Matthew Haag Net Worth: Twitching His Wealth & Success!

To a large extent, YouTube is where Matt Haag makes his money. Just how rich is 30-year old Matt Haag, and what is his actual net worth at this time? As of the year 2023, Matt Haag has accumulated a net worth of $1.3 million. Somewhere between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000,000 is how much money is thought to be in Matt Haag’s bank account or how much he earns annually. He makes most of his money from hosting viral videos on YouTube.

Who Exactly is Matthew Haag?

As a YouTube sensation, Matt Haag has amassed a sizable following. Matt’s birthday is August 3, and he was born in Palos Hills, IL. He’s since gained fame on the video-sharing platform YouTube and supports himself as a skilled Call of Duty player.

Among his many achievements are being named Most Valuable Player and winning the MLG All-Star Classic. He also won Gamebattles Live and is the reigning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 champion. As a native American, Matt feels proud of his American heritage. Professionally playing Call of Duty is how he makes a career. It is just like the popular YouTuber Soar Gaming.

Family and Childhood

Before he became well-known, he started playing in Call of Duty tournaments. He was only 13 when he turned professional. The original Modern Warfare game came out a year later, in the summer of 2004. Matthew’s dad, Jeffery, is an Illinoisan and her mother gave birth to him in Palos Hills. But, in 2012, his mother passed away.

Personal Life 

As of Monday, August 3, 1992, Matt Haag has been a resident of Palos Hills, Illinois (Millennials Generation). Leo, by sign and at age 30, has arrived. The outstanding esports player at The Game Awards 2014 went to Nadeshot, aka Matthew Haag. He also won the Call of Duty XP World Championship in 2011

As a member of the broadcasting program and Red Bull eSports, he is a professional gamer that competes online. Several gaming hardware manufacturers, notably Astro Gaming and Scuf Gaming, sponsor Haag. Following the Call of Duty World Championship 2015 in April, Nadeshot announced his retirement from professional gaming and departure from OpTic as a player. Nadeshot, or Optic Nadeshot, as he is most commonly known, has been with Optic Gaming LLC since June of 2010.

He started playing in Call of Duty tournaments when he was 13. He turned pro two years later, when the first Modern Warfare game came out in the summer of 2004. Unfortunately, their academic background is yet unknown. 

Facts About Matthew Haag

  • Matthew worked as a cashier at a McDonald’s restaurant until he decided to make a career change and enter the eSports sector.
  • He got his gaming handle/screen name, Nadeshot (formerly styled as’ NaDeSHoT ‘). From the term “grenade shot,” which is a move in the military science fiction media franchise Halo. That entails throwing a grenade and then firing a rifle.
  • He used to be a good amateur player of the first-person shooter Halo 2. But after getting the Gears of War computer game series for Christmas, he switched to playing that instead.
  • In 2007, he came up one spot short of making it to the MLG Chicago tournament while competing in Gears of War. At the youthful age of 16, he had become a veteran player by the moment Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released.
  • When his Call of Duty squad, OpTic Gaming, won a tournament in the 2011–12 season. He took home $100,000 and the team took home $400,000 together.
  • He was honored as the best player in electronic sports at that year as well The Game Awards. To accept the honor, he traveled to Las Vegas with a small group that included teammates, friends, and sponsors.
  • His right leg is covered with tattoos, one of which reads, “S*x is Transitory, Playing is Forever.”
  • In September 2021, Nadeshot gave 200 free subscribers to a small-time Twitch streamer named Wrighteous. Since Nadeshot enjoyed the City of Sound, he gave the band $3000 to help fund their tour.

What Makes Nadeshot (Matthew Haag) So Special?

He won multiple tournaments because he was dedicated to improving his gaming skills. Haag has a large female fan base because of his attractive, “boy-next-door” features. But he is better known for his brilliant gaming prowess. 

He gained international fame as a gamer at age 16. And now, at age 24, he owns a top gaming organization. His modesty has helped him get far in life. He loves meeting his fans and giving advice to people who want to play.

Rapid Ascent to Fame 

At the young age of 13, he got his start as a professional gamer thanks to the “Halo” video game series. In 2007, for Christmas, he got the video game Gears of War. He almost made it into the MLG Illinois Gears of War tournament. In 2010, after three years of competitive gaming, he joined the top team, “OpTic Gaming,” and became an instant celebrity

With his 2011 ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3′ victory came a $100,000 prize for him and a $400,000 pot for his team. Haag and his squad won the Xbox One MLG X Games in 2013, besting the “Evil Geniuses” with a score of 3-1. In the semifinals, to go to the championship match against “Team Kaliber,” the tournament’s heavy favorites. In 2014, Nadeshot was honored as “esports Player of the Year” and “MLG Championship” winner for the first time in Texas. 

The next year, he won the MLG championship again by beating “Denial eSports.” The organization that reached the championship game the year prior, 3-0. In 2015, Haag announced that he was resigning from his position as leader of the “OpTic Gaming pro-team.” In 2016, he founded his own team, which quickly became recognized as the “100 Thieves” or “Hundred Thieves.”

Beyond Fame

Matthew spent countless hours with his brother as kids playing video games. Eventually, he was able to parlay his interest into a prosperous enterprise. He is generous, having contributed to a donation from “Optic Flamesword” to a facility that treats children with cancer. Among his prized belongings is a BMW i8, which he drives with much enthusiasm and pride. 

Although he is paid by RedBull to make public appearances, few are aware of this. He likes to think of himself as a gourmet and tries new cuisines whenever possible. Because he is a workaholic, he is always thinking of new concepts for videos to post on his “YouTube” channel, where he posts vlogs and gaming content.

Avoiding Public Notice

On August 3, 1992, in Illinois, a baby boy was born to parents, Jeffrey and Christina Haag. His dad is a carpenter, so he and his two siblings were rather handy around the house. He went to high school in Illinois at Amos Alonzo Stagg. He played esports under the name “Optic Gaming.” He graduated in 2010.

He worked at McDonald’s for two years after graduating from high school and then attended college for a business studies degree. He eventually moved to Los Angeles because he wanted to improve his job prospects there. In 2016, rumors started to spread that he was dating the popular “YouTuberJenna Ezarik, but the two haven’t said anything about their relationship in public yet.

Accounts on Social Media

He started the esports team 100T, which has played in several games and won a lot of awards. He also makes money through the promotion and advertising of various items and businesses on various social media sites.

Using the name @nadeshot, he has amassed over 1.2 million verified Instagram followers. His account, @Nadeshot, is verified and has 2.9 million followers. He also has a Facebook page with 476k fans.

When did Nadeshot Start Getting Rich?

Nadeshot began playing the “Halo” games competitively when he was thirteen. The following year, he opened a gift of Gears of War and nearly qualified for the MLG Chicago competition. Nadeshot has a net worth of almost $12 million in 2023. 

What is Nadeshot’s Annual Salary?

For anyone wondering how much money the veteran Call of Duty player known as “Nadeshot” has, the answer is a cool ten million dollars. In August of 1992, Nadeshot’s birth name was revealed to be Matthew Haag. The third of August, 2000 marked his arrival into this world. He has a net worth of $12 million. He started the gaming organization 100 Thieves.

Five-Year Increase in Nadeshot’s Net Worth

Even though the famous player has left the competitive scene, he is still going strong as a streamer. A lot of people think Nadeshot is the best Call of Duty player ever, but you can make up your own mind by reading until the conclusion. The Nadeshots’ financial situation has certainly evolved over the past five years.

2023 $12 Million
2022 $10 Million
2021 $10 Million
2020 $10 Million
2019 $6 Million
2018 $2 Million
2017 $2 Million

Nadeshot Career Achievements

Nadeshot, as we’ve noted, got his start as a professional amateur player in the world of first-person shooters with the wildly successful “Halo” and its sequel. After a short time of success, he gave up the game in favor of “Gears of War,” a third-person shooter he got for Christmas.

In 2007, he came within a single spot of qualifying for MLG Chicago. And then, at the age of 16, he entered the professional Call of Duty scene. Soon after, in 2010, Nadeshot was asked to join OPtic Gaming, and he accepted, eventually becoming the team’s captain in 2014.

That’s when he started making his living off of Call of Duty, and his extraordinary wealth is mostly due to his achievements in the game. He had been playing Call of Duty professionally since he was 16, but his first MLG title and gold medal came at the 10th international MLG event. Fan voting determined that Nadeshot was the best esports player in 2014 at The Game Awards.

Controversy Over Nadeshots

While Nadeshot has amassed a considerable net worth as a competitive Call of Duty player, he has also been the subject of his share of controversy. One such event occurred during the 100 Thieves CEO’s $100,000 Call of Duty: Warzone invitational tournament, which he didn’t know anything about. According to the legend, Kriss “Swagg” Lamberson and “booya” from Faze were sabotaged by NRG’s Isaac and Breadman in game three of the winners’ round two.

Before the competition began, it was made quite obvious that sabotage was permitted, which is why NRG’s Isaac employed this method to great effect to win his earlier matches. But he wasn’t so lucky when he tried it against Booya. Booya responded on Twitter, saying he didn’t know the rules and objecting to the play. 

Nadeshot himself then stepped in and, controversially, declared a rematch to be in order. This made Isaac’s many loyal fans very angry, and in the next match, Booya easily won for his team.

Famous Sayings by Nadeshot

After he quit being a pro gamer, Nadeshot became well-known as a Twitch and YouTube streamer. Fans of Nadeshot say they listen to every word of his streams and claim he has stated some profound things. Just below, you’ll find a compilation of five such renowned sayings:

I love how comfortable my head feels with the Razer Thresher. It doesn’t slow me down as much as I slow down my brothers every Friday in Fortnite.


I spent a lot of time attempting to come up with video ideas that I wasn’t very interested in. In my search for fulfillment, I realized that what I really wanted was to be part of a team that worked together every day on a larger project. It never occurred to me that I would one day be the proud parent of a professional sports franchise, but now that I am, this team is everything to me. The completion of 100 Thieves represents the pinnacle of my career.


This may sound trite, but I know in my heart that it’s true: if you want something, you have to go out and get it. How you want to improve your life and take care of your family is the only thing that matter.


In my mind, I am still a content creator; the videos I do post to YouTube continue to do well. Since we now have more teams, many of the responsibilities I had last year won’t be necessary, and my schedule won’t be as crowded as it was a year ago, so I can go back to broadcasting and filming more films.


We aren’t just going to hand them a check and make them play in a 100 Thieves jersey.


Three Powerful Lessons from Nadeshot

With this newfound knowledge about Nadeshot’s wealth and success story, it’s time to examine the lessons we may draw from his life and career:

1-Avoid putting stock in the words of others

You can do some reading on it whenever you have some free time. Truth changes over time, but it’s better to live as close to the current version as possible.

2-Errors should not be taken personally

Apologizing when your actions have hurt someone else is an important step toward making amends and moving on with your life. Developing these traits will make you a better person overall.

3-You are powerless to alter global conditions

Don’t give up on defending your beliefs just because you feel like nobody is listening to you or cares about what you have to say. The power of one’s voice can produce a tremendous reverberation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Nadeshot’s estimated value?

One estimate places Nadeshot’s wealth at $12 million.

Q: How old is Nadeshot?

Nadeshot’s birthday is August 3rd, 1992, making him 30 years old right now.

Q: What is Nadeshot’s height?

Nadeshot is 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in) tall.

Summary of Nadeshot’s Wealth

Nadeshot is still a major player in competitive video gaming. Especially now that he runs his own esports team, the 100 Thieves, as CEO. The squad has finally come back to competitive gaming after a long break, and they are sure to make an impact right away.

But Nadeshot’s success as a streamer on Twitch and YouTube hasn’t stopped him from focusing his attention on those sites, and he keeps making content for them even though he has other obligations. The Nadeshot Net Worth is expected to grow as a result of all of the current efforts.

Nadeshot has a net worth of $12,000,000 in 2023. Lastly, we think that his work will continue to be an inspiration to others and will help him be successful in everything he does in the future. We hope for nothing more than for him to discover true love and to live happily ever after.