How Much is Criss Angel Worth? See the Magic of His Bankroll!

In the world of illusion, he is the last man standing. He’s making quite a splash in show business. His name is Criss Angel, and he’s worth around $70 million. It’s no wonder that for being hailed as the best magician in the world, Criss Angel got this far! 

As we go along with this post, let’s see what’s the magic behind Criss Angel’s net worth?

Who is Criss Angel?

Criss Angel is a famous actor, performer, and magician who is worth $50 million. His birth place was on Long Island, New York on December 19, 1967. Originally, Criss Angel’s full name was Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos. His Greek family runs a restaurant and a bakery, so food and sweets are in the family business. 

The first magic trick he ever saw was performed by his Aunt Stella when he was only seven years old. This piqued his interest in the supernatural, which only developed as he matured. Even while attending East Meadow High, Criss supported himself by performing magic at local restaurants. He has finished his schooling and now wants to make a living as a magician.

Early Life

Criss Angel’s birthdate is December 19, 1967, which places him on Staten Island, New York’s Hempstead. His mother and father, Dimitra and John, and his two brothers, Costa and J.D., all made their homes in Elmont and East Meadow. At age seven, Criss’s aunt Stella gave him a new trick that sparked his interest in magic; by age eleven, he was putting on his first stage trick. 

He began doing magic tricks for tips at area eateries when he was just a teenager. His first big trick was making his mother hover in the family den of the Sarantakos family. He didn’t follow in his parents’ footsteps and go to college after he graduated from East Meadow High School. Instead, he went into magic.

Magic Career

In 1994, Criss made his debut on television in an ABC special called “Mysteries,” and the next year, he became a regular on the network. Clive Barker, the master of horror and director of “Lord of Illusions,” put him in the lead role. From 2001 to 2003, he starred in the critically acclaimed play “Criss Angel Mindfreak.” It ran for over 600 performances at New York City’s World Underground Theater. 

He also appeared in “The Science of Magic” (1997) and “The Science of Magic II,” both of which were broadcast on television in 2003. During this time period, Criss Angel starred in his own ABC Family special, “Criss Angel Mindfreak. Postmodern Illusionist,” as well as guest starred on “Supernatural” on the SciFi Channel in 2003 and “Made in Japan” on TBS in 2002. 

A&E adapted “Criss Angel Mindfreak” into a series in 2005. As per Angel’s official website, “Mindfreak” was “the most popular magic show in TV history.” It resulted in more performances of magic during midnight than any magic show ever. “


Even though Criss and JoAnn Winkhart tied the knot in 2002, they got divorced in 2006. From November 2008 to February 2009, before she became famous as the star of E! ‘s Girls Next Door,” Angel dated Holly Madison, who had previously dated Hugh Hefner. He has two boys with singer Shaunyl Benson: Johnny (born in 2014) and Xristos (born in 2019). 

Johnny’s leukemia was discovered when he was under the age of two; the disease went into remission, but it has since reappeared. To “bring attention to the plight of children with cancer and to ask for donations for research, treatment, and, eventually, a cure,” Criss’s charity, which used to be called Believe Anything Is Possible, is now called the Johnny Crisstopher Children’s Charitable Foundation

In 2007, Angel was honored by the Make-A-Wish Foundation with the Chris Greicius Appreciation Award. In 2010, he was named the foundation’s most helpful celebrity.

Awards and Achievements

Angel was named “Magician of the Year” every year between 2001 and 2008, the International Magician’s Society five times in 2009. The title “Magician of the Century” was bestowed upon him by the same group. In 2001 and 2004, he was voted Merlin Wizard of the Year, and in 2011 The International Magic Legacy Honors recognized him as a living legend. 

Criss was the youngest person ever to get into the International Magician’s Society’s Magic Hall of Fame. The International Brotherhood of Magicians gave him the Award for Lifetime Achievement. This made him the youngest magician to ever get this award. 

In addition to holding the record for the longest time spent underwater, Angel also holds the record for the fastest “Metamorphosis” illusion and the fastest escape from a strait-jacket. During a performance of “Criss Angel: Mindfreak” at Luxor in May 2010, he made 100 people in the audience vanish. He was recognized for having the “most people to vanish in an illusion” in the Guinness World.

Other Interesting Facts about Criss Angel

  • Since Criss Angel’s concerts are popular with tourists, many Las Vegas business owners approve of him.
  • As part of his magic shows, he has vanished 100 people at once, setting a Guinness world record.
  • The Angel vehemently dissuades people from having faith in mediums, who are said to be able to operate as a bridge between the living and the dead.
  • He was hired as the official illusionist for the 2009 Michael Jackson Venue shows.
  • Within the first month, the Rip Bodies Apart video was seen over 12 million times on YouTube.
  • He won the “Living Legend” title at the 2011 World Magic Legacy Awards.
  • Mindfreak: Secret Revelations, written by Angel and released in 2007, offers insider information about his popular A&E show as well as 25 different illusions.
  • Magician turned musician Criss Angel has spoken openly about his love for music and the fact that he has been playing for longer than he has been performing magic tricks.
  • Angel’s monument on Hollywood Blvd. The Walk of Fame was unveiled that same year (2017).
  • Both in 2001 and 2004, Angel was named Merlin’s Magician of the Year, making him the only male to achieve this feat.

How Did Criss Angel Become So Popular?

When he decided to become a performer, he chose the moniker “Criss Angel.” In 1994, he became the first magician or illusionist to appear on TV. This was because of how good he was at making tricks look real.

📱 Criss Angel on Youtube

On February 5, 2006, he became a member of the video sharing website YouTube. As of July 25, 2023, his YouTube channel had over 11,809,194 views and 138,000 subscribers.

Increase of Criss Angel’s Wealth

  • $70,000,000 Net Worth in 2023
  • Estimated 2021 Net Worth: $64 Million
  • Expected 2020 Net Worth: $58 Million
  • Worth $52 Million as of Year 2019
  • In 2018, their wealth was estimated to be $49 Million.

What Will Criss Angel’s Net Worth Be in 2023?

Criss Angel makes money through live shows, endorsements, selling merchandise, and a ten-year contract with MGM Mirage. He also produces, directs, writes, and composes his own TV and stage acts. Criss Angel is worth $50 million in August of 2023

In 2016, his business and investing activities generated annual revenues of about $70 million. The 55-year-old magician has said that, in addition to his regular shows in Las Vegas, he will be going on a world tour. This means that his wealth is likely to keep growing.

📺 Criss Angel’s Popular Shows on Television

Criss Angel uprooted his operations from New York City to Sin City in 2005. He now writes, produces, and directs his own shows. Angel’s Mindfreak aired on prime time television for a longer period of time compared to any other performer in history, from 2005 to 2010. 

Seasons 2 and 3 of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak both premiered in 2006. A&E’s ratings skyrocketed as a result of the show. The average is over 1.5 million subscribers per episode. The show’s popularity also spread throughout Asia, particularly in China. 

Criss Angel’s Believe, a play by Angel, Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian company, collaborated on the project, which debuted in 2006. The event cost $100 million, all of which was covered by Luxor Hotel & Casino’s parent company, MGM Mirage. It opened at the Luxor L.A. in September 2008 and quickly became the most successful live magic performance in history

As an audience member in 2009, blogger Perez Hilton was the target of Angel’s ire, and he shouted several scathing remarks at him. Angel reacted when he learned that, during the performance, Hilton had texted his supporter’s nasty criticism about his show. Nonetheless, the show grossed $150,000,000 in 2011 and is currently the top magic trick in Las Vegas.

💸 How Much Did Criss Angel Make from Endorsement Deals?

Thanks to his sponsorship deals, Cris has amassed a staggering fortune. He has collaborated with many notable organizations, including Panasonic USA and Summer’s Eve. Like Criss Angel’s Platinum Magic Kit, Criss appeared in a number of TV ads.

✳️ Other Ventures

Angel’s lead singer, Criss Angel, also performed a number of stunts in support of the single “Don’t You Want My Love.” In addition, he did some work for Angeldust, who went on to record multiple studio albums, including “System 1,” “System 2,” and “System 3.”

💱 How Much Money Does Criss Angel Make in a Year?

American artificer, sorcerer, and singer Criss Angel has a total value of $50 million. Both “Criss Angel Mindfreak” (2005-2010) on the A&E network and “Criss Angel BeLIEve” (Spike TV) starred and were developed by him (2013). Tickets to Angel’s Cirque du Soleil-produced stage performance “Criss Angel Believe” (2008–2016) at the Luxor casino sold for more than $5 million. 

From May 2016 until October 2018, he headlined “Mindfreak LIVE!” at Luxor. And, as of December 2018, he has been headlining “Criss Angel MINDFREAK” in the Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Angeldust’s lead singer also wrote a book, “Mindfreak: Secret Revelations” in 2007, and put out four solo albums. Angel was recognized as the Century’s Greatest Magician by the International Brotherhood of Magicians in 2010.

How Does Criss Angel Spend His Money? 

Criss Angel has made a lot of money and now he lives in a huge Las Vegas estate with a personal chef and a huge swimming pool. He owns a collection of cars that rivals the best in the world.

🏠 Criss Angel’s Home 

Angel lives in a huge, 22,000-square-foot house in a Las Vegas suburb. There are a total of nine bathrooms and five bedrooms. The locals refer to his house as “Serenity.” The interior of his home is adorned with numerous expensive touches. 

His artistic abilities are on display in the Christ on the Cross painting that hangs in his dining room. He has a private chef come to his house and cook delicious meals for him.

🚗 Criss Angel’s Cars 

In terms of automobiles, Angel owns some of the very best. The 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible, the 2006 Dodge Viper, the 2006 Hummer H2, the 2010 Campagna T-Rex, the Lamborghini Murcielago, Land Rover Phantom, and Bugatti Veyron are just a few of the exotic automobiles in his collection.

Favorite Quotes from Criss Angel 

Everybody has a little kid inside them that magic can help bring out. No matter how advanced our species becomes, there will always be a part of us that yearns for a world in which we are not bound by the natural order.

criss angel

In my opinion, the trick is never the point. If I’m being completely honest, I couldn’t give a hoot about the technical details. That bond, that shared experience, that shared emotion, you know, that’s beautiful.

criss angel

I wish everything I did were true. Although I do my best to blur the lines between reality and illusion, I must tell you that not all of what you see is as it seems. Making a dollar bill worth a hundred is a trick, of course.

criss angel

Most magicians do what you can get in any magic store or magic builder, but that’s not my bag. I hope to give viewers of “Mindfreak” on television and attendees of “Believe” in person something they have never experienced before. That’s a convoluted procedure. It’s difficult, and you have no idea how long it will take — it may be months or years.

criss angel

Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve never done any kind of artistic work before or done any kind of demonstration for anyone else before myself. This is how I determine my physical and mental limits.

criss angel

At this point in my life, I believe that everything I’ve experienced has shaped who I am, whether or not I recognize the impact it’s had at the time. As a result, I believe that the martial arts I’ve studied—wu-shu, kung-fu, karate, kenpo, taekwondo—have had an impact on who I am now. As far as I know, I don’t follow any kind of traditional discipline.

criss angel

3 Powerful Lessons from Criss Angel 

We have covered Criss Angel’s wealth and success story at length; now let’s examine what we may learn from him.

🗒 Distress

Experiencing pain is an art form. When you’re in pain, you know you’re still living.

🗒 Nothing Is Impossible

There is a need for faith in one’s ability to accomplish great things when one’s intellect, body, and soul all collaborate.

🗒 Not Everything Is for Sale

Love, wealth, and joy are intangibles that cannot be purchased, but they are the things that matter most in life. When Angel says this, he thinks it, and he aspires to be that way.

How Can You Model Criss Angel’s Achievements?

Celebrity illusionist Criss Angel and his four-person crew have been touring for 22 years. He is not only exceptionally skilled in his field. Additionally, he is a master of mental deception. His brand of magic is distinctive since he incorporates ideas from other traditions. There are others who would describe him as a “true artist” who uses all parts of himself in his work. He was very successful because he chose his own path based on his own interests and values instead of those of other people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: To what extent does Criss Angel’s wealth extend?

Criss Angel has an estimated $70 million in wealth.

Q: Exactly how old is Criss Angel?

The age of Criss Angel, in years: 54 (19 December 1967).

Q: How much does Criss Angel get paid a year?

Criss Angel’s pay is around $6 million a year.

Q: How tall is Criss Angel?

Criss Angel is a towering 1.83 meters (6 feet 0 inches) in height.

Final Words

U.S.-born magician, illusionist, and singer Criss Angel has starred in and created the series “Criss Angel Mindfreak” and “Criss Angel BeLIEve” for the A&E cable network. Criss Angel is a part of the Cirque du Soleil show Believe at the Luxxor Casino. He works for the company from 2016-2018. The fame that Criss Angel received are gateways for him to achieve his net worth of $50 million.