Barbara Corcoran’s Net Worth

Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is assumed to be worth $100 million as of January 2023. Barbara is an Edgewater-born American investor, entrepreneur, and author. Corcoran is a regular investor on the hit ABC show “Shark Tank.” Several of the most brilliant economists in the world have worked with her. Corcoran is often regarded as one of the best-compensated female investors in the world.

Who is Barbara Corcoran?

A successful entrepreneur, author, and journalist – is Barbara Corcoran. This high demand for her opinion begs the question. Why? Barbara, to begin with, is a woman of modest means.

Early Life: Barbara’s Childhood and Adolescence

Barbara Ann Corcoran came into the world in Jersey City, New Jersey, on March 10, 1949. She is an Edgewater native. She was born in that neighborhood. After attending St. Thomas Aquinas College, Barbara graduated in 1971 with a BA in education. Once she got her degree, Barbara spent a year looking for a job as a teacher where she could make a lot of money. 

After only a few months, she decided to stop being a teacher. Subsequently, she took on several roles, including that of an apartment landlord in New York City. In 1973, she finally achieved her goal of working for herself.

Thereafter, she and her then-boyfriend established the Corcoran Group. The said group was founded as a real estate firm that also produced the Corcoran Report, an influential New York City property publication.

By 2001, Barbara Corcoran had sold her company to NRT Incorporated for $66 million. Barbara is now a successful businesswoman in the Garden State. It was reported that she competed in Dancing with the Stars 25 with Joe Motsepe. Shark Barbara finished third in “Shark Tank.”

Personal Life

Barbara had her first child, Tom, through in vitro fertilization with her sister Florence’s egg. She and her husband tied the knot in 1988, and Bill Higgins is a retired Navy captain and FBI agent. A daughter, Kate, was adopted by the couple in 2005.

Line of Work

Barbara’s first job was as a pundit on the real estate market. She eventually started writing for More magazine as a columnist. Corcoran writes columns for Redbook and The Daily Review. Besides being an accomplished author, she has published various books.

Barbara is also a television personality who made several TV appearances, one of which was on Larry King Live. Barbara is a sought-after speaker at virtually every realty event. Through Barbara Corcoran Inclusive, her company that makes TV shows, she has given business advice. The NBC morning show today has also featured her. 

In her CNBC show, The Millionaire Dealer with Barbara Corcoran, Barbara specializes in the realty industry. In the everyday news, in New York, she contributes a weekly piece. Forefront Venture Partners was established by Barbara, a founder member of the firm.

Real Estate

Barbara began her realty career as a lowly apartment landlord. When her boyfriend of seven years, Ray Simone, broke up with her, she took the opportunity to expand her landholdings company.

In the wake of the breakup, she established a realty agency that she runs solo. While working tirelessly to expand her company, she also started issuing a newsletter called The Corcoran Report in the mid-1970s. Because of the attention her newsletter about the New York City landholdings market got, she was able to start a successful career in realty holdings.

Because of her persistent effort and perseverance, in 2001, she made $66 million upon the sale of her business to NRT. She moved on after the sale of her company and became a regular on Shark Tank for its entire 13-season run.

TV Personality

Business mogul Corcoran participates on the ABC show Shark Tank. She competes for business deals with Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and others. On the show, Barbara uses her business savvy to back up new ventures.

Coverplay, a company she invested $350,000 in, was her most notable investment. She bankrolled a manufacturer of child safety tarps for play yards. Barbara is widely regarded as one of Shark Tank’s most astute investors due to her keen eye for promising new talent.

What is Barbara Corcoran’s Net Worth?

barbara corcoran's net worth

Businesswoman, investor, consultant, writer, and TV host, Corcoran has amassed a $100 million fortune in the United States. Since ABC’s “Shark Tank” debuted in 2009, much has changed. Corcoran is known by a lot of people because of her role as a “Shark” investor on the show.

In New York, she established the Corcoran Group (formerly called Corcoran-Simone). The year was 1973, and she had just sold the property for $66 million to NRT. Barbara hosts two CNBC programs. It includes 888-Barbara and Business Unusual with Barbara.

She has written numerous articles for periodicals. It includes the New York Daily News, Redbook, More, and The Daily Review, and has written three books.

Barbara Corcoran’s Net Worth: Business Earnings

Corcoran has millions of weekly readers because of her social media presence. In the year 2001, Barbara sold the realty agency she had founded to NRT for the sum of $66 million. Barbara obtains $15 million in royalties from her $100 million startup investments, considering the wealth accumulated by Jordon Belfort.

Investing with Barbara on “Shark Tank”

During her time on ABC Show, Barbara has made 36 investments. Each of these enterprises has received an average investment of $150,000. Barbara’s investment in “The Comfy” on Shark Tank was her most successful. She has invested just over $50,000 in the company, and her shares are now worth more than $27 million.

Barbara’s House

Corcoran’s home is a lavish mansion in Edgewater, New Jersey, that spans over 9,300 square feet. The price tag on this purchase was $25,000,000, and Barbara was the buyer. Corcoran’s property boasts seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and two massive pools.

Barbara Corcoran’s Assets & Investments

She has a vast fortune that includes ten houses, six cars, and three luxury ships. Barbara has about $20 million in cash, in addition to the other things she owns. Corcoran’s portfolio is worth $15 million and includes 13 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The stocks that Barbara currently owns are detailed below.

  • Walmart
  • Iphone
  • Telco
  • Sam’s club
  • Software
  • Intel’s

Balance Sheet and Debts of Barbara

A long time ago, Corcoran borrowed $16,000 so she could keep going to school. However, she was able to pay back the money in only four years after seeing early success in her entrepreneurial endeavors. A few years ago, Barbara got a $30 million loan to help her business grow. Corcoran net worth takes into account the current balance of the loan that Barbara has with Bank of America.

Barbara does not come from a particularly wealthy household. So she has earned her wealth over the past decade solely through her own work. Stocks and realty that Corcoran owns bring in a big monthly income. It will protect her growing wealth.

Barbara Corcoran’s Annual Income

The 14 or so rental homes that Barbara owns provide a reliable income for her. She has almost $8 million in savings and government bonds. They provide her with regular interest and dividend income.

She receives more than $450,000 USD annually from her rental properties. Barbara has a supplementary income of $550,000 from dividends and interest.

Her Cars

Barbara recently dropped $600,000 on a brand-new McLaren 720S. The Jaguar F-TYPE that Barbara paid $90,000 USD for is another one of her expensive toys. Other cars owned by Barbara include:

  • Rolls-Royce
  • Range Rover
  • AMG GT Mercedes-Benz
  • New G-Class from Mercedes-Benz

What Increased Corcoran’s Net Worth?

barbara corcoran's net worth

Corcoran did not start out as a wealthy realty agent. In fact, by the time she was 23, she had already worked at roughly 20 different places. She kept leaving these positions because she ultimately wanted to be self-employed.

Barbara was a landholdings industry receptionist in the 1970s. Once upon a time, the Giffuni Brothers ran the business. She rented out flats as a side job and didn’t want to work for a realty company at first.

Her lover, Ray Simone (also known as Ramon Simone), talked her into working as a receptionist at a real estate firm. It was in this city that she conceived the idea for the enterprise that would make her a multimillionaire. Corcoran Simone was the name of the business, and her then-boyfriend was a major investor. She started the real estate company with a loan of about $1,000 from Ray Simone.

Favorite Quotes from Corcoran

If you plan on leaving your current residence soon after purchasing it, you might not be thrilled by the prospect of making improvements. But the market necessitates it. Exhibit it to everyone. There’s no need to gut the bathroom and kitchen. Consult an expert.

barbara corcoran

The journey itself is half the fun. The early years of a business’s existence, when its founders are still bonded by the shared experience of having started a business from scratch, are among the most enjoyable of one’s life. If you can extract the essence of something now rather than waiting till you’re large and powerful, you shouldn’t miss it.

barbara corcoran

It wasn’t unusual for some youngsters, like me, to still be struggling to read in the third grade. There was obviously a problem because I was the only kid in the class who couldn’t read like the others. It didn’t bother me at all until I had to stay in the second-grade classroom after school for reading assistance.

barbara corcoran

My husband was an accomplished man with a clear sense of who he was. It’s a good thing, thank God. I can’t have any influence over him. Even if I thought I could make my marriage work, I wouldn’t stay with him. My professional demeanor is easily transferable to the comfort of my own home. However, he makes me a coworker rather than a leader.

barbara corcoran

An individual’s asking price has little bearing on the true market value of a home. A listed price of $300,000 can lead you to believe that an offer of $250,000 is more appropriate. However, keeping an eye on the value of the house is essential. Value is established through comparison to other houses in the neighborhood. Consider that in your offer.

barbara corcoran

3 Success Lessons from Barbara

Now that we know about Corcoran’s fortune and accomplishments, it’s time to think about what we may learn from her experience.

1-Accept your Fears

Staying in the game after a setback increases the chances of a successful outcome. Just accept the anxiety and keep your eye on the prize.

2-Put Pressure On

Entrepreneurship requires faith and risk-taking, which can’t always be taught. In some cases, timing is everything. You need to ramp up the pressure.

3-Success Comes from Self-Belief

You need the right wardrobe and demeanor to make it as a business owner. It’s wise to network with successful people through clubs and groups.

Quick Information About Barbara

✅Real estate mogul Barbara has said that she promotes a creative atmosphere within her own company because she thinks it’s essential to the success of their business.

✅She is a star of Shark Tank and also serves as an executive producer on the show that has won four Emmys.

✅She struggles with reading and letter recognition because of dyslexia. It’s a type of intellectual disability.

✅Bill Higgins, her spouse, was in the military and in the FBI. As a Gulf War veteran, he has an impressive resume.

✅She made $66 million from the sale of her company in 2001, and she used some of that money to purchase a 2,700-square-foot apartment in a co-op building on New York’s Park Avenue. She spent almost $3.5 million on this item.

✅Barbara spent roughly $10 million on a Fifth Avenue penthouse.

✅She waited until she was 46 years old to have her first kid. Barbara has said that having children sooner would have sapped her focus and motivation. She had to get busy expanding her business.

✅The use of IVF allowed her to have a kid. Her sister, Florence, gave her the egg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you know how old Barbara Corcoran is?

73 is the current age of Barbara Corcoran.

Q: What is the height of Barbara Corcoran?

When standing, Barbara is 5’5″ (1.65 m).

Q: How many siblings does Barbara Corcoran have?

There were nine of them.

Q: What is the name of Barbara Corcoran’s spouse?

Barbara’s husband is Bill Higgins

Q: How wealthy is Barbara Corcoran?

Corcoran’s fortune is pegged at $190 million. Obviously, Barbara does not have a billion dollars.

Final Thoughts

Corcoran is a notable business leader and one of the best-known women in the world. She has worked with global entrepreneurs and investors as a “Shark Tank” contributor. Barbara is among the world’s highest-paid CEOs. As of January 2023, she had a net worth of roughly $100 million.