What is Fetty Wap’s Net Worth? See How He Earned his Fortune Here

Famous for his hit “Trap Queen,” Fetty Wap has become one of the mainstays of modern rap. Debuting at the top of the Billboard 200, Fetty Wap has seen immense success. But since his debut in 2014, many are wondering if he’s still making racks. And you’re likely wondering what is Fetty Wap’s net worth now.

As of 2023, Fetty Wap holds a $1 million net worth. Despite being a platinum musician, the rapper hasn’t grown his wealth as much due to his run-ins with the law.

This post discusses how Fetty Wap achieved such fame and wealth.

An Overview

Born on June 7, 1991, Fetty Wap is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter. He struggled in his youth, growing up in poverty in Patterson, NJ. And he resorted to selling drugs to make a living when he dropped out of high school.

Fetty Wap began making music in 2014 with his friend, Monty. The two experimented with several beats from SoundClick. And during the same year, the aspiring rapper showed a rough sample of his first track, “Trap Queen,” to an independent record label, RFG. Shortly after, he released the single, debuting at no. 1 on the Billboard 200.

After his first single, his consecutive tracks continually landed in the top spots of the Billboard charts, making Fetty Wap a household name in the industry. And he also collaborated with many artists, like French Montana and Nicki Minaj.

When he’s not making his music, Fetty Wap produces and writes tracks for others.

Early Life

Willie Maxwell, “Fetty Wap,” was born on the 7th of June in 1991 in Patterson, NJ. Since his birth, Maxwell had struggled with glaucoma. It’s an eye condition that causes vision loss. And due to this, Maxwell lost his left eye. Hence, he mostly wore a prosthetic for it.

Many bullied the young Maxwell, and he threw a desk at a classmate. However, Maxwell embraced this flaw and became comfortable in his skin. One day, Maxwell accepted his disability by not using his prosthetic eye.

Maxwell said growing up in Patterson was a struggle as people were trying to rise from poverty and difficulties. And seeing his community struggle is among the main reasons Maxwell now strives to help those in need.

His first exposure to music was from church while attending with his father and brother. Maxwell would perform at the church, playing the drums, which continued into his high school days. But that didn’t last long as Maxwell dropped out due to fights, forcing him to start dealing drugs.

At that point, Maxwell was homeless.


Fetty Wap started rapping to bring himself out of poverty and make a name for himself. He and his friend, Monty, began experimenting with different beats from SoundClick. With these, the two recorded several demos, honing their rap styles and skills. And as his confidence grew, Fetty Wap became more comfortable developing his unique style. 

One day, Fetty Wap discovered a rap beat that would bring him out of poverty.

Breakthrough with Trap Queen 

That unique beat formed the foundation for Fetty Wap’s biggest hit to date, “Trap Queen.” It was made by a Belarusian producer, Tony Fadd, who wasn’t as famous then. He showed a rough sample of the track to Nitt Da Gritt, who ran the independent record label RFG. 

Shortly, Fetty Wap recorded the track professionally and released it in 2014. And it wasn’t long until the song became a hit, peaking at the top of the Billboard 200. Currently, the track has more than 130 million streams on SoundCloud and over 600 million on YouTube. And all these have helped Fetty Wap’s first track reach platinum status,

With the unique beat and Fetty Wap’s distinct vocal delivery, it was bound for success. But his success didn’t end there! His single “679” also became a hit even though it didn’t perform as well as the previous track. The title peaked at no. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, where Fetty Wap said he believes it to be his best song yet.

After those, Fetty Wap released another huge hit, “May Way,” peaking at no. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. And at this point, Fetty Wap was experiencing immense success on par with some of the most iconic rappers in history. And with his 3rd single out, Fetty Wap has become the first male rapper to have three singles in the top 20 spots on Billboard since Eminem.

Moreover, since Lil Wayne, Fetty Wap became the first male rapper to have several singles reach the top 10 spots on the Billboard charts.

By 2015, the young rapper became a household name in modern rap, making him a millionaire with just a couple of single hits under his name.


After his three successful singles, Fetty Wap released his self-titled album in 2015. And this earned the rapper two Grammy nominations, earning him many collaborations. These include working with prominent names such as Nicki Minaj and French Montana.

Unique Musical Style

Fetty Wap mixes singing and rapping, making it his signature style. Some compare the young rapper with Future for his melodic rapping, but he has similar rapping to Drake. And though Fetty Wap has cited several artists as his biggest influences, he repeatedly stated that Gucci Mane had had the most impact on his music.

Personal Life

One of Fetty Wap’s significant struggles is the judgments he gets around his eye. And in an interview, the young rapper shared that he has gotten judgmental reactions due to his eye. He stated that he was one of the first rappers to come to the music scene with a single eye and be comfortable with it.

Fetty Wap continued by saying that despite people being judgmental, it’s all about how he shows himself to the masses. And that’s why people won’t know about him until they see him. As of now, Fetty Wap often wears a prosthetic eye given to him as a teenager.

Eye issues aside, Fetty Wap is notorious for his messy dating life. He has several kids from different mothers, one sadly passing away a few years back. His young daughter died due to a heart issue at four years old.

But what’s most notable about Fetty Wap’s personal life is his run-ins with the law. Last year, the “Trap Queen” star got arrested in New York with charges related to illegal substance distribution and possession. He was among the six men indicted on drug distribution charges, allegedly earning approximately $1.5 million on drug sales.

Despite being released from jail earlier this year, Fetty Wap was arrested again in August 2022. He pleaded guilty to a count of conspiracy to drug-related issues, making him face a 5-year mandatory service.

What is Fetty Wap’s Net Worth?

Fetty Wap holds a net worth of $1 million in 2023.

His wealth mostly comes from his music releases. And thanks to his successful debut, Fetty Wap quickly got a lucrative deal. Currently, the rapper is with Atlantic Recording Corporation. But since Fetty Wap has been active since 2013, he has likely earned around $3 million before taxes.

Approximately, Fetty Wap earns around $500k annually. And his tax obligation is about 37%, considering he lives and works in New Jersey. So, after tax, Fetty Wap’s career earnings could’ve been around $1.8 million, paying over $1.1 million in taxes.

But as high as Fetty Wap’s net worth is for his age, it dwindled to what it was once during his peak. After all, the rapper continually gets into legal trouble, often getting arrested. For example, in 2021, Fetty Wap was charged with conspiracies related to illegal substances. The rapper pleaded not guilty, releasing on a $500k bond, and this, alongside lawyer fees, has brought down his wealth considerably.

Aside from that, reports say that Fetty has gotten sued several times. And these include cases for copyright infringement, property damage, assault, and defamation. As a result, it’s safe to say that Fetty Wap possesses a net worth of just over $1 million despite his lucrative earnings.

How Does Fetty Wap Make Money?

Music + Record Contract

Fetty Wap mainly earned money through music and became rich shortly after his debut in 2014. He mostly gets cash from his biggest hit, “Trap Queen,” making him a platinum record. It gained plenty of attention, topping several music charts a year later. And the track even stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for 25 weeks straight. 

Not only did this track boost his popularity, but it also scored him a lucrative record deal. As of 2023, Fetty Wap holds a contract with the major record label Atlantic Recording Corp. Also, it was successful that the song got named one of the best hip-hop songs of that year. And it got backed by many prestigious magazines, ranging from Rolling Stone to Vice.

Aside from that, the single beat Eminem and Lil Wayne’s records. And this made Fetty Wap the first male rapper to have three different tracks in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. And when he released his 4th single, “Again,” the rapper’s four songs peaked at the Hot Rap Songs chart, becoming the first to achieve that record in 26 years.

With all these successful tracks and being active in the music industry since 2013, Fetty Wap has likely earned around $3 million before taxes in this sector alone.


Fetty Wap is famous for dabbling in stocks, which is uncommon among young rappers. He has managed to grow his fortune more thanks to this. But the rapper doesn’t do this alone as he asks his lawyers and accountants for assistance.

Video Game

Fetty Wap has launched a successful mobile game involving street racing. And this has likely earned him hundreds of thousands. But ironically, the rapper got arrested for drag racing a year after the game’s release.

Real Estate 

Fetty Wap has invested in several properties, adding more to his wealth. But Fetty Wap’s real estate choices aren’t as grand as other rappers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Fetty Wap’s net worth today?

A: As of 2023, Fetty Wap boasts a net worth of $1 million. The American rapper and producer kicked off his career in 2014. And he experienced immense success in his debut, selling over 129,000 copies of his album. But due to numerous run-ins with the law, Fetty Wap hasn’t managed to grow his wealth as much.

Q: How many albums did Fetty Wap sell during the first week?

A: Fetty Wap’s first track peaked at the top spot on the US Billboard Hot 200. He sold over 129,000 album-equivalent units during the first week. And in the later week, the album managed to stay in the top 4, selling over 64,000. Either way, this paved the way for Fetty Wap’s successful rap career.

Q: What’s Fetty Wap up to now in 2023?

A: Despite getting released from jail last year, Fetty Wap got put back again this year. The “Trap Queen” star got arrested on August 8, 2022, after he violated his pretrial release terms. And a few weeks later Fetty Wap pleaded guilty to his drug charges, meaning he can face up to 5 years in prison.

Q: Is Fetty Wap still making money in 2023?

A: Fetty Wap, despite all the run-ins with the law still makes money in 2023. The American rapper boasts over a $1 million net worth. And he gets money from royalties from his biggest hit “Trap Queen,” which has become a platinum record. Also, Fetty Wap is currently signed to the record label Atlantic Recording Corp.

Q: How did Fetty Wap’s daughter pass away?

A: Fetty Wap’s daughter died from cardiac arrhythmia. And it was caused by complications of congenital anomalies. His young daughter passed away at the young age of 4. 

Final Words

What is Fetty Wap’s net worth? As of 2023, Fetty Wap holds a $1 million net worth. With his successful debut, it’s unsurprising to see the rapper reach such fortune early on. When he’s not working on his tracks, Fetty Wap also produces and writes songs for other artists. And he’s likely also earning royalties from that, boosting his wealth.

Moreover, Fetty Wap is currently signed under the record label, Atlantic Recording Corporation. And this contract alone gives the rapper hundreds of thousands in cash. Despite his many run-ins with the law, Fetty Wap has managed to maintain his net worth in the 7 figures.

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