Gerald McCoy Net Worth: The NFL Star’s Riches

From his school days, Gerald McCoy always displayed an unremarkable talent for football. The defensive tackle has dominated the NFL since his start at pro play in 2010. Now signed with the Las Vegas Raiders, many are wondering what is Gerald McCoy net worth today.

The former Buccaneer player has persevered and has amassed millions. And due to his unbeatable performance in high school, it was only a short time until the top prospect got a deal with the NFL. As of 2023, Gerald McCoy has a net worth of $30 million.

This post highlights how Gerald McCoy achieved such fame and fortune.

An Overview

Born in 1988, Gerald Keith McCoy Jr. grew up in Oklahoma City and started playing football early. His parents supported his love for the support, letting him play in high school. McCoy played for his local high school, notching over 80 tackles in his junior and senior years.

After graduating high school, Gerald McCoy continued playing for his university. And it was during this time that McCoy began considering a professional career in football. He played for his university, showcasing his incredible defensive skills on the field.

His impressive performance didn’t go unnoticed, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed McCoy after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. McCoy debuted under the team in 2010 against the Cleveland Browns.

Early Life

Gerald Keith McCoy Jr. “Gerald McCoy” grew up in Oklahoma City. He always loved football, starting early in high school. McCoy played for the Southeast High School in his hometown.

During his junior year, Gerald McCoy already notched 84 tackles. That includes 23 tackles for loss and 20 sacks, earning him the titles of All-area, state, and metro. And he performed as well in his last year in high school, scoring him a lucrative deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

McCoy debuted in the NFL during a match against the Cleveland Browns.

Gerald McCoy’s Career

Gerald McCoy kickstarted his footballing career early in his high school years. He went to Oklahoma’s Southeast High School, playing for the school’s football team. And this is where he showed off his natural talent, notching 83 tackles in his junior year. As a result, McCoy got named the All-area, state, and metro in 2004.

Many regarded Gerald McCoy as one of the top draft prospects in 2010. Experts predicted McCoy as a defensive tackle or a defensive end. After a successful senior year, McCoy got selected as the third overall defensive tackle. And it was here that many thought Gerald McCoy would make the difference in Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s defensive line.

Gerald McCoy debuted in the NFL on September 12, 2010, in a match against the Cleveland Browns. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the game thanks to his impressive defensive performance. And here, he became the 5th defensive rookie to start for the team on opening day.

Although injuries hampered McCoy during his first two seasons, they didn’t slow him down. McCoy proved he was worth every penny, bringing the Buccaneers one win after another. In 2012, Gerald McCoy’s wealth improved as he avoided injury, putting on a solid performance.

He established himself as a critical contributor to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, earning him a hefty $98 million contract. And this guaranteed over $51 million, solidifying Gerald McCoy’s net worth. After signing the deal, Gerald McCoy became the pioneering defensive tackle in NFL history to have the most lucrative contract ever.

McCoy continued playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before leaving for the Carolina Panthers in 2018 to 2019. But his time with the Panthers didn’t last, as McCoy transferred to the Las Vegas Raiders in 2021. Since then, McCoy has been representing the Raiders, but it was only a short time after he received his 6-game ban.

In 2021, Gerald McCoy got caught using illegal performance-enhancing substances, violating the NFL’s policies. Hence, McCoy received a 6-game suspension, leaving him on the bench until further notice.

Aside from that, McCoy didn’t play in the 2020 season due to sustaining injuries.

Personal Life

Despite Gerald McCoy’s massive $30 million net worth, he prefers living a simple life. McCoy doesn’t share much of his private life with the public. But it’s well-known McCoy tied the knot with his long-time lover, Ebony McCoy, in 2013. As of today, Gerald and Ebony McCoy welcomed four children.

Family life aside, there was once news that Gerald McCoy went vegan for a short while. It didn’t last long, considering he needs his protein to stay fit for future games.

Although McCoy isn’t the flashiest and most open NFL player, he has shown his passion for travel. Many people know him to spend time with his family, often traveling from place to place.

But Gerald McCoy’s personal life isn’t all positive, as the NFL player recently got caught using performance-enhancing drugs. Because of this, McCoy received a 6-game ban, preventing him from playing again. Despite this, McCoy didn’t stop training and is on the reserve list for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Gerald McCoy Net Worth in 2023

Gerald McCoy net worth stands at $30 million in 2023.

McCoy’s primary income source is football. He secured a $2 million deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the start of his career. It’s safe to say Gerald was already making millions from the beginning. But it was in 2014 that the NFL defensive tackle got his most prominent contract.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offered McCoy a $20 million contract in 2014. And that’s his basic salary alone, so McCoy also earned more per game. Recently, Gerald McCoy left his long-time Buccaneers team for the Las Vegas Raiders. He scored a $1 million base salary from them and hasn’t played since due to his 6-game ban.

But McCoy also profits from other business ventures, like endorsements. He’s most well-known for representing brands like Nike and Tide. Currently, the defensive tackle endorses several brands, earning him hundreds and thousands of dollars yearly.

Aside from that, Gerald McCoy has profited from his hefty investments. These include several high-end cars and real estate. Once sold, all these will add more to the NFL star’s net worth.

How Does Gerald McCoy Make Money?

Professional Football

Gerald McCoy’s primary income source is footballing. He can earn between $1 million and $20 million from his base salary alone. McCoy always loved football, starting to play as early as high school. Besides his deep interest in the sport, Gerald always showed immense talent as a sprinter. 

McCoy showed promise during his time with the Southeast High School football squad. During his junior year, he already had 20 sacks and 83 tackles, earning the title of All-Metro and All-State. 

Aside from that, McCoy received other awards for his accomplishment. These include 2005’s National Defensive Player Gatorade’s Player of the Year in Oklahoma. After an impressive high school career, McCoy became a sought-after athlete, with many universities offering him to play for them.

McCoy went to the University of Oklahoma. And it was only a short time until he became one of the school’s most talented playmakers. Hence, Gerald McCoy decided to pursue a professional career in football, signing with the Tampa Bay Buccanneers after getting picked as the 3rd choice in the NFL Draft in 2010.

In 2010, Gerald McCoy signed a $2 million deal with the Buccanneers. And there, his offers only grew, where at one point, McCoy received a $20 million base salary. 

Recently, he left Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play for the Las Vegas Raiders. He started with a $1 million base salary for the team, and McCoy earns more per game.

Brand Endorsements

You can find Gerald McCoy representing brands when he’s not in the field. Although there’s no exact amount on how much Gerald McCoy earns from his brand deals, experts estimate it to be over $150,000. 

The most well-known brands Gerald McCoy represents are Nike, Tide, and Publix Super Markets.


Gerald McCoy has amassed an impressive car collection, which includes a Batman-theme Rolls Royce. The vehicle has his iconic number on the hood, representing his love for football and comic books. Aside from this, McCoy owns several other cars, estimated to be worth over $1 million combined.

Adding to Gerald McCoy’s net worth is his Florida mansion, where he currently lives with his wife. Although the property’s value is unknown, it’s safe to assume it lives up to his massive $30 million net worth.

Gerald McCoy Net Worth – Charity Work

You can find Gerald McCoy doing charity work when he’s not making bank. McCoy has a massive hand in making our world a better place with such a high net worth. He runs a non-profitable organization in honor of his late mother, “Gerald McCoy Patricia Diane Foundation.”

McCoy kept the foundation’s name under his mother’s name, who passed away during his time at the university. It aims to help low-income single parents to get the things they need to support their kids. Gerald McCoy recently donated $20,000 to support other organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What team is Gerald McCoy playing for today?

A: As of 2023, Gerald McCoy signed with the Raiders for $1.1 million, not including other bonuses. Before, McCoy played for the Panthers and Cowboys for a similar salary. But he is most famous for playing for the Buccaneers, where his highest payment rose to $20 million.

Q; Why did Gerald McCoy get suspended from the NFL for a while?

A: The NFL’s Gerald McCoy got suspended due to drug use. Gerald McCoy got caught using an illegal performance-enhancing substance for six games. He can serve the ban while being on his team’s injured reserve list, but it’s undetermined. That means McCoy will miss six game checks from his 1-year $1 million deal.

Q: How long will Gerald McCoy be out in the NFL?

A: Gerald McCoy will not be playing for the Las Vegas Raiders’ for six games due to his suspension. The NFL player received a 6-game ban without pay for violating the NFL substance policy. He got caught using illegal performance-enhancing drugs during his last games.

Q: Is Gerald McCoy still on the Las Vegas Raiders today?

A: Gerald McCoy is still with the Las Vegas Raiders despite his recent ban. And despite missing the entire 2020 season because of injuries and his recent suspension, Gerald McCoy has stated he has no intentions of retiring. Gerald McCoy added, “I love the game so much,” which is still “entertaining” to him. Hence, he plans on withdrawing from the NFL so far.

Q: What is NFL Gerald McCoy’s game number?

A: Gerald McCoy has always been number 93 and is quite famous for it, especially during his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. During his new signing with the Las Vegas Raiders, the defensive tackle kept the number. McCoy never disclosed his selection for the number 93, but he always had it.

Q: What is Gerald McCoy net worth this 2023?

A: Despite his recent 6-game ban, Gerald McCoy retains a $30 million net worth this 2023. Besides his base salary from the NFL, Gerald McCoy makes money through brand endorsements and investments.

Final Words

From his successful rookie days to becoming one of the NFL’s highest-paid players — Gerald McCoy has risen in wealth and fame. He has a base salary of approximately $12 million and several business ventures. So, Gerald McCoy net worth being at $30 million today is not surprising.

McCoy is endorsing several brands when he’s not out in the field. The NFL star earns hundreds and thousands of dollars yearly in these endorsements. And Gerald McCoy has represented many prominent names, from Nike to Tide.

Thanks to his early start in the game and natural talent for tackling, there’s no denying McCoy’s successful career. Playing for the Buccaneers for over ten years, Gerald McCoy has proved his worth. And despite his recent mishaps, McCoy continues to grow his wealth and fame today.

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