What is the Current Value of Dennis Rodman? Revealing the Menace’s Worth Today!

Dennis Rodman, a former NBA player, suited up for the Pistons, Bulls, Mavericks, Lakers, and Spurs. “The Worm” was a nickname given to Rodman. Dennis Rodman will be worth approximately $500,000 in July 2023. Due to his massive wealth amassed as just a professional basketball player, this element of his life has also been a matter of much discussion.

The reason was later found to be the athlete’s mounting debt from things like a child and spousal support payments, alimony payments from his two divorces, and the thousands of dollars he spent on rehab and other problems stemming from his substance abuse. Because of that, it is very intriguing to know what is Dennis Rodman’s worth today.

Early Life

Dennis Keith Rodman was born in New Jersey on May 13, 1961, and is a professional basketball player. Rodman is a nice son in the eyes of his mother Shirley and his father Philander Rodman, Jr. As a result of their father’s abandonment, Rodman, his mother, and his two sisters, Debra and Kim, resided in the Dallas area of Oak Cliff. His family was struggling, so his mom worked multiple jobs.

Personal Life

Dennis Rodman began dating Michelle Moyer in 1999, and the couple was married in 2002, three years after Rodman retired from the NBA. In 2001 and 2002, before this, the couple had a total of two children. Two divorces occurred prior to this incident.

The athlete’s previous relationships had also been problematic, so the on-and-off nature of this one wasn’t surprising. In 2012, the divorce became contentious, and Rodman began owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal family support.

Dennis Rodman, who will be 60 years old this year (2023), is rumored to be single at this time. ‘Bad As I Wanna Be: The Dennis Rodman Story,’ a documentary detailing Rodman’s entire existence, revealed that the basketball player aspired to be ‘the parent he never had to his three kids. No one knows if he actually succeeded, but his three kids came out fine, with two of them even going on to have careers in sports.


he career of Dennis Rodman in the basketball industry is no doubt a success. Year after year, he made a remarkable establishment of his name into the spotlight.


Dennis Rodman’s professional life began when the Detroit Pistons selected him in the first round of the 1986 NBA draft. With 52 consecutive victories, the Detroit Pistons cruised into the 1987 NBA Finals. 


After a stellar 1987–1988 campaign, Rodman kept it up the following year, averaging 11.6 points and 8.7 rebounds.

1988 – 1989:

The following year, in 1988–1989, he averaged 9.0 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 27 minutes off the bench. In the end, it was the Pistons who prevailed against the Lakers in the championship series. Rodman had 19 rebounds despite playing through back spasms. The Pistons won the NBA title for two years in a row, and Rodman emerged as a key contributor during that time.


1992 was the beginning of his seven consecutive rebounding championships..Chuck Daly left the Pistons in the year 1993. He was a father figure to Rodman and leaving the team led to a deterioration in Rodman’s relationship with the team’s management.

1995 – 1996:

In the 1995–96 season, the Chicago Bulls acquired Rodman in a trade, and he started playing power forward for them. This team already had a number of well-known athletes on its roster.


He returned to the ring in 2008 to take part in and ultimately win the Celebrity Wrestling Championship organized by Hulk Hogan.


In 2011, after a lengthy absence from the NBA, Dennis Rodman was elected into the Hall of Fame. Despite many tries, he was never again as dominant on the court as he had been in the past.

Some of Dennis Rodman’s finest moments include:

  • (1989-1991) NBA Defensive Player of the Year 
  • (1990, 1992), NBA All-Star Team 

Dennis Rodman NBA Success

For several successful seasons, Rodman and the Pistons made a formidable duo. Having Rodman on the team was a major step toward a new era of Pistons basketball. With Chuck Daly as head coach—a man Rodman grew to admire—and Isiah Thomas at point guard, Detroit rose to the league’s upper echelons. They were champions in 1989 and 1990.

The contribution of Rodman was crucial. Rodman was a tough rebounder and ferocious defender, earning him a spot on the 1990 NBA All-Star team as well as the award for Defensive Player of the Year. The first of his seven straight rebounding titles came in 1992.

Rodman’s bond with the Pistons worsened following Daly’s exit in 1993, and he was finally moved to San Antonio Spurs. Rodman was transferred once more before the 1995-96 playoffs, this time with the Chicago Bulls, with whom he won three consecutive NBA titles partnering Michael Jordan plus Scottie Pippen.

Advice from Dennis Rodman: The Three Pointers

Since you now know how much Dennis Rodman is worth and how he got there, it’s time to examine the most important lessons we can take away from his life and career:

  1. Smile 

Spread joy around by flashing your widest grin at other people. The best lesson Rodman could have ever learned!

  1. Everything in Life Takes Time.

Defying the odds to achieve success takes more than a few months to arrive. It’s a long process. That being said, try to hold off. Believe that success is in your future.

  1. It’s Okay to Feel Powerfully

It’s a lot more healthy than shutting down your emotional life altogether.

Extracurricular Activities

During the late ’90s, Rodman tried his hand at professional wrestling alongside his NBA career. At about the same time, he starred in his own series called The Rodman World Tour.

Rodman eventually established himself as a fixture on reality TV. He became a contestant for the second time in “The Apprentice,” a corporate reality program of Donald Trump in 2013 as he returned to the show. Rodman, who was notorious for his reckless behavior, tried to change his ways in 2010 on the reality shows Superstar Rehab and Sober House.

Media Appearances

Dennis Rodman was the first man to post nude photographs in support of PETA’s crusade, “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur,” in 2005, five years after his retirement. The next year, he published his autobiography, titled “Should Be Dead By Now.” His first book, 1996’s “Bad As I Wanna Be,” was followed by this one.

Gaining the position of a commissioner in the Lingerie Football League was a career high point for the athlete in 2005. In addition to “Third Rock From the Sun,” “Celebrity Big Brother,” “Love Island,” and “Celebrity Mole,” Dennis Rodman has been on a number of other shows since his retirement.

Achievements After Retirement

In light of his retirement and the myriad problems he has faced, Dennis Rodman can regard being named GQ’s Fashion Icon of the Year in 2021 as one of his greatest accomplishments. This is hardly shocking, given the athlete’s well-deserved reputation for having a sharp sense of style, which extends from the regular dying of his hair—the most recognizable of which is a neon orange—to the accessories he wears every day.

Issues After Retirement

More than a hundred arrests since he began his career make it safe to assume that “Dennis Rodman has issues,” which is probably an understatement. This includes a wide range of wrongdoing, such as legal infractions, family violence, sexual assault allegations, DUIs, obstructing justice, and more. The athlete clearly struggles with drug misuse. But since 2008, when he first became an outpatient at a recovery center, he has made substantial progress toward a resolution.

Political Stance

In 2016, Dennis Rodman made headlines once again by declaring his endorsement of Donald Trump. The two were close friends, and he felt compelled to advocate for the then-candidate. 2020: He endorsed Kanye West’s presidential bid. Even so, this is not the whole story. 

Because of his strong relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the public has viewed Dennis Rodman as a “broker” since 2013. The two countries had not so a good relationship with each other, so Rodman had to work on the improvement of its relationship. He went as far as declaring the tyrant a lifelong friend. 

He made a series of gratuitous political statements in support of the tyrant and the injustices associated with his name, so the criticism he experienced was understandable. The sportsman has repeatedly stated that he only wants to promote peace between his nation and North Korea, which are currently at war with each other. One of Rodman’s stated aims is to introduce and promote sports in North Korea.

What is Dennis Rodman’s Current Net Worth?

According to available financial data, Dennis Rodman has a net worth of $500,000 as of the year 2023. In light of the fact that he made millions as just a professional basketball player, this part of his personal finances has also been a matter of much discussion.

What Is Dennis Rodman Doing Now?

If you want to talk about a divisive figure in basketball, Dennis Rodman is your go-to guy every time. After his time with the Pistons, he spent time in the NBA with the Spurs, the Bulls, the Lakers, and the Mavericks. The world knows who Rodman is thanks to his extraordinary athleticism.

Many in the NBA regarded him as the best rebounder ever. However, we can’t deny that there are significant moments, struggles, and broad lessons embedded in his legacy. It’s an understatement to imply that he lives in a world of constant insecurity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Dennis Rodman confirm or deny he is gay?

A man who is bisexual is Dennis Rodman. He enjoys sexual relationships with both males and females.

Q: How old is Dennis Rodman now?

At 60 years, “The Worm” is enjoying his existence.

Q: How tall is Dennis Rodman?

Dennis Rodman has a height of 2.01 m (6 feet 7 inches).

Final Thoughts

You can disagree with his politics or personal beliefs, but you can’t dispute the fact that he was a very good basketball player. Rodman’s charisma stemmed from the fact that he was genuine while being visibly and behaviorally different from the majority of professional basketball’s A-listers.

The sum of money Rodman has amassed amounts to only $500,000. Considering he has one of the most famous names and faces in NBA history, that isn’t a whole lot of money. Even yet, at age 60, Rodman is certain to keep doing whatever he pleases.