How Much Is Tyrese Gibson Worth? – Proof That Versatility Pays

As of the year 2023, it is anticipated that Tyrese Gibson has a net worth of around $21 million. Although rapping and acting both contribute to his total wealth, the latter is the principal source of his financial success.

Since the year 2000, he has consistently taken part in either one or two film projects each year, which has enabled him to acquire a large wealth as an actor.

Early Life

The 30th of December, 1978 found Tyrese Darnell Gibson being brought into the world in the Watts district of Los Angeles. His mother, Priscilla, was a single parent throughout his upbringing along with his three elder brothers. Gibson participated in an audition for a Coca-Cola commercial after receiving encouragement to do so from his high school music instructor.

He was hired for the position, and in the commercial that aired in 1994, Gibson, then 16 years old, could be heard singing the slogan “Always Coca-Cola.” As a result, he was offered modeling opportunities with Guess and Tommy Hilfiger.

Music Career

Gibson’s high school music instructor encouraged him to try out for a role in a Coca-Cola commercial, which led to the beginning of Gibson’s professional acting career. A performance in a commercial for Coca-Cola in 1994, in which he sang the phrase Always Coca-Cola, was the catalyst for his rise to stardom. Also, it resulted in him making appearances for other brands, such as Guess and Tommy Hilfiger.

In 1998, Gibson made his debut with the song Nobody Else, which was released after he had secured a recording contract with RCA Records. The tune quickly climbed the Billboard Hot 100 list and reached its highest position at number 36. 

On September 29, 1998, he published his first album, which bore just his given name. In the latter half of 1998, he was given the role of presenter for the daily video program MTV Jams. The song Sweet Lady from his album was the one that was the most popular overall. It reached its highest position on the R&B charts at number nine. In addition to that, Sweet Lady earned Tyrese a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Male Vocal Performance, which he ultimately did not win.

Gibson released his second studio album, titled 2000 Watts, in May of 2001. The first song taken from the album was titled I Like Them Girls, and it peaked on the charts at number 15.

Just a Baby Boy was the third single released from the album, and it featured both Snoop Dogg and Mr. Tan.

It was included on the soundtrack for the movie Baby Boy, which starred Gibson in his first significant acting role.

In December of 2002, he released his third studio album under the title I Wanna Go There. His first song off the album, How You Gonna Act Like That, which is widely considered to be his most successful track to this day, debuted on the charts at number seven.

In December of 2006, he released his fourth studio album Alter Ego. This album was notable for being his first to include his rapping character and had two discs.

The next year, 2011, saw the launch of Gibson’s album titled Open Invitation.  The main song, titled Stay, reached its highest position on the charts at number 11. The album Open Invitation made its first appearance on the Billboard 200 list at number nine. 

In 2013, Gibson was nominated for a third Grammy – thanks to the album, which was then presented at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Black Rose, an album released by Gibson in 2015, made its debut at number one on the Billboard 200 list. It was the first album of his career to debut atop the Billboard 200 chart.

Acting Career

When it comes to his acting career, Tyrese had a lot of good fortune on his side. In the 2001 film Baby Boy directed by John Singleton, he had his first significant role. In 2005, he starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in the action-crime drama Four Brothers, and he currently has recurring roles in two of the film franchises that have the highest box office receipts: The Fast and the Furious as well as Transformers.

In the Fast and Furious film series, Gibson portrays the character Roman Pearce. He debuted in the role of Roman Pearce in the 2003 film 2 Fast 2 Furious, which was also his second collaboration with director John Singleton. 

He went on to reprise the role in the films Fast Five (2011), Fast & Furious 6 (2013), Furious 7 (2015), The Fate of the Furious (2017), and F9 (2021).

Aside from that, Sergeant Robert Epps is the character that Gibson plays in the Transformers film series. Transformers was released in 2007 and went on to earn almost $710 million worldwide. The film had an ensemble cast that included Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Megan Fox, Anthony Anderson, and Jon Voight, as well as Shia LaBeouf as the film’s headliner. Michael Bay is credited for both directing and co-producing the project.

Tyrese has also had guest appearances on a variety of television programs, some of which include Hanging with Mr. Cooper, The Parent ‘Hood, Martin, Moesha, American Dad!, and Black and Blue.

In 2019, Tyrese was cast as one of the characters in the Spider-Man spinoff film Morbius, which also starred Jared Leto.

In addition to that, Tyrese Gibson signed on to star with Mel Gibson, Famke Janssen, and Scott Eastwood in the 2020 film Dangerous. Other cast members include Scott Eastwood.

Writing Career

In the month of May in 2012, Gibson published his first book, which was titled How to Get Out of Your Own Way. Then Gibson published his second book, Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed, in February 2013, co-written with his close personal friend Rev. Run. 

Both of Gibson’s books became instant blockbusters on the New York Times bestseller list.

Personal Life

In 2007, Gibson tied the knot with Norma Mitchell. In 2007, the couple welcomed a little girl into the world. In 2009, they got a divorce. Norma filed a petition for a temporary restraining order against Tyrese in the year 2017. Within the request, she made allegations that he had physically and verbally assaulted both her and their kid. After a few more months had passed, Tyrese and Norma Gibson found themselves in the middle of a child custody struggle about their daughter Shayla. Norma filed a second petition for a restraining order against Gibson after she accused him of assaulting their kid. The court did not agree with her assertions and dismissed them. Aside from that, the court imposed a cap on the amount of money that Norma may charge Tyrese for child support payments.

In 2019, Tyrese took legal action against his ex-wife, alleging that she had violated the conditions of their shared custody arrangement.

Then Tyrese wed Samantha Lee on February 14, 2017. On October 1st, 2018, they welcomed a daughter into the world. They made the announcement of their divorce in December of 2020. During the course of the proceedings for their divorce, Samantha made a request for child support in the amount of $20,000 per month. Tyrese referred to that sum as unreasonably excessive and urged the court to uphold the terms of their prenuptial agreement. Not only that –  Samantha asked for a 2016 Range Rover, but Tyrese presented her with an option to purchase a 2017 Land Rover Discovery.

Life’s Challenges

The video was tied to Tyrese’s ongoing divorce and child custody dispute with his ex-wife, and he sent a mysterious statement on Instagram in November 2017 in which he claimed he was desperate and poor. Tyrese said that he was upset with The Rock for delaying the production of a subsequent Fast and Furious film by diverting attention away from the main series in order to focus on a spinoff. Tyrese said that he was in dire need of the money since his former partner had drained him financially via child support payments and court bills. In addition to that, he said that Will and Jada Smith had given him a loan in the amount of $5 million. The Smiths denied that they had given him any money to borrow in their defense.

Tyrese finally provided a follow-up explanation for his unusual social media postings by publishing it on social media. In the message, he said that some of his strange remarks were the consequence of an unpleasant response to medicine.

In a document that Tyrese submitted to the court around this time, he said that his monthly income was $105,000, which may seem like a lot of money, but sadly, he also stated that his monthly costs were $107,000. Tyrese also said that he had a total of $1.7 million in real estate holdings but only $900,000 in bank accounts. Also, he owes his attorneys close to $133,000 total.

In the divorce alimony lawsuit that Tyrese was involved in against his ex-wife Samantha Lee in August 2022, the counsel for Samantha Lee disclosed that in 2018, a year in which Tyrese claimed to be broke, he earned $2 million. 

Real Estate

In December of 2017, Tyrese and his wife Samantha spent $4 million to purchase a house in the Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead that has 25,000 square feet of living space. That was just a few short months after Tyrese had declared that he was cash-strapped.

Replicas of many robots from the Transformers franchise may be seen strewn around the residence. Gibson has a little Optimus Prime in his office on the first floor, and he has a larger Optimus Prime in his own covered shelter in the rear, which is located near the pool.

Aside from that, there is a life-size copy of Bumblebee waiting in the lobby to welcome visitors. The luxurious mansion has seven bedrooms, nine and a half bathrooms, and its own recording studio – complete with velvet walls and a voice booth.

In May of 2021, Tyrese placed his house in Woodland Hills, California on the market with an asking price of little under $3.5 million. In January of 2022, he dropped the price to $2.9 million from the previous $4 million.

Tyrese Gibson’s Car Collection

BMW 3-Series Convertible ($59,800)

The BMW 3 Series has been redesigned to be more luxurious and have the newest technology available from the manufacturer. In addition to a new plug-in hybrid model with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox, it comes equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 255 horsepower and a turbocharged six-cylinder engine that generates 385 horsepower.

Audi A7 ($88,900)

The Audi A7 is positioned between the Audi A6, a fantastic luxury vehicle with a dynamic demeanor, and the Audi A8, the brand’s flagship model and the most sumptuous automobile it is possible to get from Audi. The Audi A7 is attractive and enjoyable to drive, and the fact that it is a hatchback makes it far more practical.

Range Rover ($135,670)

This SVA holds the record for the most costly price ever paid for a Range Rover. The concept of having a comfortable life and living in a desirable location is central to the autobiographical genre. The SVA is driven by a supercharged eight-cylinder engine that has a displacement of 4999 cc and produces 557 horsepower. The Range Rover also has a long wheelbase, which not only makes the back seats more comfortable but also provides passengers with additional space to stretch out their legs.


In the year 2000, the American Music Award for the Most Popular New R&B/Soul Artist was presented to Tyrese Gibson.

The 2001 Locarno International Film Festival gave the Special Mention Award for the director’s film Baby Boy in recognition of its innovative concept and acting ensemble.

The song Stay was recognized as the best recording of the year at the 2012 Soul Train Music Awards. The outstanding music video he created for the song Shame earned him the NAACP Music Image Award in the year 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Tyrese Gibson’s current estimated net worth?

A: The whole amount of Tyrese Gibson’s net worth is somewhere around $10 Million.

Q: What is Tyrese Gibson’s age?

A: Tyrese Gibson is 43 years old (30 December 1978).

Q: How much is his salary?

A: Tyrese Gibson is said to bring in an annual income of about $2 Million.

Q: What is Tyrese Gibson’s height, in feet and inches?

A: Tyrese Gibson stands at a height of 1.80 meters (5′ 11″).

Q: Who is Tyrese Gibson’s wife?

A: His wife’s name is Samantha Lee Gibson. They were married in 2017.

Final Words

There was no element of chance involved in Tyrese Gibson’s rise to wealth. You have to put in a lot of hard effort if you want to amass as much wealth as Tyrese Gibson. People that are successful are able to amass wealth because they recognize opportunities when they see them and seize them when they do. They are not only at the right place at the right time, but they also behave in the appropriate manner. You have the potential to achieve the same level of success as Tyrese Gibson in the future if you embrace this golden opportunity when you have the chance to do so.