How Much is Rob Zombie Worth? See the Horror Icon’s Riches Here!

From rocking the stage to making it big in Hollywood, Rob Zombie is one of the most prominent names in the biz. With his work as a musician and director, you’re likely wondering — how much is Rob Zombie worth?

Famous for his heavy music inspired by his adoration for classic horror, Zombie has sold over 15 million albums globally. And as for his movies, all his titles as of 2023 have grossed over $150 million overall. Combining all these, Rob Zombie holds a hefty $50 million net worth.

This post showcases how Rob Zombie achieved such fame and wealth.

An Overview

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Born on January 12, 1965, Rob Zombie has made a name for himself in the metal and horror movie scene. He’s an icon in both industries, amassing a vast $50 million net worth today.

The journey started for Zombie when he worked with his then-band, White Zombie. After three failed EPs, the band experience caught their most significant breakthrough with their 4th EP, thanks to Geffen Records executives. And with them, they released two albums, selling over 2 million copies.

Despite their success, White Zombie disbanded in 1996 due to personal disputes. With this, Zombie continued working on his solo career, with his first solo album peaking on the Billboard charts. From there, he released several tracks. Recently, he formed a band named “LA Rats.”

Once he established his name in the music industry, Zombie carried on with his dream of making horror films and started directing and writing movies. His biggest hits are the Halloween and House of 1000 Corpses franchises.

Early Life

Growing up, Robert Cummings always loved horror movies and performance artists. And these would play a crucial role in his creative development later on.

Cummings wasted no time and took classes at an art school once he graduated high school. And while he was making music whenever he could, Cummings worked as a production assistant on a TV series. There, he met his future metal band’s “White Zombie” co-founder, Sean Yseult.

Cummings changed his surname to “Zombie” before White Zombie’s disbanding in 1996. And shortly, they separated, marking the start of Zombie’s successful solo career.


Music (Group + Solo)

Rob Zombie formed and co-founded the heavy metal rock band “White Zombie” in 1985. The group came out with EPs, with three of them being commercial failures. But they never gave up and finally hit their big break in their 4th EP. 

Their 4th EP caught the attention of Geffen Records executives, signing them under their label. And their first album with Geffen helped White Zombie finally experience commercial success. But the group shortly disbanded after releasing their last and most successful album, “Astro Creep: 2000,” selling over two million copies in the USA alone.

But despite disbanding in 1996, Zombie launched a solo music career. Zombie released his first solo studio album in 1997, a commercial success. Since then, he has released several titles.

He recently formed a band named “LA Rats” in 2021, but they haven’t been too active as of this year.

Directorial Work

With his love for classic horror, Rob Zombie has directed and written many movies. His most successful franchise is “Halloween,” with the first installment grossing over $80 million. But what boosted Zombie’s reputation in the horror scene was his work with the “House of 1000 Corpses.”

Zombie’s most current work is under the making, starring an American horror comedy film named “The Munsters.”


Personal Life

Rob Zombie married American actress Sheri Lyn Skurkis in 2002 and has been together since then. Despite the two being together for two decades, they have no children. And it was made clear by Zombie that he doesn’t like kids early on, so that might be the reason for it.

The two are vegans and have been vocal supporters of PETA for many years now.

How Much is Rob Zombie Worth? (Rob Zombie Net Worth 2023)

As of 2023, Rob Zombie holds a whopping $50 million net worth.

Zombie mainly earns his wealth from his music and directing career. With all these combined, it’s easy to see how Zombie maintained an 8-figure net worth today. Although he recently formed a band named “LA Rats” in 2021, they had no significant activity this year.

But Zombie is working on a horror comedy film, “The Munsters,” to be released this year. Aside from working on the big screen, Zombie has also worked on TV segments and voice-acted for several titles.

How Does Rob Zombie Make Money?


Rob Zombie’s primary income is his music, thanks to its unique grunge and heavy style. After all, Zombie made his tracks following suit his fascination with classic horror. 

But it wasn’t always successful for Zombie as three of his then-band “White Zombie” EPs failed to attract enough attention. All titles got heavily ridiculed by audiences and critics, but they never gave up. After their 4th extended play record, Zombie and his bandmates caught the attention of Geffen Records executives. And the label shortly offered them a contract. 

Under Geffen, Zombie and his band released their third album, “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1,” in 1992. And this became their first commercial hit thanks to the hit single “Thunder Kiss 65.” After this, only success came forth for the band, with their final album “Astro Creep: 2000” reaching no. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Despite the success, Zombie and his bandmates released their final remix album in 1996. After that, White Zombie broke up, with most members leading different lives. It was only Rob Zombie that continued working on music. Although unclear, rumors say that the band broke up due to personal disputes between the members. Hence, Zombie repeatedly ruled out any reunion with his past bandmates.

In 1997, Zombie started his solo career, releasing his debut solo album “Hellbilly Deluxe,” a year later. 

Since then, Zombie has released many more albums, compilations, and live albums. As of 2021, he formed a band named “LA Rats,” although they have been dormant this year.


Despite his massive success in the music scene, Zombie never forgot his love for horror films. Hence, he began directing, writing, and producing films. And it was in 2003 that Zombie achieved his most significant breakthrough. The same year, he released “House of 1000 Corpses,” grossing over $17 million globally.

After House of 1000 Corpses’ success, Zombie released “Halloween” in 2007, his highest-grossing film. With an initial budget of $15 million, Zombie managed to earn a $65 million profit, earning him a whopping $80 million. 

But despite one successful film to another, it wasn’t until 2012 that Zombie received some of the best reviews of his whole movie directing career with his release of “Lords of Salem.” After this, Zombie released several more titles, with his latest being in the works called “The Munsters.”

Extra Projects (Voice Acting, Authoring, and TV)

Outside of directing films, Zombie also worked on TV segments. Notably, he produced one episode of the cult classic “CSI: Miami,” and one from “Tom Papa: Live in NYC.”

Aside from that, Zombie also made a few voice cameos in movies by James Gunn. His work with Gunn dates back to 2006 with “Slither.” Moreover, you’ll also hear Zombie’s voice in some of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” flicks. His most recent work was in 2016 when he voiced in the animated show “Mr. Pickles.”

Although short-lived, Zombie has also written a few comic books.

Overall, estimates show that Zombie has earned over $150 million in his movies alone.

Real Estate

Zombie, thanks to his successful music and directing career, was able to buy several high-end properties. Most notably, Zombie purchased a mansion in LA for $1.8 million, selling it for over $3 million in 2014. Today, Zombie lives with his wife in their $7 million compounds in Hollywood Hills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Rob Zombie’s movie make him money?

A: Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies, for the most part, have done well, earning him quite a bit of money. Halloween was the highest among his flicks, costing him over $15 million. It made over $65 million more than the film’s original $15 million budget.

Q: How much is Rob Zombie worth in 2023?

A: With his work between music and films, Rob Zombie holds a massive $50 million net worth this 2023. He mostly gets his income from his directing and music career. Sometimes, Zombie also gets royalties for production.

Q: Where is Rob Zombie currently living in 2023?

A: As of 2023, Rob Zombie and his wife live in a $7 million compound in LA. They bought the property a few years back, purchasing two adjacent mansions in the city of angels. And years later, they decided to combine the two spaces and made it into their compound.

Q: Is Rob Zombie currently working on a movie?

A: Rob Zombie has no upcoming tours in 2023, as he’s focusing on a film this year. Zombie is working on “The Munsters,” an American horror comedy movie starring his wife. He has written, directed, and produced the film, working with actors like Jeff Daniel Phillips and Jorge Garcia.

Q: Why did Rob Zombie become a vegan?

A: Rob Zombie has been a vegan for nearly ten years, saying it was to fight the establishment. Aside from him, his wife also converted to veganism. 

Final Words

How much is Rob Zombie worth? Earning millions from directing alone — Rob Zombie has become a horror icon. So, it’s not surprising to see Zombie rock a $50 million net worth today. And when he’s not making movies, you can find Zombie rocking out on stage.

He’s worked solo after White Zombie disbanded, but he recently formed a band in 2021 called “LA Rats.” Although they don’t have a tour in 2022, they are active and will likely perform next year. With his earnings from filming and music combined, it’s easy to see how Zombie amassed his wealth.

Rob Zombie has left his mark in the industry thanks to his creativity, love for horror, and rocking voice. He’s now one of the most successful names in Hollywood, continuing to grow more.

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