transferred to Kentucky. Calipari, John Vincent Calipari, as a coach; born February 10, 1959; United States.

John has coached the UK men’s basketball team since 2009, and in 2012, his squad won the NCAA title under his direction. He was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015 and was selected Naismith College Manager of the Season three times (1996, 2008, and 2015).

Calipari’s birthplace is in the Pittsburgh suburb of Moon Township, Pennsylvania. His family tree traces its roots in America back to Italy. In 1978, he completed high school in Moon Area.

Ethnicity, Religion & Political Views

There has been much speculation about John’s racial and ethnic background. How about we take a look? It has not been determined what race Coach Calipari is.

After two years at UNC Wilmington, where he earned a letter of capitulation, after that, he moved to Pennsylvania to study business at Clarion University. During his two years as Clarion’s starting point guard (1981–82), he led the team in points and successful free throws.

Discover John Calipari Net Worth

John Calipari, a coach at the University of Kentucky in the United States, is worth $45 million. After a successful tenure, he will be Kentucky’s head coach in 2021. He has held this position since 2009. Calipari previously served as head coach at UMass and U Memphis. During the same time period, he led the NBA’s New Jersey Jets as their head coach.

Calipari has led many university teams to the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championships’ “Final Fours.” John has been exonerated of any misconduct, despite allegations of cheating and other controversies. Based on how many games he has won overall in NCAA Division I, he is one of the best coaches. John has also been in a documentary about basketball on ESPN and has written several books about the sport.

Contracts and Salary

John Calipari had a yearly salary of $6.5 million from 2009 through 2019. He renewed his 10-year, $86-million deal in June 2019. The average annual compensation is $9 million. John can stop coaching after six years and take a job as an advisor at Kentucky, which pays $950,000 a year. This contract holds up well under most interpretations.

Calipari’s Contract: How Much Does He Make?

Calipari has the second-highest salary of any basketball position coach right now. He has been very successful in Kentucky, so that is not likely to change. In April of 2019, the UK confirmed Calipari would be given a lifetime contract. It was revealed that Calipari signed a 10-year contract with a guaranteed $86 million.

Calipari’s Career

Calipari’s time in the NBA as a player was brief. Calipari quickly climbed the coaching ranks after a whirlwind playing career that took him from UNC Wilmington to the Clarion University of Pennsylvania. He was an associate at the University of Kansas in 1982, at the age of 24, and an assistant professor by 1985, at the age of 26. He taught at Pitt’s academic institution. John took over as UMass’ head coach when he was just 30 years old.

Calipari Record

Calipari began his career in the NCAA in 1982 as an assistant. So, after working as an assistant coach for six years, UMass hired him as their head coach in 1988. During his tenure, the squad went 193-71 and won two division titles. During that time, he fought John Chaney, who famously shouted, “I’ll kill you.”

Calipari moved to the Jersey Nets after this accomplishment, finishing with a 72-112 record. The team’s dismal performance ultimately led to Calipari’s dismissal. After his time as a 76ers assistant, he was hired as the head coach of the Memphis Tigers.

With a record of 252–69 under his direction, they were also ranked first. Calipari coached at a few different schools before settling with the Kentucky Wildcats in 2009. He has a 331-80 record there and won the national championship in 2012.

Calipari Kentucky

coach calipari net worth

It’s safe to say that Calipari will become Kentucky’s second-most successful coach, behind only the legendary Adolph Rupp. Seven of the eleven seasons he has led them through to completion have finished in the first place. They’ve made it to the Final Four four times since he took over.

In 2012, he came in second, and in 2014, he won. The Wildcats have qualified for the NBA finals every year but one (2012-13) under his watch. Under Calipari’s direction, they have won five regular-season SEC titles and five tournament titles.

Calipari and the Nets

Calipari’s Nets debut was forgettable, like his UMass debut. The Nets’ season ended with a dismal 26-56 record. His achievement level skyrocketed in his second season, 1997–1998. The Nets’ record improved to 43-39 after acquiring youngster Keith Van Horn on draft day.

Calipari’s future as Nets head coach appeared bright after the Bulls swept them in the first round. That optimism was short-lived. In 1998–1999, when the season was cut short due to a lockout. The Nets fired coach John Calipari after a dismal 3–17 start.

Calipari and Memphis

In 2000, Calipari resumed coaching basketball as Memphis’ head coach. He led the Tigers to the NIT championship in his first year as head coach. He led the team to its first appearance in the NCAA tournament since 1996 in 2003, his third year as head coach.

Both in 2002 and 2004, they were eliminated in the first round. However, they were once again relegated to the NIT after the 2004–05 season. Nonetheless, it had at least 21 victories during each of its first five years, setting the stage for a breakthrough.

In 2005–06, the squad finished 30-3 and won the Oakland region’s top seed. After cruising over Oral Roberts, Bucknell, and Bradley on their way to the Elite Eight, they narrowly fell to UCLA, 50-45, to end the season with a 33-4 record.

In 2007, Memphis again went 30-3 and was a No. 2 seed in the South section of the tournament. They got all the way to the final four before losing to Ohio State, the eventual champion. Calipari’s Tigers were predicted to have a historic tournament in 2008. The team’s 33-1 record in the regular season was enough to earn them the South’s No. 1 spot in the playoffs.

Once again, Memphis breezed through the Elite Eight and into the Final Four with a victory over Texas. There, they beat UCLA and became the first collegiate team in history to win 38 games in a season, securing their spot in the National Championship Game.

Real Estate

It was revealed in 2009 that Calipari had engaged in several property deals. After hiring on as UK’s head coach, John spent almost $2.2 million on a house in Lexington. He also bought the empty land next door, which at the time was worth over $500,000. Indications were that he planned to develop the adjacent empty property.

The home itself, however, featured a substantial amount of area, perhaps 10,000 square feet. The garage is 1,000 square feet, which is plenty of space for three cars. In addition, there are seven bedrooms, a solarium with ceiling-to-floor windows, and a stone fireplace.

John also made a $1.425 million profit on the sale of his longstanding Memphis residence in 2009. In 2000, he paid $1.495 million for the house. Therefore, he suffered a loss of around $70,000. In a gated enclave beside the Galloway Golf Course, the roughly 7,000-square-foot home lies on 1.26 acres. A basketball court and a tennis court are notable elements.

Calipari Charity and Podcast

The Calipari Foundation was established by Coach Calipari. They contribute to good causes all around the Bluegrass State. Their purpose is to meet the community’s material, instructional, administrative, and developmental demands.

Calipari led the charge during the global outbreak of the coronavirus. Kroger and Fayette County School helped him feed 400 households.

Facebook’s behind-the-scenes series “Inside the Madness: Kentucky Basketball” made Calipari $1 million, all of which he gave to charity. In 2017, Calipari hosted a podcast titled Cal Cast that featured 23 episodes.

Calipari on Social Media

  • Twitter Account: @UKCoachCalipari.
  • Facebook Account: @UKCoachCalipari.

Find Out John Calipari’s Foreign Currency Net Worth

  • A fortune of £39.95 billion.
  • The net worth of 3.95 billion Indian Rupees.
  • Calipari has a net worth of 45,000,000.00 Euros.
  • A net worth of R$251.43 million (USD $132 million).

Favorite Quotes from Calipari

I need upbeat, enthusiastic people to surround me as we build our team. People who say to themselves, “We can do this,” and who then band together to make their dreams come true. Not that I want everyone to wake up everyday singing and dancing, but they should approach problems with the attitude that we can overcome any obstacle if we work together.

coach calipari

In this sense, the helpers act like filters, selecting the information that will eventually reach me. However, the team cannot just side with the player. They are tasked with explaining my actions and their rationale. In every way, it’s the same as being married. Don’t let your kids “divide and conquer” you. You give your partner your full attention, you work to resolve any problems that arise, and you never throw them under the bus.

coach calipari

Almost always, the player’s ultimate goal is to join the NBA as quickly as feasible. More people will wish to visit if that target has been met. Just like that, it operates. In other words, success begets success.

coach calipari

My players have rarely been pushed, so they aren’t ready for Kentucky’s style or the pros.

coach calipari

3 Strong Lessons from Calipari

After learning about Calipari’s net and success. Let’s examine some of his most important lessons:

For every opening you make for other people, you make a few more for yourself.

On the field and off, basketball is a metaphor for life. That’s why it’s so important to instill in children the values of teamwork and selflessness. To the extent that you do so, you will receive increased benefits. To which he continued, if they do that, we’ll win. We are the victorious side.

The Importance of Free Throws

Despite Calipari’s repeated assurances that free throw shooting isn’t a major worry for his squad (as reported by Steve Weinberg of USA Today), the Wildcats have had a rough season.

Kyle Wiltjer Is a Future Leader

Calipari criticized Kyle Wiltjer after Kentucky’s 60-58 victory over Vanderbilt on January 11. His role for the majority of the previous season had been that of the charming, goofy bench player who made a few three-pointers and uploaded humorous videos to YouTube.

Interesting Facts About Calipari

Calipari’s Career Record Now Stands at Almost 600 Victories

Calipari has coached 15 NCAA tournament teams and won over 600 games in 23 years. His win over Kansas in November marked his 600th career triumph. Calipari is a well-rounded coach who has worked at both the NCAA and NBA levels.

He has worked with teams at UMass, Memphis, and the New Jersey Nets. In 2009, he was hired as head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, and in 2012, his team won the National Championship.

A Hall of Fame Vote Has Calipari as a Top Pick

The 2015 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame ballot included “Coach Cal” as a finalist in February. One of the twelve nominees for the Hall of Fame, Calipari is in the running. On April 6, the incoming class will be revealed.

Calipari Has a Wife and Three Kids

While Calipari was volunteering as an assistant coach at Kansas, he met his future wife, Ellen. In the business office of the athletic department, she worked as a secretary. Erin, Megan, and Bradley Calipari are the proud offspring of Dr. and Mrs. Calipari.

Erin played basketball for the University of Massachusetts and graduated with a Ph.D. in neuropharmacology from Wake Forest University in 2013. French pastry chef Megan is a Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, the alumna. Bradley plays basketball for Massachusetts’ MacDuffie School as a junior.

Calipari Played Point Guard for His University

Calipari was a point guard for the Division I University of North Carolina at Wilmington before transferring to the Division II Clarion University in Pennsylvania. He was recognized in Clarion’s Hall of Fame in 1995.

Joe De Gregorio, head coach for Calipari, said in 2009 that point guards are “a dime a dozen.” Due to how common they are. Well, good point guards are hard to come by. He was well in tune with the game and understood its nuances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the real name of Calipari?

John Calipari is his given name.

Q: When is Calipari’s birthday?

On February 10, Calipari became 63 years old.

Q: What is Calipari’s age?

John Calipari age is 63 years old.

Q: How tall is Calipari?

Calipari height is 1.88 meters tall, or 6 feet and 2 inches tall.

Q: How much is Coach Calipari’s net worth?

Experts put Calipari’s net worth at $45 million.

Final Words

The Naismith Trophy for College Coach of the Year has been awarded to Calipari on three separate occasions (1996, 2008, and 2015). Similarly, in 2015, Calipari was elected into the NBA Hall of Fame. As of January 2023, predictions put Coach Calipari’s net worth at $45 million.