The Life Of Scott Hamilton: Professional Career, Family, and NET WORTH!

If you’re into figure skating, Scott Hamilton is a familiar star to you. He was a fan of skating at a young age, like you, which made him consider it his “grown-up sport.” He is one of the most victorious athletes in professional figure skating history, and now we’ll reveal his journey to stardom. Keep on reading, and don’t forget to share this story with your colleagues!


Growing up in Ohio and growing up young, Scott Hamilton had an impressive career skater and was labeled as the most famous man in the sport. It took lots of hard work for Hamilton to become an Olympic champion figure skater.

Born with the condition that stunted his growth, Scott Hamilton was about two years old when he stopped growing. Doctors ran hundreds of tests and gave him false diagnoses. Finally, the tumor in his brain was discovered, and it was operating like a “cruise missile” that continued to grow.

After a crippling childhood disease left him with a small stature and stunted growth, he was adopted by an academic family, who encouraged him to start figure skating. He was adopted into a family of professors, and he wasn’t particularly interested in school. By the time he was a teenager, Scott had developed a passion for ice skating that eventually took him to the heights of international fame as a world-class figure skater.


When Hamilton entered the national spotlight in 1980, his competition-focused personality and dedication to perfection won over the hearts of fans. It took only 28 days for Hamilton’s unprecedented achievement of winning four consecutive US Championships to become a part of history.

After losing a competition only once in 1979, he was undefeated for ten years. Hamilton joined the national limelight in 1980 when he contested the US Figure Skating Championships. Finishing third place, he reached a spot on the US Olympic team. Then, Hamilton went on to conclude fifth at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.


🟪 Commentator

A figure skating and football historian, Hamilton is a special contributor to 2006 “Skating with Celebrities,” a show made famous by his witty commentary. He s a multi-talented man that has the ability to understand what is happening behind the scenes in this industry. His charisma and personable nature have made him a hit in the figure skating world.

🟪 Author

Scott Hamilton has a lot to spill. Scott Hamilton writes about his journey to greatness in books that are about his life and his career. Hamilton’s first book, “Landing it: My Life on the Edge,” came out in 1999. A decade later, Hamilton wrote “The Great Eight.” In 2018, Hamilton released another book- a self-help book called “Finish First.” His books masterfully describe the glory of figure skating, the pain of its losses, and the pleasure of its victories.

🟪 Charity

Scott Hamilton met his wife, Tracie Robinson, in 1993, and they married in 2002. They both have the initiative to help and support various organizations up to the moment when they established their own.

Hamilton, a Cancer survivor himself, focuses his charitable giving on efforts dedicated to cancer research and patient support. He also supports the Special Olympics and serves as their global ambassador. In fact, he founded the Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation in 2002 to help support cancer patients.

His sense of humor is an asset when making the plea to support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.


“I see a day where everyone survives cancer. A day when no one suffers their way through their treatments. A day cancer does no harm. Our body holds the keys to surviving this insidious disease, and only through the research we are funding that we can unlock the keys to a much brighter future – a future celebrating survivors. Join me!”

-Scott hamilton

The Scott Hamilton CARES foundation works to fund innovative cancer research that treats, lessens the pain of, and/or prevents all forms of cancer. Scott Hamilton CARES is revolutionizing cancer by combining the resources of collaborative experts.

Caring for a treasured one with cancer is never easy, but at least you won’t have to worry about combating the disease on your own. The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation provides resources and education for anyone affected by cancer.


Scott Hamilton has a recorded net worth of $ 9 million due to his skating career. Scott and Tracie must have really liked Tennessee. After all, they paid $2.6 million for a home here in August of 2017. A year later, they listed their former Tennessee home for $3.1 million


I’m sure you know Scott Hamilton. He’s one of the most successful figure skaters ever, and he was the first American man to win gold at the Winter Olympics. But there are some fun facts you might not know about Scott Hamilton:

🟥 Biological mom

Though Hamilton was adopted shortly after birth, he learned about his biological mother and met her when he was 27 years old.

🟥 Bold final routine

Hamilton’s performance of “Carmen” is considered one of the greatest exhibitions ever done in professional figure skating. It was a bold final routine in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, on February 14, 1984, to win the gold medal by only 1/5th of a point over his teammate Brian Boitano.

The music was “Carmen,” and Hamilton skated with fire and passion that had never been equaled before or since. The judges were so overwhelmed by his artistry and athleticism that they gave him the highest mark possible: 6.0 points out of 6.0 points possible (Hamilton received 6.0s from all nine judges).

🟥 Wizard Hamilton

“Carmen” performance was different from other performances because he performed it on ice with a live orchestra playing behind him, and many people thought it was the best thing they had ever seen. It was so impressive that people called Hamilton a wizard who had powers to make others feel things that weren’t real. This performance changed figure skating forever by showing people how much fun it can be to watch someone skate!

🟥 Stars on Ice

One of Scott’s most notable accomplishments is the creation of Stars on Ice, a touring ice show that features Olympic and World Championship medalists. Beginning in 1986, it has been running for over 30 years and is currently in its 31st year. Scott produced the show from its inception until he retired from skating in 2013.

In addition to his TV work, Hamilton has also produced several figures skating television specials and events, including Scott Hamilton & Friends with Kristi Yamaguchi. In 1986 he founded the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Scott Hamilton displayed grace and poise throughout his life, which made him an elite figure not just in figure skating but in the broader world of athletics. I hope you enjoyed hearing about Scott Hamilton’s life as a figure skater and how he overcame injury and tragedy to regain his role as a champion in the sport. You can browse our other featured stars to know their stories (and NET WORTH!).