What Is Jonny Moseley Net Worth

Jonny Moseley is a $5 million net worth Olympic skier and T.V. personality. Jonny Moseley rose to fame and money as a gold medalist for the United States ski team via sponsorships and appearances in the media. Moseley is the 1st Puerto Rican athlete to make the United States Skiing Team. Moseley wins the gold medal in the men’s mogul event at the 1998 Winter Olympics and a bronze medal in the combo event at the 1995 Freestyle World Ski Championships.

He is most known for presenting MTV’s ‘The Challange’ for three seasons. He has also presented reunion specials for ‘Battle of the Sexes,’ ‘Battle of the Seasons,’ ‘Rivals II,’ and ‘Free Agents.’ Let us continue to know how much Jonny Moseley net worth.

Early Life

Jonathan William Moseley was born on August 27, 1975, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When his family arrived in California in 1978, he saw snow for the first time. Jonny has two elder brothers, and after moving to Tiburon, California, he joined The Branson School in Ross.

The Moseleys spent every weekend in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and Jonny started skiing lessons when he was nine years old. He participated in the Squaw Valley’s Freestyle Ski Team in 1992 and quickly became the Junior National Freestyle Ski Champion. Moseley completed high school in 1993 and was selected for the United States Ski Team. He subsequently enrolled at UC Davis, but his studies were cut short due to his hard training.

Having dropped out, Jonny was asked to deliver the school’s graduating convocation speech in 2002. He eventually returned to college, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies with an emphasis on Consumer and Popular Culture in 2007.

Personal Life

jonny moseley net worth
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On March 25, 2006, Moseley married business manager Malia Rich in Telluride, Colorado. Moseley & Rich met in high school & started dating in 2001 before getting engaged on April 20, 2003. The couple’s first child, Jonathan “Jack” William Moseley Jr., was born on September 4, 2007, at San Francisco, California.

Jonny Moseley Net Worth

Jonny Moseley is a well-known skier who was born on August 27, 1975, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Jonny Moseley’s net worth is $5 million as of January 9, 2023. At the 1994 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships, he earned his first major medal.

Skiing Career

jonny moseley net worth
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Moseley tested out for the 1994 Winter Olympics but did not make the team. He won two World Cup races in 1998, which qualified him for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Jonny won gold after adding a snowboard-style grab it into a spin, and his performance “helped spark a re-birth of the ski business known as Freeskiing,” according to his official website.

Later that year, at the World Cup, he won both the Mogul and Overall titles. Moseley became the first skier ever to win a medal in both the Olympics as well as the X Games after requesting that the U.S. Ski Team allow skiers to participate in professional tournaments.

Jonny earned a silver medal in the Big Air event at the 1999 X Games. He won the U.S. Freeskiing Open in 2000 and finished fourth in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Moseley devised the “Dinner Roll,” which he describes as “a 720-degree off-axis rotation, whereby you ski off the jump, make two complete spins, one on the horizontal plane and the other in the vertical plane.”


Moseley competed in and won the very first two World Cup races of that year, qualifying him for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, where he earned a gold medal. Later that year, with nine victories, he won the 1998 World Cup Mogul Skiing championship. He also won the U.S. National Championship.

Moseley demanded that the International Ski Federation amend its stance to enable its skiers to compete in professional competitions such as ESPN’s X Games, where he received a silver medal throughout the Big Air events. Moseley was the first skier to win silver medals in both the X Games and the Olympics (Gold).


Moseley was crowned U.S. Freeskiing Open and reclaimed a position in the United States in 2001. Ski Team competing in World Cup qualifying in Sunday River, Maine. Moseley participated in the Olympic Games in 2002 but finished fourth. Moseley delivered the graduating keynote at UC Berkeley. Moseley’s selection by the senior class committee was contentious at the time since he had dropped out of college.

Honors and Recognitions

Moseley has received several awards and recognitions, including a parade in his honor wherein San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown announced a “Jonny Moseley Day” and presented him the “key” to the city. He was selected “Sportsman of the Year” by the United States Olympic Committee in 1998 and has been on the covers of Freeskier & Rolling Stone magazines.

In 2002, he was selected as the usual post-Olympics athletes host of Saturday Night Live, presenting the March 2, 2002, edition with musical guest Outkast. He appeared on the program in a comedy called “Jonny’s Journey,” in which he traveled “around the globe on a never-ending Dinner Roll” using a green screen.

Moseley is widely recognized for popularizing the Iron Cross feat, in which an athlete crosses his skis midair during a jump. This technique was a dramatic departure from traditional air tricks such as Daffies, Backscratchers, and Moonwalks.

Jonny Moseley Celebrity Career

Moseley has a website where he sells things with his logo on them, and he has starred in commercials for McDonald’s and Sprint. On May 17, 2007, he received his B.A. in American Studies with a specialization in Consumer and Popular Culture from the University of California, Berkeley. Jonny Moseley Mad Trix, a level-based extreme skiing game named after the skier, was published in December 2001 by 3DO.

Moseley, who now resides in California, hosted three seasons of MTV’s reality program Real World/Road Rule Challenge (now called The Challenge). He is a celebrity judge on the ABC program “Master of Champions,” along with Steve Garvey & Oksana Baiul. Moseley presented Saturday Night Live after the 2002 Olympics. Moseley created the aerial ski maneuver “The Dinner Roll,” which he discussed in a 2002 lecture at UC Berkeley.

📺Warren Miller’s Playground

In 2007, Warren Miller’s Playground, narrated by Moseley, was released. He appeared in the film as well, as he has in previous Warren Miller ski films. Moseley has subsequently narrated every film. He went on to narrate many additional Warren Miller films. Moseley also had a weekly radio show on Sirius/X.M. channel 41. “The Moseley Method” was the name of the program. Moseley worked as a color commentator for NBC during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, covering the moguls, aerials, and ski cross events.

📺ABC Show Skating

In 2010, he was paired with former Pair skater Brooke Castile on the ABC show Skating with the Stars. Mosley came in third place as the 2nd runner-up. He now serves as the host of Ford Motor Company’s newest viral campaign, Focus Rally’s America.

📺American Ninja Warrior

Moseley joined G4 as a co-host in “American Ninja Warrior” in 2011. In 2012, the program was relocated to NBC, and he continued to host. Moseley made an appearance on Under-cover Boss in 2013, posing as the host of a phony reality show in which Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows President Andy Wirth is reportedly a rival.

📺Sprint and McDonalds

Jonny has been in Sprint and McDonald’s commercials, and he hosted the MTV reality show “Real World/Road Rules Challenge” from 2003 – 2005. From 2012 to 2014, he also presented “The Challenge: After Show,” as well as three “The Challenge” reunions.


Jonny has been in several documentaries, including “Freeriders” (1998), “Uprising” (1998), “Fifty” (1999), “The Realm” (1999), “Area 51” (1999), “Ski Movie” (2000), “Like a Lion” (2011), “Flow State” (2012), “McConkey” (2013), and “On Thin Ice” (2014). (2021). In 2013, he appeared in the “American Dad!” episode “Da Flippity Flop,” and in 2022, he co-hosted Peacock’s “The Olympic Show” along with Matt Iseman.

Moseley “devotes the bulk of his time to product design and marketing for the firms he partners with, including Palisades Tahoe, Visit California, Toyota, Warren Miller, K2, Peter Glenn, & Tipsy Elves,” according to his website.


Jonny likes discussing his narrative and sharing his knowledge with business groups both on and off of the hill, in addition to working with his long-term partners. Jonny has given over 100 seminars and keynote presentations, including the UC Berkeley graduation address. AIG, Raymond James, Chase, Marketo, Salesforce, Apple, & Autodesk are among the clients. A link to a sample keynote speech is provided upon request. Jonny has also worked as an MC on live events such as fundraisers. Video samples are available upon request.

Working together with excellent firms established and nurtured Jonny’s career. Jonny appreciates all aspects of this equation & continues to support the businesses he cares about with innovative P.R. and marketing efforts in addition to product development help.

Jonny Moseley Favorite Quotes

🗣”Freestyle skiing is a judged sport that is based on advancement and iteration. I discovered that judging might be difficult, particularly when asked to distinguish between comparable performances. I took enjoyment in attempting to make it simple for the judges to choose me by having a unique characteristic.” – Jonny Moseley.

🗣My experience presenting T.V. programs was useful as I assisted with the transfer of my partners’ marketing initiatives to Zoom. For instance, I assisted in the creation of a virtual skiing show for my retails partner Peter Glenn as well as a virtual red carpet for Warren Miller.”- Jonny Moseley.

🗣”In business, I think this is known as a unique selling proposition. Customers act as judges, and you’d like to make it simple for them to pick you. The only approach to do this is to produce something demonstrably superior. This may be difficult, and I failed a few times.” – Jonny Moseley.

🗣”We’re pleased that we’re moving ahead… I believe we reached an acceptable compromise with the neighbors on their concerns. Many of the fears were valid, but others were far-fetched.” – Jonny Moseley.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Jonny Moseley?

Jonny served as an Olympic and World Cup Freestyle skiing pundit for NBC from 2010 to 2022. He is the current narrator of the yearly Warren Miller Entertainment ski film and co-hosted The Olympic Show on Peacock in 2022.

Did Moseley get the Nobel Prize?

Moseley, 27, was shot and died at the Battle of Gallipoli on August 10, 1915. Experts feel that Moseley should have received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1916.

What is Jonny Moseley’s height?

Jonny Moseley height is 1.80 m.

What did Jonny Moseley accomplish in the Olympics?

At the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, American Jonny Moseley won gold in men’s moguls with a 360 mute grab; Finns Janne Lahtela & Sami Mustonen claimed silver and bronze, respectively.

Who was the most famous skier in history?

Ingemar Stenmark, from Josejo in Sweden, takes the first spot on the list of best skiers. He grew up in Tanaby, near the Norwegian border, where he was born in 1956.

Final Thoughts

Jonny Moseley is a T.V. personality and Olympic skier. Moseley earned his fortune as a competitive skier, as well as via endorsements and media appearance. Jonny was born on the island of Puerto Rico. He had an early interest in skiing. He created a reputation for himself as the 1st Puerto Rican athlete to join the U.S. Ski Team. Jonny Moseley’s net worth is projected to be $5 million as of January 2023. Do you want to know xavien howard net worth? Click here!