What is the Net Worth of Chris Tucker? Early Life, Career, and MORE!

Known for his iconic role as “Carter” in Rush Hour, Chris Tucker has made a name for himself in Hollywood. The American actor and comedian have been in the biz since 1994. Since then, he has amassed considerable wealth. So, you’re likely wondering, what is the net worth of Chris Tucker today?

Due to his dispute with the IRS, Chris Tucker lost a considerable amount of his wealth. So much so that his net worth stood at -$9 million at one point. Luckily, the actor regained some of his fortunes, and as of 2023, Tucker holds a $5 million net worth.

This post discusses how Tucker achieved such fame and fortune and how he lost riches and got it back.

An Overview

Born on August 31, 1971, Chris Tucker is a long-time American actor and comedian. Despite starting as a stand-up comedian, Tucker decided to pursue acting.

Tucker debuted in the comedy flick “House Party 3,” After several roles, he found true success in “Friday.” Despite his low paycheck, Tucker took the job, saying he wanted it for the experience. But it wasn’t until he took his role as Carter in Rush Hour he enjoyed mainstream media.

Once worth tens of millions, Chris Tucker stands at $5 million today.

Early Life

Chris Tucker was born on the 31st of August in 1971. Tucker showed an early interest in comedy when we were young, drawn explicitly to Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor’s humor.

He began performing in his local Atlanta comedy clubs, experiencing local success. But Tucker wanted to seriously pursue his dream of becoming a comedian, leaving him to move to LA after graduating high school.

From there, he scored a gig in “Def Comedy Jam,” and the rest is history.


Chris Tucker aspired to be a comedian, testing his comedy in many Atlanta comedy clubs. He was a local success, but Tucker wanted more. So, he went to LA to pursue his dream and got a set on “Def Comedy Jam.” Although successful, Tucker decided to drop stand-up altogether and began acting.

He debuted on the big screen in 1994, appearing for 90 seconds in the comedy flick “House Party 3.” But it wasn’t until his role as “Carter” in “Rush Hour” Tucker experienced mainstream success. 1998 was the start of Tucker’s successful acting career, earning up to $50 million for all 3 Rush Hour movies.

He Became Highest Paid Actor in the World at The Time

After his success with the two Rush Hour films, Tucker stopped taking any new movies. But during his comeback in 2007, Chris Tucker was set to appear in the franchise’s third and last film. He negotiated with New Line Cinema, earning $25 million for the 3rd installation.

Aside from that, Tucker got 20% of the gross receipts of the third Rush Hour movie. And when combined with his initial salary, this made Tucker the highest-paid actor in the world then. After this, Tucker went on another hiatus from acting. And from here, he began doing stand-up comedy again.

Although Tucker didn’t take as many roles as other actors of his caliber, many still consider him a viable Hollywood star. And rumors say Tucker’s currently in talks with Ice Cube’s production company to make another Friday film.

When He’s Not on the Big Screen

You can find Chris Tucker hosting several programs, like the 2013 BET awards 2013 and Urban One Honors in 2020, when he’s not on the big screen or not on a comedy tour.

Aside from that, Tucker is famous for his charitable giving. The actor launched his foundation, striving to improve the youth’s health and education. Also, he started a golf tournament to bring more attention to his cause, using all proceeds from the game for his charity.

Personal Life

Chris Tucker married Azja Pryor, a former casting director, in 1997. The two welcomed a son but shortly split up in 2003. So far, Tucker didn’t remarry and instead focused on rebuilding his wealth.

He stays good friends with former Rush Hour co-star Jackie Chan. Tucker is also famous for being one of Michael Jackson’s friends before the singer’s tragic demise. They were so tight-knit that Tucker even appeared in one of Jackon’s music videos. And Tucker was also seen in the King of Pop’s memorial service in 2009.

Tucker likes dividing his time between his Atlanta hometown and Las Vegas.

Aside from that, Tucker has repeatedly stated that he is a devoted born-again Christian. Hence, he no longer uses profane speech in his comedy routines. And this is also said to be the main reason he turned down to appear in the Friday sequels.

What is the Net Worth of Chris Tucker?

Chris Tucker’s net worth stands at $5 million.

Most of Tucker’s fortune comes from his acting, mainly his role as “Carter” in the famous Rush Hour franchise. Tucker supposedly earned over $50 million with this film series alone. And he has also scored several significant roles in other titles. Although it didn’t make Tucker as much as Rush Hour, it was enough to boost his wealth.

Unfortunately, Tucker’s wealth has gone down the drain due to a dispute with the IRS. It was so bad that the actor’s net worth stood at -$9 million at one point. But Tucker managed to regain some of his wealth through hosting, documentaries, movie releases, and other jobs.

How Does Chris Tucker Make Money?

Early Years in the Comedy Scene

Chris Tucker earned some of his wealth first in the comedy scene. Although Tucker performed for familiar crowds in Atlanta, he decided to go to LA. He went to the city of angels to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional comedian.

Among the first significant comedy gigs, Tucker got was his set on Def Comedy Jam in 1992. It was a popular stand-up comedy show back then, were most famous comedians today got their start. The aspiring Tucker stood amount the rest thanks to his “clean” comedy. And his first got peopled hooked. 

As he continued running stand-up comedy shows after his debut to the public, he stopped. Chris Tucker began pursuing his acting career. 

Despite his short time in the comedy scene, Tucker likely made a small fortune from his sets. He probably earned around tens of thousands with all his shows combined. 


Chris Tucker’s acting debut was in the comedy film “House Party 3,” launched in 1994. Although Tucker only appeared in the movie for 90 seconds, he got paid handsomely. After all, it was a flick with prominent actors at the time. These include Christopher Martin and Tisha Campbell.

Tucker’s small appearance in the movie was enough to get his acting career going.

A year later, Chris Tucker got one of the leading roles in the film “Friday,” alongside Ice Cube. And though the movie was a success and had sequels, Tucker decided not to continue. That’s because he chose to maintain his “clean” image. Tucker got $10k for the role, which is absurdly low, but the actor said he didn’t mind.

After all, that helped him further boost his acting career.

It wasn’t until 1998 that Chris Tucker experienced mainstream success. He earned the role of 2nd lead of the fan-favorite movie franchise, “Rush Hour.” And this was where not only Tucker began getting more fame, but this was also when he started earning millions.

Chris Tucker starred in the beloved franchise alongside Hollywood legend Jackie Chan. The first Rush Hour was an instant hit, making over $245 million worldwide. And this welcomed more sequels, each more successful than the other. Rush Hour 2 and 3 earned more than the first, with the 2nd reaching $347 million in revenue and the 3rd at $256 million.

With all three Rush Hour movies combined, Chris Tucker likely earned $50 million. And with this, he has made his name known in the industry. He received prestigious awards, including the “Best Cast Ensemble.”

His most recent film was in 2016.

Other Work

When Chris Tucker isn’t on the big screen, you can find him doing stand-up from time to time. And he also started hosting different events, including 3 NAACP Image Awards shows. Sometimes, the actor would also appear in music videos of other artists, notably Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the net worth of Chris Tucker now?

A: Despite making tens of millions in the “Rush Hour” franchise, Chris Tucker is only worth $5 million today. The actor’s net worth stood at a staggering $9 million for a while. But after a lengthy process, the Rush Hour star regained some of his wealth. As of 2023, he’s slowly raising his riches again. 

Q: How much did Chris Tucker get from the Rush Hour movies?

A: Chris Tucker earned approximately $50 million from the Rush Hour franchise, playing “Carter,” the movie’s second lead. And despite the subsequent sequels not receiving as good of a review, Tucker still got paid well for them. After all, the iconic movie with Jackie Chan has become a staple in classic films we all love.

Q: How much did Chris Tucker get for his Netflix Special?

A: According to reports, Chris Tucker has likely got $3 million for his Netflix special. Despite his recent downfall with the IRS, Tucker still gets lucrative deals today. After all, before everything else, he’s a well-respected Hollywood actor and comedian.

Q: What cars does Chris Tucker have as of 2023?

A: Chris Tucker is famous for owning expensive, exotic cars, including an Aston Martin. His Chevrolet Corvette is one of his most prized possessions, considering it’s been there since the start of his acting career. And Tucker’s car collection quickly racks up to the millions.

Q: How much did Chris Tucker get from his appearance on Money Talks?

A: Chris Tucker got approximately $2 million for his appearance on Money Talks. And this is a massive hike for Tucker, who earned less than a million in his previous roles.

Final Words

What is the net worth of Chris Tucker now? As of 2023, Chris Tucker holds a net worth of $5 million, which isn’t even close to his previous earnings.

With his iconic role as “Carter” in the Rush Hour Franchise, it’s not surprising to see Chris Tucker accumulate massive fortune and fame throughout his career. But due to a dispute with the IRS, the actor has allegedly lost $60 million. And this brought down his net worth to a staggering -$9 million for a while. However, the Rush Hour star slowly regained his wealth.

Tucker made it possible with his other roles in movies, whether as a major or minor character. And when he’s not on the big screen, the OG comedian also does stand-up comedy and hosting on the side. Despite the IRS chipping off most of his wealth, Chris Tucker regained some of it and is continually doing so.

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