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Dwight Howard is a well-known professional basketball player in the United States. Over the course of his career, Howard has certainly established a reputation for himself, and he is one of the players in NBA history to have earned the most awards and accolades. Although he went on to play for the Lakers and a number of other teams after his time with the Orlando Magic, he is best recognized for his tenure with the Magic.

If you’ve been wanting to know all the details about how much is Dwight Howard worth, well, he currently has a net worth of $140 million.

Great Things Start From Small Beginnings 

Dwight Howard, who was born into a family with athletic origins in basketball, has been influenced by the game and has had a passion for it ever since he was a youngster.

Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy is recognized as having one of the best national high school basketball programs and facilities in the country. His father, Dwight Sr., served as the Athletic Director throughout his time there.

In a similar vein, his mother, Sheryl Howard, played basketball and was a member of the first women’s basketball team at Morris Brown College. Sheryl Howard’s experience is also relevant. Before she finally gave birth to Dwight Howard, she suffered through seven unsuccessful pregnancies.

In the same manner, Dwight took an interest in basketball at the age of nine and entered SACA (Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy) to advance his career in the sport. He did this because he wanted to emulate his successful parents. Because of his outstanding skill, he was recognized as the best national high school basketball player and received an award in his honor.

Howard was a power forward who led his high school team to a record score of 31-2 while averaging 16.6 points and 13.4 rebounds throughout the course of his high school career. He also guided his team to win the state title under his direction.

Dwight has professed his faith in Christ since he was a young boy, and he has stated that he hopes to advance the name of God inside the league and around the world through his professional basketball career and his Christian religion.

Howard’s Passion: Basketball

Orlando Magic 

Dwight decided against attending college after graduating from high school and instead entered himself immediately into the NBA Draft in 2004, when he was taken as the first overall pick by the Orlando Magic.

As a result of his accomplishments and records from high school, he was placed in the front of the squad during the season. He went on to demonstrate his value by setting new records, such as becoming the youngest player in NBA history to record 20 rebounds in a single game.

In addition to that, he was honored to be a member of the All-Rookie Team at the NBA Rookie Challenge in 2005. After that, Dwight began to hone his skills in order to become a formidable adversary in the defensive zone, where he played center.

Even though it appeared like the Magic would never make it, both Howard and the rest of the squad seemed to become better with each match they played.

During the 2006–2007 campaign, he was recognized by the NBA as a member of both the All-Star Team and the All-NBA Third Team for the first time. Howard was crowned champion of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in February of 2008, and he went on to earn accolades on the NBA All-Defensive Second Team as well as the NBA All-First Team the following season.

Dwight became the youngest player in the history of the NBA to earn the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award in the 2008-2009 season, during which he also led his team to the NBA Finals.

Later on, during the next NBA season, he finished first in the league in both the category of rebounds and blocks for the second season in a row. Following that, during the 2010–11 season, Howard accomplished the remarkable achievement of being the first player in NBA history to be awarded the Best Defensive Player of the Year for three consecutive seasons.

Los Angeles Lakers 

His many issues with injuries were a big contributor to the failure of his 2012 season, which was one of his first setbacks and was one of his first seasons overall. In spite of the fact that the season was a failure, he still managed to finish first in the NBA in rebounding and as a result was awarded a spot on the All-NBA Third Team once again.

Houston Rockets 

Dwight had a rocky journey throughout his time with the Houston Rockets, but he managed to hit a few more milestones during that time – the All-NBA Second Team and scoring 15,000 points for his career in December of 2015. During his time with the Rockets, Dwight only made it to the championship round once. 

In addition, he had a serious knee injury that kept him out of action for the entirety of the 2014–15 season, from December 14 all the way through March 15.

Howard once again became a free agent after deciding against signing a new deal with the Houston Rockets following his third season with the team.

Atlanta Hawks 

In a similar way, Dwight had a terrific season with the Hawks after signing a three-year contract with the organization. In his first game with the Atlanta Hawks, he recorded the most rebounds of any team member and was named the team’s Most Valuable Player.

Charlotte Hornets 

Dwight Howard was moved to the Charlotte Hornets in the next season despite having a solid season with his previous team. Dwight started setting new records as soon as he walked into the league in June 2017, and he continued to do so when he became the eighth player in the league to record a game with 30 or more points in March 2018.

In his first 13 seasons in the NBA, he was one of just six players to record a double-double. This accomplishment places him in an elite category of players. 

In July of 2018, he was transferred to a new team.

Washington Wizards 

He started his second season with the Wizards in April 2019 and continued to play for them until July 2019, when he was moved once more.

Atlanta Hawks 

In 2019, Dwight made his way back to one of the teams he had previously competed for and has been playing for ever since.

Howard chose to sign a non-guaranteed deal because of his history of injuries during the previous season. By doing so, he provided the Atlanta Hawks with the ability to release the player whenever they saw fit in their business interests.

Dwight Howard Worth & Salary

Howard entered into a one-of-a-kind contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019, despite the fact that he had previously been a part of multi-year contracts during his career with Orlando Magic, Houston Rocket, and other teams. Because of this deal, he received about $14.5 thousand for each day that he remained on their roster.

Also, it was stipulated that the Lakers would only be liable for $6,000 if he suffered an injury prior to the start of the season.

As a result, the Los Angeles Lakers are taking precautions to reduce the possibility of having to pay for injuries. Dwight Howard is now the 11th best-paid player on the Los Angeles Lakers, the 28th best-paid center in the NBA, and the 191st best-paid NBA Player of the Year according to his salary as of the year 2023.

Dwight Howard has amassed a net worth of $140 million – thanks to the notoriety he has gained as a result of his performances, which has led to an increase in his wage throughout the course of his career. His annual salary has increased from over $4 million in 2004 while he was playing for the Orlando Magic to almost $23 million in 2015. This basketball star makes over $30 million per year on average as of the year 2023 when you take into account his pay as well as all of the other sponsorships he is a part of owing to the fame he has gained. 

Aside from that, he has signed a contract with Peak Sport as an endorser. Along with this, he was also seen driving his magnificent Ferrari FF, which made its debut in 2011, and he was also said to have purchased a luxury automobile in Los Angeles that cost nearly over $20 million, which was his annual pay back in the day. Both of these incidents occurred in 2011.

Life Outside The Basketball Court

Dwight Howard is the father of five children, all of whom are from separate women. In 2010, he initiated legal action against Royce Reed, the mother of one of his children, alleging that she had defamed him. It was revealed that Reed had broken a court order document that prevented her from discussing Howard in the media. The violation was discovered after an investigation was conducted. Not only did she post negative comments about Dwight on Twitter, but after participating on the reality TV program Basketball Wives, she also made her relationship with him well known to the public. As a direct consequence of this, Reed had to pay a fee of $500 every time she referenced Howard in public.

When charges of child abuse were made against Howard in 2014, this caused further complications for the situation. Following an inquiry, it was discovered that Dwight had used a belt to assault his son. Later on, he stated that he had no idea that what he was doing was improper because his parents often chastised them in that manner when he was a kid. After some time had passed, all of the accusations against Howard were dismissed.

Dwight D. Howard Foundation

Philanthropy, sometimes known as giving back to society, is something Howard is quite involved with. In 2004, he laid the groundwork for what is now known as the Dwight D. Howard Foundation.

The mission of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to deserving kids so that they can attend Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, the founder’s alma mater. In a similar way, it provides financial assistance to Lovell Elementary School and Memorial Middle School, both of which are located in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to playing basketball in the NBA, the athlete also runs summer basketball programs for kids of both sexes, working with high school and college coaches and players. In addition to that, he encourages his other NBA players to show up and participate in the camps. He makes contributions to the organizations that are important to the individuals with whom he shares his passion for basketball.

Social Media Presence

Even though he is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Dwight is only sometimes active on the Twitter situation. On Instagram, he posts more frequently than he does on Twitter.

He has around 2.9 million followers on Instagram, where the majority of the content he publishes consists of match highlights, images of his squad, and many other things.

He does not have a very active presence on Facebook. You may find some of the most memorable games from the NBA and other videos linked to basketball if you browse through his account.

He has a greater number of followers on Twitter than he has on Instagram. The overall number of Howard’s followers on Twitter is 6.5 million, and he tweets pretty frequently. 

Favorite Quotes from Dwight Howard

“Today is a new day. Even if you were wrong yesterday, you can get it right today.”
Dwight Howard

“Always look at what your goal is. Understand that there are going to be days when you feel like crap. There are going to be days where you feel like “I don’t want to do this” but you’ve got to understand what you’re doing it for.”Dwight Howard

“But at the end of the day, every star, every person that been iconic, has gone through a time in their lives where it was just bad. Everybody. It just made them better.”Dwight Howard

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the total value of the contract that Dwight Howard signed with the Los Angeles Lakers?

A: In August of 2019, Dwight Howard agreed to terms with the Los Angeles Lakers on a one-year deal that is for a total of $2.56 million.

Q: What is Dwight Howard’s current net worth?

A: It is believed that Dwight Howard has a net worth of $140 million.

Q: What is Dwight Howard’s age?

A: Dwight Howard is presently 36 years old, having been born on December 8th, 1985. 

Q: What is Dwight Howard’s height?

A: The height of Dwight Howard is 2.11 meters, which is equivalent to 6 feet 11 inches.

Final Words

Dwight Howard is a well-known professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association. During his career, he has competed for some of the top teams in the league. Throughout the course of his career, he has amassed an ever-increasing level of recognition and has been recognized with a great number of awards for his talent. 

So how much is Dwight Howard worth? His wealth is estimated to be close to $140 million as of the month of July 2023.